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  1. ::network-address.bat
  2. ::script para configurar endereço IP,Máscara, Gateway e DNS via CMD (terminal do Windows).
  3. ::@autor: Reginaldo
  4. set /P ip= "Endereço IP: "
  5. set /P mask= "Máscara: "
  6. set /P gw= "Gateway: "
  7. set /P dns1= "DNS 1: "
  8. set /P dns2=" DNS 2: "
  9. netsh int ip set address name="Conexão Local" source=static %ip% %mask% %gw% 1
  10. netsh int ip set dns "Conexão Local" static %dns1%
  11. netsh int ip set dns "Conexão Local" static %dns2% index=2
  13. echo "IP: " %ip%
  14. echo "Mask: " %mask%
  15. echo "Gw: " %gw%
  16. echo "DNS1: " %dns1%
  17. echo "DNS2: " %dns2%
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