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  1. Questions 2, 3, and 4
  3. 2. Reverend Parris is stubborn and . He refused to accept the fact that his daughter was a witch despite signs that would convince any others. He was right of course, but it still shows that he won't easily admit he's wrong even if everybody else thinks otherwise.
  5. 3. Miller is saying that any beliefs other than their own will ruin everything they've built up. They believe that by letting those with differing beliefs live among them will lose their favor of God, and could spell disaster upon everybody in the town. They believed whole heartedly that they were absolutely correct, and everybody else was wrong. Thus, they and their followers would be led to wealth and success.
  7. 4. Betty had fallen limp and lifeless, as though in a coma, when shocked by Reverend Parris' sudden appearance. Betty and the other girls were with Tituba in the forest, dancing and singing around a fire. Parris believes that they were instead doing witchcraft, and tries to make absolutely sure that they weren't for his sake.
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