Maidens-In-Law - 21

Sep 18th, 2020 (edited)
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~ Maidens-In-Law ~

사돈 처녀들 --- Publisher Link

By 만지작

TAGS: #Beauty #Female_Friend #Married_Woman #Temptation #First_Love #Other_Women #Secret #Childhood_Friend #Sisters #Romance #Drama

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Relationship Description
Park Hyung-Soo / 박형수 Single Kyutae's younger brother, he grew up hating his big brother.
Jung Eunkyung / 정은경 Single (?) A charming girl who only look at Kyutae, Hyungsoo childhood's friend.
Da Boyoung / 다보영 Married Kyutae's wife, she's stimulating Hyungsoo's desire.
Da Bojeong / 다보정 Single Boyoung's younger sister, she is secretly having an affair with Kyutae.
Da Bohye / 다보혜 Single Boyoung's youngest sister, fan of idol, she's a kind and naive woman.
Da Bojin / 다보진 Single A sly and ambitious woman, she's working as prosecutor. Kyutae's coworker and sister-in-law.
Park Kyutae / 박규태 Married Acting like a predator over his family, twisted feeling over his younger brother.
Deokgyu / 덕규 Single Hyungsoo's best friend. Both of them are fan of parkour.

Synopsis: After 7 years of unrequited love towards Jung Eunkyung who was only interested in Park Kyutae, Park Hyungsoo started to have feelings for his older brother's wife.
Besides Jung Eunkyung and Da Boyoung, Hyungsoo felt also attracted towards other women... His sisters-in-law...
What choice will he make in a forbidden relationship where everything should be kept secret?

Park Hyung-Soo / 박형수 H
Jung Eunkyung / 정은경 E
Da Boyoung / 다보영 B
Da Bojeong / 다보정 BJ
Da Bohye / 다보혜 BH
Da Bojin / 다보진 DB
Park Kyutae / 박규태 K
Deokgyu / 덕규 D

Chapter - 21



H: ?!

BH: Together...

BH: Why don't we do this together?

H: Really?

K: I'm leaving.

B: See you later.


BH: Get ready!


BH: Now!

Raise!! Raise!!



H: It's rather simple, if I do this I'll be scolded, if do that I'll also be scolded...

BH: Turns out that he's meaner than what I thought...

H: I never knew what to do with him... Sometimes he reacts just like a madman.

BH: You're right, he looks like a drug addict with his sudden mood changes and impulsiveness!!

BH: When he's in good mood, he lets me go...
But if I'm unlucky and he's moody, he'll scold me and try to pick a fight with me...

H: That's it!! Totally right!!

Both: He's such a jerk.




Knock! Knock!

BJ: Family gathering~ Come down.

BJ: You too, Hyung-Soo.

BH: Even we're all living under the same roof, we don't get the chance to be together that often
So brother-in-law established a family gathering twice per month.

H: Oh...

BH: Brother-in-law came up with this idea and imposed this gathering without asking us of course.

K: Did you order the pizza?

BJ: I'm ordering now.

BH: Ugh, it's the pizza I hate the most.

BH: Take it off from the order.

K: Bohye sister-in-law, the pizza you hate the most...

K: Isn't it the 'pizza book'?!*

T/N: The pizza book (피자 책) is actually a board game for kids with Q/A on each piece of pizza. Take a look at the end of the chapter.

Cough cough...

Cough cough cough...

What's wrong with him?!
Look at him!

BH: Why the pizza are still not delivered?!!

DB: You know, we can also use a knife to cut it in half.

H: Yeah but I love doing it with my bare hands.


DB: Wow~! So strong!

DB: Awesome~! Your biceps!!

DB: How can they be that hard?!!

DB: Who would win between brother-in-law and you if you were to do a arm wrestle?

H: What?! Arm wrestling?

DB: Let's play a game.

K: Arm wrestling is all brawn and no brain... There is nothing more stupid than that.

DB: Brother-in-law you're already making excuse because you're afraid to lose against his younger brother.

K: It's a facts not an excuse...

DB: I knew it, you're afraid of losing.
And if I don't?

K: You! Aren't you gonna more your finger from my face?!

K: Sigh... I already told you, it's all brawn and no brain.

DB: Puff, puff, puff...

DB: You're like a goldfish opening its mouth constantly.*

T/N: Not gonna lie, I'm lost on this one, looks like she's making fun of Kyutae saying he only knows how to talk.

K: What're you talking about?!!


DB: Hyung-Soo win!!

DB: You aren't a real man~ You only know how to run your mouth...

DB: Shouldn't I get rid of your balls since you don't need them?!


DB: Here we go~ Take position...

BJ: Best-of-one.

Hyung-Soo! You've to win!

DB: Relax-

K: Hey referee, look, he's twisting my wrist!
You've to warn him about this.

DB: You're taking me for a fool? You were the one twisting his wrist just before!

DB: Okay~ Ready!

DB: And~~~~



H: Ugh!!


K: Argh!!


DB: They're neck and neck.


BJ: Look closer, brother-in-law is starting to push him back.

BH: No teacher!! You've to win!!

BJ: It's brother-in-law win.


B: Cheer up Kyutae.

B: A little more...

H: {Don't do that...}

H: {Don't cheer for him...}

H: {In front of me...}





H: Ha!

H: Ha!

H: Ha!

BH: Yeah~~ Teacher won!!

BJ: Wow.

H: Ha...

H: Ha...

H: Ha...

BH: You're the best!!


K: ......

BH: Bwahahaha!

BH: Bwahahaha!

DB: ...with all due respect.

He crushed him like a mere ant~!!

BH: Aren't my oppa's abs awesome?!

BJ: You can't touch them, what are you proud of?

BH: Aah... I really want to buy this photo book.

BJ: Why are you so quiet today?

BH: What?

BJ: Usually you would've already started complaining about our brother-in-law

BH: ......

BH: It's not funny.

BJ: You're also not complaining about big sis.

BJ: Nmm~~ I wonder why...

BJ: What's the reason behind your sudden change?

BJ: Don't tell me, Hyung-Soo...

BJ: Is he the one who made our Bohye change that much...?


BH: What're you imagining?!

BJ: I didn't notice at first sight because I never really paid attention to him but...
Today I carefully looked at him and Hyung-Soo is quite fit.

BH: What does it have to do with me?!

BJ: Did you know?


BJ: The idol you like so much...
Hyung-Soo might've a six-pack, just like him.

BJ: Listen...

BJ: His abs aren't as cold as the one on your photo book...

BJ: Hyung-Soo's abs are warm and lively, not trapped in a screen...


BJ: Those ones...

BJ: You can touch them.

BH: Aah...

BJ: His body temperature...

BJ: It's warm...

BH: Sigh...


BJ: ...It's real.

To be continued...
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