The Harbor After the Storm (Dazzlings) [Anal, Pegging]

Dec 29th, 2015
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  1. > Be Anon, somewhat successful novelist
  2. > Your old friend, a high school principal, asked you for a favor
  3. > As it happened, she had three graduates with an unusual background, and she wondered if you couldn't find them something to do while they figured out things
  4. > At first they were a pretty gloomy bunch
  5. > Something about losing their voices at the battle of the bands
  6. > You gave them some simple chores, Housekeeping for Sonata, cooking for Aria, and minor secretary work for Adagio
  7. > It seemed giving them something to do helped
  8. > Before long, they began opening up to you, telling you bits and pieces of their history
  9. > If it weren't for the events of last year, you wouldn't have believed them, but now portals and magic are part of the world
  10. > Over the past two months you have noticed some oddities, though
  11. > Nothing magical, just some quirks they seem to share
  12. > Whenever an argument ended, one of them, usually Sonata or Aria, would turn away
  13. > At first you thought it was childish stubbornness, but their expressions were a little off
  14. > Dissatisfied rather than angry
  15. > Something about that brought another thing to your attention
  16. > Adagio tended to take memos with her back to you
  17. > She was also acting increasingly frustrated
  18. > And so, today, you decide to get to the bottom of the matter
  19. > You wait until Sonata is busy tidying your room, and Aria is cooking breakfast
  20. > You find Adagio going over your day planner in your study
  21. > You serruptitiously close the door behind you
  22. > She looks up at the sound
  23. > "Ah, Mr. Mous. Is there something I can help you with?"
  24. > It's always a little strange to get such a respectful tone, when she is so domineering with the others
  25. "Yes, I was hoping you could explain something for me. Is there a reason why your friends always turn away when you get done arguing?"
  26. > She chews her lip, then sighs
  27. > "You remember how we told you we used to be..."
  28. "Magical hippocampi? Sirens, I think?"
  29. > She nods
  30. > "We have an...inborn trait? A custom? Something, where you assert and confirm dominance with anal penetration."
  31. > You feel blood rushing to your cheeks, and other places
  32. "Anal penetration? Really?"
  33. > Adagio looks serious though
  34. > She frowns
  35. > "Yes. In our old forms, we had an organ that jutted out, for egg laying purposes. We only deposited eggs in the males' pouches, but it was pleasurable to stick them other places too. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be anything like that on the human body, and it's been quite frustrating."
  36. > Kinda like seahorses, you guess
  37. "And the eggs are fertilized within the pouch, right?"
  38. > She nods, her eyebrows raised in surprise
  39. > "Is there something similar to sirens in this world?"
  40. "Uh, seahorses. They're pretty small, but they mate the same way. Humans sort of have the opposite though. Males have a jutting organ that fertilizes the egg inside the female."
  41. > Adagio's brow furrows
  42. > "Then females are not the dominant gender here?"
  43. "I would say there isn't a clear cut dominant gender, but we don't even have a custom like what you described. I mean, women can penetrate others if they have a strap-on, but it's more of a sex thing, in an oblique way."
  44. > Her eyes light up
  45. > "Could we get strap-ons?"
  46. > ...
  47. "I...guess? Do you really need them?"
  48. > Adagio shifts uncomfortably
  49. > "It's hard to explain. When you don't confirm dominance, it's harder to get along. Sonata doesn't pay attention as well as she used to, and Aria tries to fight me over every little thing. I, myself, have been struggling with taking orders from you."
  50. "Really? You always seem very respectful."
  51. > She gives you a pained smile
  52. > "Thank you, but even now I want to order you to buy us these strap-on things, even though we are living in your den, eating from your bounty."
  53. > A thought occurs to you
  54. "So you would be happier if I..."
  55. > Adagio shakily sets aside your planner
  56. > "It would be very helpful."
  57. > She stands hesitantly, and turns her back to you
  58. > You approach slowly, wondering if you are just playing to an elaborate lie
  59. > Still, she is quite an attractive young lady
  60. > You stand behind her and reach around to unbutton her jeans
  61. > The floral smell of her hair is inescapable, even as your trembling hands drag the zipper down
  62. > You slide your hands along her hips, pushing her pants and panties down
  63. > You gaze fixedly at her pert rump as you free your erection
  64. > Her breathing quickens as you press between those tender cheeks
  65. > It feels good, however...
  66. "Ah, I'll need some sort of lubrication. It's kinda dry down there. Here, "
  67. > You push three fingers into her mouth
  68. > She makes a muffled protest, but doesn't move to stop you
  69. > Her tongue slithers against them for a moment, then lies still
  70. > Your erection is now painfully hard
  71. > You bring your wet fingers to your dick, slathering it with her saliva
  72. > Just to be safe, you dip your fingers in her hot mouth once again and likewise lube up
  73. > Thusly prepared, you place one hand on her collarbone and the other hand on her pelvis
  74. > With a rock of your hips, your cock plows through her pillowy cheeks and comes to rest at her back door
  75. > Adagio breathes in uneven little gasps
  76. > You press down on her pelvis, and thrust slowly into her anus
  77. > She whispers in her low, throaty voice, "Oh, oh yes!"
  78. > Spurred on, you develop a steady rhythm as she writhes against you
  79. > You grunt in pleasure at the tightness of her passage with each thrust
  80. > Your hand wanders from her collarbone, sliding down to cup her petit breast
  81. > You're probably going beyond the bounds of Siren tradition, but she isn't protesting
  82. > Rather,
  83. > "By the seven seas, Mr. Mous!"
  84. > She pants heavily, her nipple hard under your thumb
  85. > Waves begin to gather within you
  86. > You press your chin down on her shoulder, groping for leverage as you thrust frantically into her
  87. > She spasms under your hands, earnest, persistent contractions milking your embedded cock
  88. > She lets out a low keening wail of ecstasy
  89. > Your member surges within her, pleasure and cum flowing into her ass with the strength of the tides
  90. > She leans against your chest, her chest heaving from the experience
  91. > You embrace Adagio around her stomach and let out a long sigh
  92. "Feel better?"
  93. > She tilts her head to look at you
  94. > Her expression is more relaxed than you have ever seen
  95. > "Much."
  96. > With a sharp exhale, she straightens and begins pulling her pants back up
  97. > You tidy yourself up a bit as well
  98. > It takes her a moment to focus, but she picks up your planner again
  99. > "So, back to business. What shall I put in today's schedule?"
  100. > Her smile is bright, her expression, attentive
  101. > Is it your imagination, or was her normal attitude more subdued?
  102. > Well, no matter
  103. "After breakfast, I have some purchases to make. In that time, you shall research strap-ons and lubricant, and teach your friends about this matter."
  104. > Adagio bows her head gratefully
  105. > "As you say, Mr. Mous."
  107. > The lady at the register of the shop was very helpful, even if she came to some rather wrong and embarrassing conclusions
  109. > It took some getting used to, what with the strap-ons under each girl's clothes
  110. "It's like I'm living with three traps!"
  111. > Sonata just tilted her head in confusion
  112. > What followed was an hour long explanation that was probably futile
  113. > Still, you believe part of why she seems so...dumb, is because no one took the time to clearly explain things
  114. > Then there were the times when the girls actually used their new toys
  115. > They were never really shy about it, but it was shocking the first time you saw Aria lift up Sonata's skirt and plow her ass
  116. > Adagio seemed to have shared some of your techniques from your session, so you got quite a show each time
  117. > You did see results, though
  118. > Sonata did seem to have a much longer attention span, and Aria was usually only apathetic, rather than sullen
  120. > As time went on, you gave each of them more duties
  121. > What had been something of a charity case soon became a productive arrangement, even ignoring the titillation
  122. > One afternoon, you smelled something good in the kitchen
  124. > You walk in to find Aria frowning at the inside of the fridge
  125. > Perhaps some grocery shopping is in order
  126. > You track the smell to the oven, and open the door
  127. > "Stop!"
  128. > The puffy pastry collapses
  129. > You serruptitiously close the oven door, and turn to face an angry Aria
  130. "Sorry about that. Souffles, though, I am quite impressed."
  131. > "Don't try to flatter your way out of this one, Mr. Mous. Now I have to start all over again.", she growled
  132. "Isn't it still good though? I mean, puffy souffles don't actually taste any different than fallen ones."
  133. > She advances on you with ire flashing in her eyes
  134. > "I'm trying to get it right in time for the next time you meet with your editor. Do you want to serve flat souffles to your editor?"
  135. > You grimace
  136. "Ah, I am truly sorry. I do appreciate what you are doing to help, and you really have become a great cook."
  137. > She frowns in dissatisfaction, then huffs
  138. > You give her a nod, and turn to leave the kitchen
  139. > You pause at the transition between the kitchen and the dining room
  140. > Maybe you should get some sort of gift for your editor?
  141. > The foreign sales of your last novel are doing rather well, and-
  142. > A pair of hands roughly pull your pants down
  143. "Hey!"
  144. > You start to turn, but an iron grip grabs your throat, keeping you off balance
  145. > Then something slick and firm probes your rear
  146. "Hey, woah, I-"
  147. > Aria presses up behind you, her breasts mashed against your back, her strap-on pushing slowly past your puckered anus
  148. > "The kitchen is my domain, Anon E. Mous. You may provide for us, but you must respect my role in our little group."
  149. > Her voice is a soft growl, almost tender
  150. "I'm-"
  151. > It feels so weird, you feel like your guts are twisting at the persistent prodding
  152. "I'm not a siren!"
  153. > She nuzzles her face against your shoulder blades
  154. > "Oh, I know. That's why I'm going to be so understanding."
  155. > A slender hand slides across your hip and grasps your manhood
  156. > At that moment, to your shame and confusion, you realise you have an erection
  157. > That supple hand, still slick from applying the lube, gently strokes your rod in time to the stuttering progress of the strap-on up your ass
  158. > Aria loosens her grip on your neck, changing it to strange, rhythmic stroking
  159. > It's like she's trying to massage the front of your neck, but there are so many competing sensations, you are starting to get your wires crossed
  160. > She finally hilts inside of you, her firm body fully pressed up against yours
  161. > "I know you watch us, and not just to keep track of who is on top."
  162. > Aria keeps her strokes slow and steady, a tingling heat building inside you
  163. > She slides her hand up your shaft, her thumb flicking back and forth across the ridge of your head
  164. > "You get off on it, don't you?"
  165. > Her pace quickens, and you groan at the stimulation
  166. > She playfully nips at the skin of your back
  167. > Your hands grasp at air, twitching
  168. > Aria's hand on your throbbing manhood blurs up and down
  169. "Fuck!"
  170. > Cum splatters on your shirt, on the floor, and drips down onto Aria's hand
  171. > At last, the firm rod slides out of your rear
  172. > You twitch at that, and Aria pulls away
  173. > You are sore in ways you have never been before, but...
  174. > You slowly turn around to find her retreating into the kitchen, examining her hand with distaste
  175. "Was that really called for?"
  176. > She gives you one of her rare smiles
  177. > "I was within my rights... and I wanted to. Besides, you enjoyed it, so it's fine."
  178. > Damn her, but she's right
  179. "I'll get you back sometime. You know that, right?"
  180. > Her smile turns sly
  181. > "I'm counting on it."
  183. > The meeting with your editor went well, though the girls felt a little odd to have to go without their prosthesis for the visit
  184. > Weeks passed
  185. > Adagio dresses in pantsuits almost every day now, she even bought herself a desk and screens your calls
  186. > Aria has developed an almost fetishistic obsession with aprons and cooking
  187. > You aren't even allowed inside the kitchen except to deliver groceries
  188. > As a compromise, she leaves pitchers of water and platters of food out for your inevitable snacking urges
  189. > Sonata...
  190. > You have begun to worry about Sonata
  191. > Laundry and housekeeping only take up so much time
  192. > She gets rather lonely while Aria bustles about her kitchen kingdom and Adagio buries herself in finances and scheduling
  193. > You occasionally get Sonata's feedback on a manuscript, but there are many days when you don't have much for her to do
  194. > She has developed a habit of watching you each morning as you get dressed
  195. > It wasn't so long ago that you would be embarrassed by her gaze, but you suppose you have become more siren-ish in your sense of modesty
  196. > Still, it's a little odd
  197. > One cool summer morning, you feel the bed shift under someone's weight
  198. > You open your eyes to see Sonata's face flushed and very close
  199. "Uh, good mor-"
  200. > She presses her lips against yours
  201. > It's nice, but she doesn't move her lips or anything
  202. > You push the tip of your tongue out between your lips, and she squeaks when it touches hers
  203. > Sonata pulls back, a confused look on her face
  204. > "W-was that your tongue? For realsies?"
  205. > You sit up, laughing a little
  206. "Yes it was. Now, what can I do for you this fine morning?"
  207. > She looks at you with determined eyes
  208. > "I've figured it out. Adagio helps with book stuff, Aria with food, and I..."
  209. > A light blush dusts her cheeks
  210. "Yes? Those are their duties..."
  211. > Sonata's hands clench in her skirt
  212. > "I clean, and give you children."
  213. > ...
  214. > You just stare at her, trying to make sense of it all
  215. > She stares down at her lap
  216. > "It's all I'm good for."
  217. "Sonata..."
  218. > What can you say?
  219. > "I'm not smart, or ambitious, or anything. Anybody can clean. I'm nothing special."
  220. > You pull her into an embrace, overwhelmed with pity
  221. "That's not true, we just haven't found what you are good at."
  222. > You rub her back, and she sniffles against your chest
  223. > You sigh
  224. > She's always been the lowest in the pecking order, as far as you can tell
  225. > And she is right, she isn't remarkably intelligent, or ambitious
  226. > You gaze down at her, idly appreciating how well tailored the maid uniform is to her slim waist
  227. > ...
  228. "Hey, Sonata, I want to check something."
  229. > She wipes her eyes on your shirt, then sits up
  230. > You walk over to the bathroom scale and step on
  231. > She trails behind, uncertain
  232. > You grimace at the reading
  233. "I think Aria is getting too good at cooking."
  234. > You heft the slight bulge of your stomach
  235. > Sonata chews her lip
  236. > "Um..."
  237. > You step off the scale and face her
  238. "How would you like to be my exercise buddy?"
  239. > "I don't know that much about exercising..."
  240. > You lay your hands on her shoulders and look her straight in the eye
  241. "You don't have to. Your job is to make sure I exercise regularly and keep me company while I work out. Can you do that for me?"
  242. > Her eyes fill with the subtle glow of hope
  243. > "Yes, I can do that for you, Mr. Mous. You can count on me!"
  245. > Something is wrong with the world when a grown man can't play video games late into the night in his own home
  246. > Admittedly you only intended to play until midnight, but video games aren't meant to be cut off so arbitrarily
  247. > The long and short of it is, you are not getting up no matter how hard Sonata shakes you
  248. "L'v me alnn."
  249. > She sighs
  250. > "Come on, we need to run~."
  251. > You grunt
  252. > ...
  253. > "You asked for this."
  254. > Whatever
  255. > You hear some rustling cloth
  256. > In spite of your exhausted mind, you try to figure out what she's doing
  257. > Probably opening the drapes
  258. > Then she yanks off the sheet covering you
  259. > You flinch at the slightly cool air, but cling to your pillow resolutely
  260. > Sonata climbs up onto your bed, and you begin to feel uneasy
  261. > Then she tugs your pajama bottoms down, and it all clicks
  262. "Okay, okay, I'm-"
  263. > "Too late!"
  264. > Dry sex toy barges up your crack
  265. "LUBE! USE LUBE!"
  266. > She pauses then
  267. > "Oh, right. Heh heh. Stay right there!"
  268. > Sonata scampers off, and you sag into the mattress
  269. > Your mind goes fuzzy and you drowse for a few minutes
  270. > You are jolted awake by the slick length of Sonata's toy making its second approach through the Fanniana Trench
  271. > "Sorry about earlier, I haven't done this before."
  272. > You try to relax as the tip penetrates your exhaust port
  273. "Just take it slow, alright?"
  274. > Wait
  275. "You never did this to Aria or Adagio?"
  276. > She lays her palms on your shoulders, shifting her weight
  277. > "Nope, I was always the pouch. Um, they said that I should do stuff to make you feel nice. Do you even have boobs?"
  278. > You inhale sharply as the strap-on plunges deeper
  279. > Her weight is heavy on your shoulders, and you begin to suspect you like getting plundered by innocent girls
  280. "No boobs, just a penis."
  281. > "Yeah?"
  282. > She leans back, inadvertantly hilting
  283. > You gasp at the sudden movement, your pelvis rising to better accommodate the hard length inside you
  284. > Each shift of her hips sends a curious sensation through your inward parts, and a fresh surge of arousal through your dick
  285. > "Oh, I see it. Hmmm, how do I get to it?"
  286. > She leans back a little more and barely grazes your balls with her fingertips
  287. > "Er, that won't work..."
  288. "Maybe if you lean forward and reach under?"
  289. > She's cute and all, but you don't intend to spend all morning with a toy up your ass
  290. > "Ooh, okay!"
  291. > Sonata presses against you, warm and soft
  292. > Her hand slides down and grasps your manhood, and gives it a squeeze
  293. "Mmm, better."
  294. > She giggles, then slowly rocks her hips back and forth
  295. > Her hand keeps time, squeezing your shaft when she hilts
  296. "Sonata?"
  297. > "Yeah?"
  298. "Stroke my dick, not squeeze it."
  299. > "Oh! I knew that!"
  300. > In spite of her clumsy efforts, you do find yourself growing more and more aroused
  301. > Part of that is the cute little noises of exertion she makes
  302. > "Okay, next comes the part where I tell you what you did wrong. Anon!"
  303. "Unf, yes?"
  304. > Those slow strokes are taking their toll on you
  305. > You feel warm all over
  306. > "You were supposed to go running with me! Even if you are tired!"
  307. > Your fingers snarl in the sheets
  308. "Got it."
  309. > She pauses for a moment
  310. > "For realsies?"
  311. > You sigh
  312. "For realsies."
  313. > "Good!"
  314. > She picks up the pace, and you grunt into your pillow
  315. > Her hand cups your balls, then slides up the velvety length of your erection, then down again
  316. > You thrust against her hand, savoring the unfamiliar touch
  317. > Just as it gets good, she abruptly stops
  318. "What?"
  319. > Sonata carefully extricates herself from you
  320. > "All done! You understand your place."
  321. > You sit up in bed, not even hiding your erection
  322. > You shift a little, adjusting to the suddenly empty again rump
  323. "Didn't you end just a bit early?"
  324. > She tilts her head
  325. > "Um, no?"
  326. > You stare at her, clad only in a T-shirt and some panties
  327. > Your hand drifts down to your dick
  328. "Could you do me a favor and take off your shirt?"
  329. > "Okay!"
  330. > You stare at her fulsome breasts and begin stroking
  331. > She just smiles at you, watching your movements curiously
  332. > Then she starts stroking her own length
  333. > "So...what are we doing?"
  334. > You can't tell if her imitation is more arousing or amusing
  335. "Having a good time. At least, I am."
  336. > She beams at you
  337. > "I am too!"
  338. > The door opens and Adagio sticks her head in
  339. > "Need some help waking u-"
  340. > She stops in confusion
  341. > "What are you two doing?"
  342. > She steps into the room uncertainly, wearing purple pajamas
  343. > Sonata wiggles her hips and thus the strap-on in her hand
  344. > "Having a good time!"
  345. > Adagio eyes you, then the bed
  346. > "You didn't cum?"
  347. "Ah, no."
  348. > She sighs
  349. > "Sonata, why don't we all take a shower? I'm sure Anon would appreciate the chance to get closer to us both."
  350. > "Okay!"
  351. > You have the best secretary
  354. > Adagio is unusually subdued when she transfers the call
  355. > "It's Principle Celestia."
  356. "Thank you."
  357. > You lean back in your chair as Adagio walks out of the study
  358. > The voice that comes from the phone is warm and familiar
  359. > "Your secretary is very professional, Anon. Where ever did you find such talent?"
  360. > You smile at the playful tone
  361. "I have certain connections. How have you been these, what, four months?"
  362. > "I am doing rather well. CHS keeps me busy, but most of the magical phenomena has quieted down. The students are really quite vivacious this year, I almost feel young by association. Speaking of which...how are the girls holding up?"
  363. > You chuckle ruefully
  364. "Sometimes I think that it was them who took me in. It's not just Adagio, secretary par excellence. In a month or two, I honestly believe Aria could open a high class restaurant, meanwhile Sonata has developed into an incredible personal trainer in just a few weeks. These girls are impressively driven."
  365. > There is silence on the line for a moment
  366. > "That's quite the glowing recommendation, Anon."
  367. > You smile a bit sheepishly
  368. "I suppose it is. I guess what boils down to, is that it's a good thing I'm not their parent. While they have developed into competent young women, I have grown more and more dependent on them. Well, to answer your original question, they seem much happier and friendlier than before."
  369. > "That is good to hear. I had had my concerns about how well they would adapt to normal life, but it sounds like things are going swimmingly on your end."
  370. > You stifle a laugh at her choice of words
  371. > "Anon?"
  372. "It's nothing, I just remembered an amusing thing. At any rate, it's true, things are going well over here. I managed to write my new book in record time, thanks to them taking care of me. Oh, by the way, you should be getting a copy or two of my new book soon. Be sure to share it with Luna when you get it."
  373. > "I'll be looking forward to it. Well, as much as I wish I could talk with you some more, I really should be getting back to my paperwork. It's been good catching up with you, give my regards to the girls."
  374. "Will do. Goodbye, Tia."
  375. > "Bye, 'Non."
  376. > You put the phone in its cradle
  377. > The door to your study creaks open
  378. > Adagio leans against the doorframe, a fond smile on her face
  379. > "Secretary par excellence, eh?"
  380. > You swivel to face her
  381. "I stand by my words."
  382. > She takes slow strides towards you, sashaying with every step
  383. > You raise an eyebrow at her advancing
  384. > She circles behind you, her fingers trailing across your shoulders and neck
  385. > Her voice is like molten honey, a deep, predatory purr underlying it all
  386. > "With such high praise, why, I find myself wondering what other position I could fill."
  387. "With talent like yours, I'm sure you can do anything."
  388. > She leans down, her breath hot on your ear
  389. > "We listened in on your phone call. Do you know what we have decided?"
  390. "What?"
  391. > Her hands tremble as she turns your head towards her
  392. > You are surprised to find her blushing
  393. > Adagio breathes rather heavily
  394. > "We have decided to take you as our mate."
  395. > With that, she kisses you gently on the lips, then pulls back with an expectant look
  396. > "What do you say?"
  397. > You stand up and hold her close, kissing her back
  398. "Nothing would make me happier."
  400. The End
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