Debt Implosion

JeshdeLune Aug 24th, 2019 106 Never
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  1. [Chart of projected defense, welfare, and debt spending from 2017->2025ish]
  3. Sooo wait this means we already spend more on gibs for the sole purpose of locking minority votes for the Democrats, than we do on defense? Am I reading this right? And soon the interest on our debt alone will eclipse defense?
  5. >Well then why don't republicans just offer gibs huh retard?
  7. Because we're being crushed to death and that's insane? Because WE want to own America, not scheming conniving globalists?
  9. You know there's other ways to help non-white and poor demographics thrive, right?
  11. Oh and when Trump tries to save the economy by insulating our wealth and going non-fiat before the big fucking implosion, they're all going to be like "lol nice job businessman, we're broke because of you idiot" --- even though the trends that led to these policies were firmly established over six or seven decades?
  13. Hey maybe instead of voting ourselves into the treasury, we should vote ourselves into the classified military archives so we can set up free/abundant energy tech?
  15. Everyone could feed their own mouths if sophisticated homesteading technology was as ubiquitous as smartphones....
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