[INCEST] What are we doing on the bed, Auntie-chan? (SHORT)

Sep 18th, 2017
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  1. So I was browsing the incest threads on the archive, and I came across something that I wrote on Anon and forgot about. I do that a lot; almost to the point where one might suspect me of picking up anonymously-posted greentext and claiming them as my own.
  3. -----------------
  5. prompt:
  6. >She will never ride you and the only things you hear are the wet slaps of your hips meeting together and the bed springs.
  7. >With Maud giving her expressionless look.
  9. greentext:
  10. >Your aunt towers over you, looking at you as blandly as ever.
  11. >In fact, for all the emotion she shows, you would never guessed that she was molesting you.
  12. >You figured it out, though; the clue was that Auntie Maud's hand was shoved down the front of your pants.
  13. "A-Auntie Maud?"
  14. >Aunt Maud blinks at you and tilts her head in (very) mild curiosity.
  15. >"What is it, Anonymous?"
  16. >She asks with the air of someone discussing the state of drying paint.
  17. "Wh-What are we gonna do on the bed?"
  18. >Aunt Maud stops jacking you off just long enough to put her hands on your chest and shove you backwards onto the bed in question.
  19. >Before you know it, your aunt has forcibly removed your shirt and pants.
  20. >Any attempt to stand up is met with your Aunt's freakish Pie family strength.
  21. >She holds you down as though you were a fussy toddler and she's trying to give you a bath.
  22. >"We're going to have sexual intercourse, Anonymous," she says matter-of-factly, "We will continue until you culminate inside of my vagina. I wish to conceive a child."
  23. >She removes her shirt and slides her pants down her legs, kicking them into a corner
  24. >As usual, Aunt Maud isn't wearing any underwear
  25. >"I have been unable to find a viable romantic partner," she says, crawling on top of you, "I have decided that you are a suitable substitute."
  26. >With surprising tenderness, Aunt Maud cups your cheek and leans forward to kiss you on the lips.
  27. >"As to what we are doing on the bed, I understand that traditional coupling takes place in one's bedroom. It-"
  28. >What did she just say to you?
  29. "Wh-What do you mean, conceive a child?"
  30. >Aunt Maud blinks slowly, one eye at a time
  31. >"I desire a child to raise and to love, Anonymous," she explains as she lines your cock up with her warm entrance, "You have proven yourself to be a suitable partner. I have absolute faith that you will be an adequate father to our child."
  32. >You grab her by the waist, intent on pushing her off
  33. "Now wait just a-"
  34. >And then she slams her hips down.
  36. >"What do you want to name our child, Anonymous?"
  37. >Aunt Maud bounces up and down, slamming her crotch onto your's with a wet smack.
  38. >The heat inside is unreal.
  39. >"I am thinking 'Bauxite'."
  40. >Aunt Maud leans down and, still pinning you down, gets into position and starts kissing you.
  41. >You reluctantly move your lips against her's.
  42. >In between kisses, Aunt Maud continues her wandering tirade.
  43. >" 'Bauxite' is a unisex name, Anonymous."
  44. >She grabs your hand and places it on her left breast, squeezing it and encouraging you to play with the titflesh
  45. >"Did you know that? Many geology-themed names tend not to be gender specific."
  46. >Her nose twitches minutely just as her pussy starts clutching at your member, and you realize that Aunt Maud just came.
  47. >"That is because rocks do not have genders," she says, unimpeded by her orgasm, "They are just rocks."
  48. >The room is silent after that.
  49. >Your aunt seemingly has no more desire to speak, and you're too busy trying to find your happy place to really make with any riveting conversation or sexy flirting.
  50. >"Okay," says Aunt Maud eventually, slowly nodding her head, "We will name our child 'Bauxite'. What do you want to name our second child?"
  51. >Your heart skips a beat when you remember that Pies always have large families.
  53. >You are Anon, and you are having mixed feelings about the birth of your child.
  54. >You're standing beside your aunt Maud's bed, watching as she holds her newborn baby in her arms.
  55. >The child looks normal, despite her parents.
  56. >"She's perfect."
  57. >Maud said that so matter-of-factly that you barely even heard the emotion in her voice.
  58. >Your aunt speaking in anything other than a bland monotone is a rarity in this house, and to hear her sounding almost choked up nearly floors you.
  59. >Aunt Maud looks over at you with a small, peaceful smile on her face.
  60. >"Bauxite has your eyes, Anonymous."
  61. >She turns back to her baby - YOUR baby - and gazes down at her with what passes for loving adoration for an emotionless woman like Maud.
  62. >"Two brilliant emeralds glinting in the morning sun. They aren't gray like rocks, but I like them anyway."
  63. >She slowly reaches out a finger and gently boops little Bauxite on the nose, making her squirm.
  64. >"I like them a lot."
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