Haato Vore(?)

May 4th, 2021
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  1. "..haah...haaaah..cough..haah" You feel your insides burning and your legs can barely hold you up, how long have you been running? Are you still being chased?
  2. You press your palm against the wound on your shoulder as look around, but it doesn't look like anyone is approaching. Why is this happening to you?
  3. -----------------------------
  4. A few hours ago...
  5. "Gotta admit, wearing expensive clothes really do make you look good" you say while looking at the mirror. They might have cost you more than you'd normally spend on clothes, but it will be all worth it for today.
  6. Why? Because today you get to meet your favorite idol, not only that, you'll get to enjoy a date with her! You got this chance because you randomly signed up for some online contest and somehow managed to win.
  7. You look at the time and joyfully rush out the door. Today is the day. You finally get to meet her.
  8. You showed up at the meeting place 10 minutes earlier, soon your biggest dream will come true. While anxiously waiting, all you can hear is how fast your heart is pounding.
  9. "Heyyyy, you're Anonchama, right?" You jump up a bit when a voice calls out to you and quickly turn around, as you do, you are greeted by a smile from beautiful blode girl, it's Akai Haato, your one and only oshi.
  10. "H-hello, yes, I'm Anon, n-nice to meet you" you quickly try to regain your composure and greet the girl standing before you.
  11. "Nice to meet you, Anon. Well, shall we get going?" the girl says as she grabs your arm and drags you to the mall.
  12. After a few hours of going through the stores, you stop to get something to eat. You sit down and start ordering. You both decide to order some pizza.
  13. As you're eating, you notice something strange, "Don't like the pepperoni?" you ask the girl who for some reason is removing pepperoni slices from her pizza.
  14. "I'm just picky about what I eat" she answers giggling a bit. Why did she order the pepperoni one then? you ask yourself, but decide to not ask.
  15. It's already pretty late when you both finish your meals, you feel a bit sad, knowing that this wonderful day will soon end, so you decide it's time for you to gather all your courage and tell her how you feel, after taking a deep breath, you open your mouth:
  16. "H-"
  17. "Anonchama, will you walk me home?" the girl cuts in, gazing at you with her beautiful blue eyes.
  18. "Y-yeah, ofcourse I will, haha" You say as you look away, you can feel your heart trying to jump out.
  19. You walk for about 20 minutes, talking about various subjects, going from her streams, to games, to movies. It seems she too likes most of the things that you do and you couldn't be happier.
  20. You were so passionate talking with her that you didn't even notice your surroundings, "Umm..Haachama, do you really live here?" you ask her, seeing that the streets are poorly lit here and many of the buildings look abandoned.
  21. "Yeah, it might look scary, but I can walk around here without any worries, it looks a lot less spooky during daytime"
  22. "I see" guess can't judge a book by it's cover...
  23. "Anon, thank you for today, I had lots of fun"
  24. "I-I had lots of fun too"you say blushing.
  25. "Let me thank you, close your eyes"
  26. "Huh?"
  27. "Please, no looking" the girl says while looking at the ground, her cheeks a shade darker.
  28. You immediately comply, your heartbeat once again going off the rails. You feel her get closer, the smell of her shampoo hitting your nostrils, oh she's really close. Her hands wrap around you and you feel her head to your side, oh is she giving you a kiss on the cheek?
  29. However your hopes are put to a stop by a sharp pain in your shoulder.
  30. You open your eyes and fall on your behind, before you stands Haachama, chewing something as blood streams out of her mouth.
  31. "Anonchama, you promised, no looking~"
  32. You look at your shoulder and when you see that a huge chunk is missing: "AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA" youscream and start running down the street.
  33. --------------------------
  34. You run into what you assume is an abandoned building.
  35. You should be safe here, there's no way she has chased you he-
  36. "Found you" you hear her voice followed by loud footsteps.
  37. You run towards the door and grab the handle.
  38. "Anonchama, why do you run?"
  39. "Huh?" your hand slid off the handle, it seems it's covered in something slippery.
  40. "Anon, you're already inside Haachama's mouth"
  41. "Wha-?" Is all you say before something warm and moist crushes you from all directions.
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