Ileleste Jrnl 6

Darkling Mar 21st, 2019 55 Never
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  1. Well today was just full of misfortunes. Despite being somewhat unprepared we attempted to explore a flooded region of the dungeon. We learned very quickly that we should be much more cautious in such situations. While Brook and I had some helpful spells to navigate, and for myself breathe, under the water, we encountered some undead creatures that were hard to fight. My spells were limited, Liliana was limited with her bow, and they were fairly resistant to weapons. Still, we prevailed, and while we recovered Randidly grew cocky and ran off by himself. Rozar chased after and after searching the undead creatures I followed.
  2. Before I get ahead of myself, we found a healing spring as well. This surprises me quite a bit. Given the nature, or really the unnatural state of this dungeon, a healing spring seems completely out of place. Perhaps the darkness and evil that permeates every crevice cannot truly corrupt everything. That is a welcoming thought amongst these harsh times in this dank place.
  3. Back to our encounter. I attempted to catch up to Randidily and Rozar, only coming upon them after a fight with some sort of large fishlike creature. IT seemed something in the area had caused Rozar to become confused and enraged, and Randidily had to resort to stunning him and dragging him out of the water. I now remember feeling something off in the water. Like I inhaled something thick, foreign. When I followed them out of the water I found I could no longer breathe. Something in the water cursed me. While we were able to remove the curse being on the brink of dying and almost helpless was not pleasant. Whatever is still back in that water will have to be dealt with, and we will have to be more prepared.
  4. We decided it was best to recoup back at Brasholt and attempt to break Rozar’s confusion. With him tied up we returned and rested. We split what we found, and amazingly there was a magical robe that would have been perfect for me. Too perfect. The fucking thing was cursed. Of course. I was stupid and put the thing on eagerly and immediately fell helpless to the floor. Brook was thankfully nearby and was able to break part of the curse with his angelic companion, and then with the help of the high priest of Brasholt complete the removal. I feel like an idiot, but a lesson well learned. Don’t be too eager when what you want is dangled right in front of your face. Stop, think, and then act.
  5. Hopefully I will be able to control myself next time. I don’t want to admit it, but I owe him. While I’m sure the others would have helped as well, he acted without hesitation and asked for nothing in return. He even covered the portion of what Haskordal offered to pay of the priest of Mathias’ fee to remove the curse. He seems a good man, better than some others I have met. I should stop writing now, I still feel weak from my mistake and we have more ground to cover tomorrow.
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