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  1. 1. What is the highest quality?
  2. a. V0
  3. b. V2
  4. c. 320k
  5. d. FLAC
  6. e. 192k
  7. 2. Explain what a “lossless” transcode is.
  8. 3. Explain what a “lossy” transcode is.
  9. 4. What transcodes are acceptable on
  10. 5. Name 3 lossless formats
  11. 6. Name 3 lossy formats
  12. 7. What does FLAC stand for?
  13. 8. A file encoded with LAME has what file extension?
  14. 9. Explain how you would recognize a lossy to lossy transcode.
  15. 10. What is a “container”? Is changing a file's container allowed?
  16. 11. Explain spectral analysis
  17. 12. Name the 5 allowed transcodes on
  18. 13. You see an album in FLAC, without any transcodes. Should you download it to transcode and put the files back up, or would that be against the rules?
  19. 14. Your share ratio falls below the required amount. How long do you have to fix it?
  20. 15. What is a “seedbox”?
  21. 16. what has a higher quality: WAV or .flac?
  22. 17. which of the following are acceptable transcodes?
  23. a. CD->WAV->FLAC->ALAC->V2
  24. b. CD->WAV->FLAC->V0->ALAC->V2
  25. c. ALAC->APE->V0->V2
  26. d. F:AC->V0->ALAC
  27. e. V0->320
  28. 18. What are the “Big 3” MP3 types?
  29. 19. Explain the difference between CBR, ABR, and VBR.
  30. 20. A file is transcoded from FLAC to a 320k CBR and a 256k ABR MP3. A 1-second sample is taken at the same point in both files. Is it possible for the 256k ABR sample to have a higher quality than the 320k CBR clip? If so, how/why?
  31. 21. What is your preferred CD Ripper/burner?
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