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new addiction

masterm900 Feb 27th, 2012 36 Never
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  1. lately I been feelin kinda ill, sick and sick spittin for that real thrill
  2. cough spill like im inhaling car exhaust, shit lookin for a new jill to get me off
  3. but i got what i need for real, that purple kill, call it nyquil
  4. a drink or two knock me off my feet for you, new addiction bringin through
  5. help me sleep better than klonny do, and lord knows thats all i needed too
  6. slip outta bed, mind escapes my head at a quarter past two
  7. skin begins to tear itself from the hell i been sentenced to
  8. nightmares outweigh dreams, got me fiendin like silent screams
  9. fuck it, more and more till i bleed, lord knows sleep is all i need
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