SWP2 proposed intervention

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  1. Social Work Practice II
  2. Final Paper – Proposed Intervention
  3. (40 points)
  5. This assignment requires you to propose a macro-level intervention that will positively affect a targeted population in an organization or a community. The intervention will have a macro-practice focus, and should be based on evidence-based research and best practices. The intervention can be a group, an after school program, a series of skills training workshops for the community, etc.  
  7. General Instructions: This assignment should be typed and double-spaced, with one-inch margins. The title page and reference list are not part of the length of the paper. The paper is required to be 8-10 pages in length. It should be written in 12-point Times New Roman font.  Pages should be numbered and sub-titles corresponding to the different sections of the paper should be used.  
  9. Title Page (not part of the length of the paper): This includes the project title and your name.
  10. Reference list (not part of the length of the paper): The proposal must have at least 7 substantive (peer-reviewed journal article) citations, which refer to the macro-practice intervention you propose. You can include literature that responds to the need/problem (model programs, best practices, evaluations, policy papers, etc.). APA style is required for this assignment.
  12. 1. Introduction/Agency Background and Capability (1-1.5 pages) 8 points
  13. In this section, you will highlight the agency’s credibility/expertise in the area covered in this paper. Credibility can be established by referring to the agency’s mission and its efforts in the problem area. Thus, you will describe the work of your agency by addressing each of the following:
  14.  Statement of the mission, goals, and philosophy of the organization. Is the agency a public, non-profit, or for-profit organization?
  15.  What client population(s) does the agency serve? (Include the geographic location and general demographic characteristics of the client population). What are the main programs offered by your agency?
  16.  Describe your role as a social work intern. Do you focus on a specific client population or program? What is your personal experience at the agency and how does this experience affect your ability to engage with clients, the organization, and/or community.
  18. 2. Need or Problem Statement (3-3.5 pages) 12 points   
  19. In this section, you are identifying the macro-practice need or problem and trying to convince the reader that the problem/condition is important. What are the critical consequences of this problem?  Literature from the relevant field of practice must be cited to establish the problem’s significance (e.g., if the problem has been identified as the challenges faced by the agency when transitioning to a fee-for-service program, you can include peer-reviewed literature that addresses this issue). Remember, you always want to provide support/evidence to back-up your argument/points. Sources of information can include professional journals, government reports, legitimate agency reports, and/or data sources.
  20. Address the following:
  21. • Target population that is affected by the problem
  22. • Factors contributing to the problem
  23. • Impact of the problem (what are the potential consequences if we do nothing about the problem)
  24. • Evidence-based practices utilized for improved results (results of interventions, program evaluations, etc.)
  25. • Describe any need for relationship-building among staff and inter-professional collaborations that can facilitate engagement with client, organization, or community and improve the problem.  
  27. 3. Project Goals and Objectives (2-2.5 pages) 10 points
  28.      Using an interactive process by working with your supervisor and/or colleagues at your agency, propose an intervention that can be used to address the macro-practice problem you described above. Develop mutually-agreed upon goals and objectives based on your assessment of the strengths, needs, and challenges of the organization and community. Additionally, identify your outcomes of the proposed intervention, and select appropriate methods to be used to evaluate the outcomes. The outcomes will indicate the impact that you intend to have on the organization or community.
  30. 4. Implementation Plan (program narrative, scope, and time frames) (2-2.5 pages) 10 points     
  31.      The Implementation Plan provides a clear account of what you plan to do, who will do it, and the time frames involved. It presents an action plan that indicates how the objectives will be achieved. The implementation plan should link directly to the objectives. What activities will be done to achieve the objectives? What will this program entail?  How will it be organized?
  33.  Describe the specific activities/strategies to be taken to achieve desired ends. What you plan to do and achieve has to be aligned with your description of the problem and your objectives. Please be specific – do not generalize!
  34.  Provide sequencing and timing of the activities that will occur.
  35.  Describe the proposed staffing needed for the project. Briefly comment on the potential costs associated with the proposed intervention.
  36.  Describe how the proposed intervention contributes to your organization’s overall mission.
  37.  Remember it's all in the details - state what you plan to do, who will do it, and when it will be done.
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