Yuli's Backstory

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  1. The tale of the terror inducing garbage began in a town of nobodies, yet a town where everyone aspired to be somebodies.
  3. Yuli was no different, he had seen a multitude of wandering heroes paddling on through, with shine and dazzle enough to suppress all of his negative feelings, he so deeply wondered how they were so polished and radiant, so he wished to seek the same hope they chased.
  5. His body had other plans, at an early age, he easily contracted a multitude of diseases, requiring constant treatments and days off just to be able to walk normally.
  7. Ah, why? Had the Gods forsaken him? Was his destiny fated to be unlike the rest?
  9. He tried nonetheless, the heroes that brought inspiration and light to a band of heroes, if he could perform that job, then just maybe...!
  11. He watched as others played elegantly, performed masterpieces of plays, and charmed the masses with messages of good and glory.
  13. His attempts at recreation and practice failed magnificently. Subpar music that disinterested all, plays that fell apart in the middle of the story, and a charm that would turn into pitiful smiles and mockery.
  15. I am not fit? Why is everyone else...
  17. He was frustrated to no end, his body declining further into a bad state, as he desperately practiced. One day so far away from home he was chased by a bear.
  19. Hah... a-ah... all his attempts amounted to nothing, his abilities sucked beyond belief.
  21. However just as he was at Death's mercy, a Paladin in dazzling armor struck the bear from behind, yelling their God's warcry as he infused his mace in holy light.
  23. His savior... o-once more he was-
  25. Blood splattered everywhere, all over the Paladin's radience, although he wiped it off like it was nothing... like he was used to this kind of stuff.
  27. "Stay away from these parts from now on, it isn't safe."
  29. ...Huh? Why are you so calm? Is it because you are strong? Yet... you still murdered something, without a second thought... how is that good? Good? Evil? Huh? What's up with that? Why do you even care about that if you care nothing for death? Are you so double standarded?
  31. His views contorted, as he glanced at the paladin, slowly walking away as a disgust formed in his mind.
  33. If that's what all of them do to reach their status, then they aren't powerful... talented... they use all of their gifts to climb the filthy ladder of life.
  35. He saw it now, everyone- every meaning for what they truly were.
  37. He was weak, talentless. In a sense, he was unfit to climb the same ladder as them. Unfit to become a radiant star of hope and light.
  39. "Ah... so you deny your filthiness. Don't say that you're aware of humanoid's nature, you're trying to escape it after all, on that dazzling ladder of yours."
  41. Malice beyond words formed in his mind, if he was unfit to be a competitor on the ladder of social and personal progress, then he would just have to transcend it. No, stay away from it all.
  43. Everything was always derived from that, who was the smartest, strongest, wisest, most charismatic, richest, funniest... everything had a scale and a value relative to what stood at the top of it all, to act as a goal, challenge and inspiration at the same time.
  45. "Are you fucking kidding me? That's what everything's accumulated to?"
  47. Count him out, like he was going to let them use him as a pawn to ascend to their own glory. He would point out and eat at their hypocricies. As a Monster beyond their conception altogether.
  49. "You're all just afraid, but don't worry... I love seeing you entangle yourself in that false glory I once aspired to. Go on! Take what I could never hand by force!"
  51. Wickedness that should not have occurred and remained in the world amplified itself because of the unique human ego.
  53. He did manage to learn a little magic, a few skills as a bard, but so what? He was mostly useless on the scale of comparisons, so for him he didn't mind being trampled on by those oblivious to his true self. It was all but a scapegoat to derive humor and mock those who deemed themselves more worthy than him, and above him. To mess around with those who were so egocentric, and to eat away at that filth to expose it as it is.
  55. "That's what I'll do, you can't stop me anymore."
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