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Satyr's Seed

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Jan 26th, 2014
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  1. The forest was silent as though even the wind itself did not wish to startle anyone. Vivalin waited quietly in the bushes by the lake. She was waiting for a satyr. With her spell components in dire need, this witch had needed satyr seed for months now, she could wait here in the bushes a little longer.
  3. Having waited hours already she was prepared for anything. Once her prey finally came to the lake for a drink, she leaped from the bushed and pinned him to the ground. The satyr let out a scream as the young witch grabbed him. Her hands grabbed him by the horn, a smile spread across her face.
  5. “My, my.” Vivalin’s voice sounded eager. “You’re quite the handsome specimen. Aren’t you?”
  7. “Wh-what do you plan to do with me?” A scared whimper escaped the young satyr’s mouth. He was young, younger than the witch, that’s for sure. Spots still adorned his flank.
  9. “Do not worry, young one. I need a little something from you, but I think you’ll enjoy the process.” The witch tugged on the brim of her large, cloth hat as she gave him a wink. Without wasting another moment, her hand began the rub the furred crotch of the satyr.
  11. “What’re you-” The satyr was cut of as the witch shushed him.
  13. “Let me give you what you want. What all satyrs want.” Almost as if on cue, the satyr’s cock began to rise. “And let me take what I need.”
  15. Without anymore warning Vivalin lowered her mouth to the satyr’s cock and began sucking at the tip. The satyr seemed to like it. He moaned and groaned above her. Precum leaked from the goat-like member and the witch lapped it up with gusto. It was not what she needed, she’d take what she wanted soon enough.
  17. Above her, the satyr bleated in pleasure as Vivalin’s slender fingers grabbed and caressed the fur covered testicles of the satyr. There was little for the satyr to see. With the large brimmed hat of the witch, it covered most of his view. He could not see as her mouth took his entire girth, nor could he tell quite what she was doing when she pulled herself off his shaft to sensually lick the underside of his head. All the satyr knew was that whatever the witch was doing, it felt amazing.
  19. The witch on the other hand, lavished the pleasure she was giving such a glorious creature. She could not help but smirk around his red member as she heard his cries of pleasure. Pleasuring a satyr had it’s own rewards. She increased her speed and her hand joined in to help speed up the process. Her mouth followed closely behind her hand as both slid up and down the young satyr’s cock. Her hand twisted and rolled around his cock.
  21. It wasn’t long before the little satyr’s hooves began to twitch and flex, he pushed his cum deep within Vivalin’s mouth. There was so much more cum than she had expected. Instinctually, the witch swallowed.
  23. “Damn,” she muttered under her breath after she pulled herself from his dwindling erection, strings of saliva and cum connected her mouth to his cock.
  25. “What?” The satyr chimed in. “Did I do something wrong? I didn’t mean to do that.”
  27. “No, that’s exactly what I wanted you to do, little one.” With a face that seemed more upset at herself she continued, “I just made a mistake.”
  29. “Well, I enjoyed that.” The young satyr lifted her chin up. “I’m sorry you didn’t. Could we try again?”
  31. The witch’s smirk finally returned. “Sure. We can try that again, but you’ll have to come back to my home, with me.”
  33. The satyr nodded with excitement.
  35. “If we can do that again then I’ll follow you anywhere.” His eyes seemed to be pleading.
  37. “Oh, we can do that again.” Vivalin pulled him up. “We can do that all you like.”
  39. As she guided him back to her home, she could not help but think that such a rare spell component would soon fill her shelves once she kept this satyr for herself.
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