Tastes like love (Glim, fluff, pregnancy, milking?)

Sep 5th, 2017
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  1. >You jolt up and stop reading your book as you hear the door opening
  2. >"I'm home,"
  3. >You turn around from your sitting position on the sofa to meet your wife's gaze
  4. >It doesn't take you long to deduct her state of mind
  5. "Another long day, huh?"
  6. >"Ugh, you have no idea! An exuberant Dash came in bursting through the door because one of her stupid books just came out and toppled some of the samples to the ground and we had to redo all the tests!"
  7. "Well, she's been waiting for that book for a while--"
  8. >"ALL the tests! Even the ones that were left intact!"
  9. "I'm sure Twilight had a reasonable explana--"
  10. >"She said something about my mood affecting it and we couldn't risk some of the samples not matching the others, or whatever nonsense! I am not moody!"
  11. "She's just being thorough--"
  12. >"ALL the tests!"
  13. >You can't keep the chuckle in at your mare's antics
  14. "Come here,"
  15. >You place the book down and tap the place right next to you to emphasize your point
  16. >She keeps her frown and you swear you could nearly hear her gritting her teeth, but she still accepts your proposition
  17. >It takes her a good ten seconds to get there
  18. >And even though she's exaggerating a bit, certainly to make sure you notice it, you can clearly see that she IS tired
  19. >So you lean forward and help her up, and she instantly shifts right next to you, her body unceremoniously crashing down against the cushion as she lets out a huff of relief, her head finding its place on your lap as her enormous belly protrudes out
  20. >And you instinctively reach out for it, and a content hum escapes her throat as your fingers stroke along the soft fur of her tummy
  21. >You frown a bit as a certain thought crosses your mind
  22. "Are you sure you should move so much? Why not use your magic?"
  23. >"Anon, I'm pregnant, not dying,"
  24. "No, you're eight months pregnant, and you have two alien babies growing inside of you, who knows what could happen?"
  25. >"That's why we're running tests,"
  27. "Then why not teleport around?"
  28. >"Because that way I can complain about it and have my big stallion coddle me~,"
  29. >Her smug smirk somewhat relieves you, but you keep your frown
  30. "You know I'd coddle you even if you didn't complain, right?"
  31. >A lighthearted chuckle escapes her lips
  32. >"I know, but it's funnier that way~, and Twilight said I needed some more exercise,"
  33. >"And she also said.."
  34. >Her voice trails off as she moves her left hoof on top of the hand that was still lazily stroking her love tank
  35. >"That they were both girls, or at least, there was a ninety-eight percent chance that they were, but we can safely assume that that's the case,"
  36. >There's an hint of hesitation in her voice, as if she wasn't sure if she should've said it or if it might've hurt you
  37. >And it grows as you give her no instant response
  38. >And how could you
  39. >You're going to be the father of two little girls
  40. >Fillies?
  41. >Whatever
  42. >Your daughters
  43. >Two beautiful baby girls
  44. >"I know you would've liked them to be boys but... there it is...?"
  45. "What?"
  46. >"W-well, Rarity said that stallions generally wanted boys so they could teach them how to act like stallions and play stallion games together and... stuff?"
  47. "Oh? Rarity said that, huh?"
  48. >"And since you said that human males are the ones carrying down your 'family names' and it sounded kinda important to you and I thought--"
  49. "Starlight, I don't care about that, at all,"
  50. >She blushes a bit, and she opens up her mouth to say something but nothing comes out, the same way she always does when she's not sure if she messed up or not
  51. "This is great, everything is great, perfect, even!"
  52. >She's surprised at your outburst, and even more so when you dive down to give her a kiss on the lips
  53. "I couldn't care less if they were boys or girls, all that matters is that they're mine, and yours,"
  54. >You give her another peck as you cup her cheek with your free hand
  55. "I'm going to be a dad, and you're going to be a mom, and we'll have two daughters, and everything's great!"
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