Forest monster

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >You are Acteus, and currently you are scared shitless
  2. >you were stupid enough to let Virgo talk you into proving your courage
  3. >the two of you were talking and the topic of creepy monster sightings at a nearby forest came up
  4. >one thing led to another and you ended up betting you could go alone into the forest and stay there for a few hours by yourself
  5. >at first it seemed easy
  6. >but then it got darker and darker, and then there were sounds, and then you tried to escape
  7. >but you ended up getting more lost in the woods
  8. >you arrived at a nice clearing with a lot of moonlight illuminating everything and you decided to stay there until your wing felt better
  9. >you ended up hurting it while rushing trough the dense forest in panic
  10. >after surveying the wing you were glad to notice it was not badly hurt, but you were not going to fly anywhere until the morning
  11. >and things were nice for a while, peaceful and tranquil, but then came the noises of something moving at the edge of the clearing
  12. >the mare walks more into the light and lets out an animalistic screech as you scream like a little filly
  13. >her lower jaw looks like the mouth of a spider with the spidery fangs, and she has no hooves. The only parts that resemble a pony is her head, neck and some of her back
  14. >then her body opens up like an oversized cape of claws, tendrils and organs and fangs
  15. >as you continue your scream in silence the thing skitters up to you swiftly like a centipede
  16. >the thing is now close to your face, studying you with its eyes as the spider fangs scrape a bit against your cheek, almost as if caressing you
  17. >you close your mouth and look in horror, praying to every god, goddess, prophet and deity you can think of silently
  18. >suddenly the thing lets out an insect-like sound and moves its body against yours, reeling its head back and touching you with its many clawed legs and wriggly tendrils
  19. >suddenly it coils around you like a snake and you find yourself unable to move
  20. >”P-please don’t eat me, I taste bad!”
  21. >you feel a few tears running down your cheek Goodbye cruel world
  22. >...
  23. >oh no it is tasting you now
  24. >you feel it give your cheek a lick with its long, moist, warm soft tongue...
  25. >that almost felt pleasant
  26. >you grit your teethes and prepare to be eaten or something equally horrid.
  27. >...
  28. >but nothing happens
  29. >you carefully open your eyes, and find the thing still staring at you
  30. >suddenly there is movement near your body
  31. >or more precisely...near there...
  32. >something very hot, moist and slippery
  33. >and it makes your soldier stand up in attention, much to your dismay
  34. >oh great, humiliation and then something horrible. Just what you needed
  35. >you take a look at the thing
  36. >it seems to be...blushing...
  37. >suddenly it moves its body once again and you feel its body drag along your member, sending shivers down your spine
  38. >and then you feel something completely new near your member, but before you have a chance to process it you feel yourself enter...something...
  39. >it is warm, pulsating and moist, and it feels like whatever it is it’s milking you
  40. >the things body starts to pulsate and pump up and down around you
  41. >oh god you’re starting to enjoy this, you can’t believe what is happening
  42. >but... it is already happening, and it feels good...
  43. >do you really? ...Yes, screw it; you are not sure if you are going to survive this, might as well go out enjoying yourself
  44. >you start to move the little of your body that you can, to enter this thing more deeply
  45. >the thing starts to shudder even more and let out rather lustful animalistic screeches
  46. >its insides are like nothing else, a pulsating rim milking the base of your member, a quivering wavy part and then the rest feels like it is covered in very soft small tendrils that all massage the tip of your member
  47. >the thing is now producing slime from its body and now it wetly caresses and grazes against you
  48. >and it feels good
  49. >Suddenly the thing pulls its head in for a kiss and you accept
  50. >it gently holds your head with its jaws and explores hungrily the insides of your mouth with its long tongue
  51. >and you accept it, starting to kiss back
  52. >you are not sure what you are doing anymore, but the thing seems pleased at this and increases the pace of stuff happening downstairs
  53. >all of her tendrils and clawed legs are tapping and caressing you as she keeps kissing you deeper and deeper, more hungrily
  54. >you can no longer hold on and you explode, sending your seed deep within this thing
  55. >this seems to trigger some sort of a reaction in the monster as it squeezes your body tight, almost crushing you as her claws scratch small gashes on you
  56. >and then the thing lets go and you fall to the ground as a slimy mess
  57. >your mind not having any more strength for anything, you fall asleep
  58. >after a while you were woken up by Virgo who had gotten worried when you did not return
  59. >you never told anyone about the monster you met since you did not want to admit you sexed it
  60. >too bad nine months later it came to the village with about 6 little somethings and you had the worst surprise of your life
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