MGE Side III Thunder Fish Street

May 16th, 2020
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  1. We sang quite a bit huh? Your song wasn’t that good, but I think I liked your voice.
  2. Yeah, my throat’s in tune now. Thanks to you.
  3. That’s it. Since singing is difficult for you, why not try out instruments too?
  4. The area we’re heading to now has a lot of shops, and there’s also instrument stores.
  6. That’s why we’re passing through here right now, this is “Thunder Fish Street”.
  7. That’s what the large waterway in front of us is called, not the street we’re walking on.
  8. Court Alf is a country of water, and although there is more land here compared to other islands, Saida still has waterways all over the city, and a lot of mermaids live here.
  9. This waterway, which uses a river flowing from the Saida mountains, seems to be the widest among waterways.
  10. It’s always night on this island. As you can see, this waterway is also pitch black, so the neon street lights and signs reflect off the water’s surface, shining very beautifully.
  11. Also… I’m sure this area is connected to “Studio=Paralyzer”, so… will it be coming soon?
  12. Look, there it is, following the flow of the waterway, lightning is running along the surface of the water while shining a rainbow of colors… don’t you think it’s such a great spectacle that it’ll be burned into your eyes for a while?
  13. We saw it at the live house earlier, in response to the song maiden’s performance, the power of lightning gathered inside the thunderstones in the shop.
  14. Such a particularly large box has a mechanism that releases that gathered lightning and pours it into the waterway.
  15. Similar to that shop, tiles of thunderstone are spread all over the bottom of the waterway, and when lightning runs through the waterway like a flash, the tiles that shine along with it color that flash in several colors.
  17. "Isn’t it dangerous to pour lightning into water"?
  18. Even though you’re from outside, you should know that.
  19. That’s right, lightning flows easily through water, so even though demon realm lightning doesn’t kill, people who are in the water or touching it will go numb without fail. For that reason, it’s better to say it’s dangerous on purpose.
  20. Look, the mermaids that were in the waterway just now are also terribly numb with tingles as if their chests and wombs were pierced.
  21. Their expressions are empty, and it seems they feel so good their eyes have lost focus.
  22. Ah, one leapt at a man that approached, and is sucking on his lips.
  23. She completely stuck in her tongue and is devouring him greedily… it looks like she’s been starving for a man for a while, so I don’t think she intends to let go of him soon.
  24. That’s why the mermaids of this city are always blushing, letting out sighs filled with passion, or constantly have an expression as if they’re expecting something.
  25. Men also say that the mermaids of this city are more erotic than in other cities, and their singing voices are bewitching.
  26. There’s no end to the number of guys that play in the water like that, and get devoured by mermaids.
  28. There are lots of waterways in Saida with such a feeling, and I think there was also a beautiful plaza on Saida Neon Street with thin water spread underneath your feet.
  29. It would be dangerous if there was an accident and lightning flowed into a place like that.
  30. However, you never know when an accident will occur. For that reason, you shouldn't be so close to me.
  31. If so, it’s safe to say when an accident will occur…❤
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