Flaming Shorthorns

Apr 18th, 2015 (edited)
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  1. Name: Flaming Shorthorns
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Buffalo
  4. Class: Wildguard
  5. Age: 14
  6. Hits: 18/9
  7. Skills:
  8. Huge: instant, recharge 4; Your sheer size makes knocking you down no small feat, as you can shrug off damage that would cripple most others. Use this skill whenever you would normally have become helpless. On success you remain standing at 1 hit.
  9. Strong: Your sheer physical strength is a thing of wonder, enabling great feats in times of need. You can lift, carry, push and pull heavier loads than others, and can roll to lift/move extremely heavy things.
  10. Charge: Passive; At the beginning of combat declare a charge against one enemy. You get a +2 bonus on that target at the cost of increasing critical failure range by 1
  12. All Or Nothing: Recharge 1; When all else fails, use your head. Autocrits. All failures count as critical. Can be used while helpless.
  13. Child of Gaia: passive; you gain a +1 bonus to rolls when fighting in natural environs (forests, natural caves, etc.)
  14. Wild Hunt: Passive; After rendering a foe helpless, the Wildguard's next action becomes Automatic. Rendering another foe helpless with this action does not grant a further automatic action.
  15. Earthbound: passive; while in natural environs, regenerate 1 wound every 2 turns
  16. Martial Defender: passive; you take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+
  18. >Ultimate Move: Stampede of the Inferno: Automatic. After activation, instantly create a flaming buffalo minion (ignoring minion cap) with 'Protect' equal to your Hit Total / 1 wound for each Wound lost since activation, up to a total of 3.
  19. >Ultimate Move: Retribution of the Dragon: Spell, Recharge 4 after effect triggers; After three turns, for every attack that has hit Flaming, combine the total amount of damage dealt by each enemy's attack. This total is released towards a single enemy, or split evenly between multiple foes. (IE, 10 hits to 1 enemy, or 2 hits to 5). Critfails don’t count toward the charge of this spell.
  21. Talent: USE YOUR HEAD; +1 to All or Nothing, and All or Nothing has no recharge
  23. 0 BP: 3 used to gain +3 bonus to All or Nothing, 1 used to gain +1 bonus to athletics/climbing
  24. 0 EP: 4 used to gain 2 wounds, 1 used to gain a hit
  26. -Mantra of Recovery: Recharge 2 after effect ends; Instant; Cannot be used at full Hits; On use, select an enemy. Every turn, you drain two Hits from that target. This effect ends when you go helpless, or after 3 turns pass, whichever comes first.
  27. -Prayer for Salvation: Automatic; Recharge 2; The target's next recovery from Helplessness will be an Automatic Instant action, and the target will get +1 to all future attempts to get up until the end of combat.
  28. -Commandment of Harmony: Once per combat; Automatic; For 3 turns, you and all allies may ignore all Recharge periods, and the DC for all rolls is reduced by 2.
  30. -Offering on the Mountain: Automatic; Recharge 2 after effect ends; A cursed blue fire encircles your head, drawing the ire of enemies, leaving them more likely to target you over allies who have not attacked yet. Allies who score critical successes attract more ire. This effect lasts 3 turns.
  32. -Kalyani: Spell; Ranged; Recharge 2; You cause a target's Weaknesses and Resistances to be switched around. For example, if a target is weak to Ice and Poison but resistant to Magic and Fire, they are now weak to Magic and Fire but resistant to Ice and Poison.
  33. -Covalent Bonds: Auto Instant; Recharge 3; Ranged; Choose an ally. All damage they would normally take this turn will be applied to you instead. The most damage you can receive from using this ability is (Full Hits) + 2 Wounds.
  35. Items:
  36. Crown of Sanat: A crown of vines, with soft white flowers growing all around it, ornamented at the ears with two red feathers. While seemingly flimsy and decorative, these vines and flowers are picked from the Sanat plant, whose magical aura cushion blows and trauma, making the head of any buffalo wearing them nigh-indestructible.
  37. This treasure belonged to the chief and was safely evacuated in the demon's invasion, but when Shorthorns sought to take back their lands, she requested its use to make her mission easier. The chief refused and so she stole it instead.
  38. Effect: Lightens the critical failure of All or Nothing from 6 hits to 3 hits.
  40. Oorzof's Circlet of Routing (Relic)
  41. >A shamanic circlet made of bone wrapped together with stems of thorny flowers. Not all weapons are born in sacred forges or enchanted with special techniques, but born from whatever debris happens to fall into your hooves, or in this case, on your head. Ever clumsy, Oorzof tripped in a battle and landed upon a bush, filling his hair with thorny flowers. When the thorns served to scratch an opponent's eyes and save his life, Oorzof felt like a genius.
  42. >Effect: Activating Wild Hunt no longer gives a free Automatic action, but instead knocks back all nearby enemies and applies a debuff of -1 to all their rolls for 5 turns (or until debuff is broken). The debuff does not stack and wears off if this relic is removed.
  44. Shell of the Rainbow Scarab
  45. >According to local folklore, scales such as these serve as companions upon the road to the lands of the dead, and can light the way in any darkness. They are sometimes found in funery caskets and pyres by the hooves of the beloved dead.
  46. >Relic: Allows an ally to use your "Huge" racial skill. Only one ally may use this skill per round. When they use it, you incur the Recharge period as normal. An ally cannot take advantage of this if Huge is on recharge.
  48. Tikkun Olam
  49. Description: A badge that doubles as a clasp for one's robe, depicting a phoenix dove as it descends over the world, with fiery hieroglyphs streaming from its mouth. The Sons of God were able to organize countless revolts and crusades against the demons who once dominated mortalkind by using the skill of "Tikkun Olam," a power of mental communion. Those who knew this skill could understood by any sapient life, and those who were greatly skilled in it could even understand the whisperings of rocks, plants and all the varieties of sentient creatures. This badge is imbued with that power, allowing anyone who wears it to channel the skill without training.
  52. >Waxen Shield (Shield): An unconventional shield made from the wax of a perpetually-burning enchanted candle at the shield's center, keeping its surface melting eternally. Carries the Magma Element on all its attacks. 150 Bits.
  53. >Enchantment
  54. Adding Darkness and Fire to its attack (400 total)
  55. >Pecularity
  56. Stunning: On a critical hit, causes the target to lose 1 action next round. (100 bits)
  58. >Plate: Fitted plate armor. Add 5 Hits and 1 Wound. 500 Bits.
  59. >Guarded Peculiarity added (Guarded: Reduces critical failure damage by half $500)
  60. >Added Attribute Resistances to Fire and Dark
  61. -500 Bits
  62. 7500 remain
  64. >She also looks through the range of catalysts, knowing she'll need one for advanced spells for her to try…
  65. >Adding Wand of Mining, Pendant of Weightlessness, and Bracer of Construction to her inventory
  66. >-450
  67. >Buying three slings, 75 bits
  68. >Adding Pecularity 'Vector' to each, 300 bits
  69. >Adding Attributes 'Earth', 'Water', 'Wind' to make a freezing sling to complement her fiery shield and powers, 600 bits
  70. >Buying 100 rounds of normal ammo, 100 bits
  72. -Canteen: 5 Bits.
  73. -Compass: 10 Bits.
  74. -Utility Dagger: 10 Bits.
  75. -x3 Weapon Repair Kit: A general purpose kit of equipment for repairing a wide variety of damaged weapons. 1 kit has 1 use. 25 Bits.
  76. -x3 Armor Patching Kit: A general purpose kit of equipment for repairing Armorsuits. 1 kit has 1 use. 25 Bits.
  77. -x3 Medical Kit: A general purpose kit of medical equipment and instructions for treating basic wounds; counts as an automatic use of Heal, can only be used out of combat. 1 kit has 1 use. 25 Bits.
  78. -Camping Gear: Includes a tent and frame and a single sleeping bag. Big enough for 3 occupants. 25 Bits.
  79. >4350 left
  81. Buying additional gems to help in combat
  82. -Stone of Attuning x 4
  83. -Crystal of Power x 4
  84. -Gem of Feebleness x 4
  85. -Scale of Targeting x 4
  86. -Talisman of Deflecting x4
  87. -Charm of Antimagic x 4
  88. -Ribbon of Cruelty x 4
  89. -Elixer of Victory x 4
  90. -Net
  91. >3500 left
  93. >Helm of the Offertory
  94. >Effect: Recharge 3; Spell; Free Action; Sacrifice 2 Wounds to reroll any failed action, including critfails.
  96. >Fortifying Belt; Relic; The DC to hit you drops to 0, such that even Critfails will succeed against you, but all damage taken is Halved before other effects.
  98. Appearance:
  99. Very young buffalo that holds about the same amount of girth as an average pony, deep red-orange fur cut short at the scalp with two tiny horns jutting out above her ears. Wears tribal necklace and tunic around her torso with a special relic on top of her skull for protecting it.
  101. Shorthorns is the daughter of two Clan-Climbing Fire Buffalo who were forced to flee upon the invasion of innumerable demons upon her home. Distraught and angry at being forced to abandon it, Shorthorns disobeyed her parents wishes being a brash and hot-headed youth who sought to take it back by force. She was nearly killed in the attempt and was forced to flee away from where her parents fled to the far Northwest to the kingdom of ZA, joining its guard in an attempt to protect others as her Clan used to do as the strongest of the buffalo while also seeking a way to take back her home.
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