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  2. StarstarfishToday at 8:42 PM
  3. I can honestly say that I think that standard is not ... equally applied.
  4. As there are some players who feel openly comfortable telling people that how they play their character is wrong. When I myself said that made me uncomfortable, I was told that "it's what I should expect from any game"
  6. TarmobradToday at 8:44 PM
  7. Who said that?
  9. StarstarfishToday at 8:44 PM
  10. Which part?
  12. TarmobradToday at 8:44 PM
  13. The persons telling you that they're playing your character wrong.
  15. StarstarfishToday at 8:44 PM
  16. Alia
  17. In short, I feel like Gaston plays a character and has opinions other people don't like so they've worded it as "feeling uncomfortable" unfairly.
  18. Particularly if that's coming from people with whom he's had difficulty IC
  20. TarmobradToday at 8:46 PM
  21. I discount any and all IC interaction because that happens with characters and doesn't matter because this is pretendy fun time games.
  22. But I understand your perspective.
  23. I did inform, in the banning message, that he was free to appeal his ban in 30 days time.
  24. I will give a fair evaluation at that time.
  26. StarstarfishToday at 8:47 PM
  27. I think it's unfair when the same behavior is allowed by the chick who plays the IC wife of the head staffer
  28. That ... kind of gives a certain like feeling
  29. And then other staff's response is "You should just expect it"
  31. TarmobradToday at 8:50 PM
  32. I weigh all evidence provided to me equally, free of bias, which I understand is difficult to believe. If I did not believe that it had merit, I would have told them to stop being ninnies.
  33. As for the other Staffers
  34. I will speak with them about their conduct when dealing with players in this manner.
  35. Because I was not informed that such a thing happened.
  36. In the future, I would very much appreciate it if when such things happened, you could come to me and let me know.
  37. So that I can offer reprimands and such as necessary.
  39. StarstarfishToday at 8:51 PM
  40. I have no idea which staff member is in charge of what
  41. To know who to come to
  43. TarmobradToday at 8:51 PM
  44. I apologize for that.
  46. StarstarfishToday at 8:51 PM
  47. And it happened right in the Discord in front of everyone
  49. TarmobradToday at 8:51 PM
  50. I should provide a channel for that.
  52. StarstarfishToday at 8:52 PM
  53. The difficulty is that I feel like the damage is done, that player has been antagonistic to us, and I feel like it caused feelings
  54. And those feelings got weaponized
  55. And I feel like in all honesty they get more weight based on who they are
  57. TarmobradToday at 8:53 PM
  58. I can assure you, I treat all evidence equally, regardless of source.
  59. It's my job
  60. To be unbiased about this sort of thing.
  62. StarstarfishToday at 8:54 PM
  63. So will Alia be getting banned for making me uncomfortable?
  65. TarmobradToday at 8:55 PM
  66. For a single person, no. She will be reprimanded, however. If other people bring to my attention that she has made them uncomfortable and provide evidence, I am more than willing to pursue action against them.
  68. StarstarfishToday at 8:55 PM
  69. How would anyone new know how to do that?
  70. How would a new player know how to make a complaint let alone who to?
  72. TarmobradToday at 8:57 PM
  73. I am going to provide an additional degree of visibility in the channel as to let people direct anything of that nature.
  75. StarstarfishToday at 8:57 PM
  76. But what does this do about this situation? In which one side of the concern had a rather clear advantage of information?
  78. StarstarfishToday at 9:01 PM
  79. Because overall: There's no pinned info about which staffer does what, there's no posted rules on the Discord or the game wiki
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