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Great Teacher Anonymous (Short)

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  1. >be a middle school english teacher
  2. >its a tough job, most kids would rather goof off
  3. >others are unruly and rebellious in their pre-teen years, especially the monster girls
  4. >try to open up the childrens minds to great works like Walt Whitman, Edgar Allen Poe, and Robert Frost
  5. >they'd rather pass notes and draw during class
  6. >forced to make each student read aloud from the book just to keep up with the lesson plan
  7. >one day get a new kobold student
  8. >she's quiet and keeps to herself, the other kids dont play with her
  9. >such a shame
  10. >this week were reading O Captain! My Captain
  11. >Kobold's turn comes
  12. >shes struggling and can barely pronounce the words
  13. >we cant even get through the first stanza
  14. >the class begins to snicker and laugh at her before she finally quits and sits back down
  15. >class eventually ends, all the other students rush out save for Kobold monster girl
  16. >notice that her eyes are red and slightly puffy
  18. >quickly kneel down next to her and open up the book for her
  19. >"Would you like some help?"
  20. >she's quiet, obviously ashamed at what happened earlier
  21. >I spend the next ten minutes helping her out anyway, breaking up and sounding out words for her
  22. >she’s late for her next class, but I write her a note for her next teacher and give her some tissues
  23. >”It’ll only get harder. But I promise, before this year ends you’ll be amazed at what you can do.”
  24. >she gives me a quizzical look as she collects her things and leaves
  25. >begin developing lesson plans specifically for her
  26. >assign her different books to read, mostly childrens fantasy and sci-fi
  27. >take the time to walk through the books with her
  28. >she’s always quiet, but continues on with the readings with me
  29. >we slowly graduate from picture books to short stories
  30. >the year soon ends however
  31. >she’s progressed, not by much, but there is improvement
  32. >I give her some of my own books for her, hoping they would help
  33. >she doesn’t utter a thank you, or say anything really, as she walks out of the classroom for the last time
  34. >”Just keep at it. I promise, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve if you just keep at it.”
  35. >I don’t think she heard me as she turned down the hallway
  36. >summer vacation comes, and soon after, next years new students
  37. >more new faces, more young minds to teach
  38. >but I never did forget about that little kobold girl
  39. >I never forget any of my students
  41. >years pass
  42. >my hair becomes even grayer, my beard gaining some significant length
  43. >eventually have to retire
  44. >the school awards me with a plaque and sends me on my way
  45. >nothing more, nothing less
  46. >none of my old students showed, not that I expected them to anyway
  47. >take up gardening, finally having the time to attend to it full time
  48. >I soon become a regular at Home Depot but never win Yard of the Year
  49. >Alraune down the street always wins
  50. >funny, I taught her daughter once
  51. >one day, I get a phone call from an unknown number
  52. >they said if I was available to meet with them tomorrow
  53. >well of course, I was an old man, I had all the time in the world
  54. > the next day, a black car pulls up on the driveway
  55. >out steps a middle-aged business type woman, briefcase in hand
  56. >immediately think they’re here for back taxes or something
  57. >out the other side of the car jumps out a young woman in a simple skirt and jacket
  58. >eyes go wide at the sight
  59. >no, it couldn’t be
  60. >”H-hello Mr. Anon,” the once little Kobold says bashfully as she immediately hugs me
  61. >I reciprocate, but I’m completely stunned
  62. >what was she doing here
  63. >”I never gave up Mr. Anon. I always kept reading. And I read a lot. You were right too.”
  64. >she had a small book in one of her hands
  65. >in small letters, I could see her name written on it beneath the title
  66. >”With your permission Mr. Anon, I was wondering if I could use you for my next book. It’s a story about wise old man that helps his stu…Mr. Anon, you’re crying.”
  67. >she gave me a panicked look, but I immediately laughed and wiped them away and reassured her
  68. >”I’d be delighted to help you with your book. Just one last time.”
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