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LinkedIn Intimidation

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Feb 9th, 2015
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  2. InMail · New venture
  3. Courtesy notice (libel action against John Szczepaniak)
  4. Peter Daimu, Founder, CTO at GoldRail
  5. June 27, 2014
  7. Dear [PERSON'S NAME],
  9. This is a courtesy notice of your inclusion in the victim impact documentation filed with the Criminal Court of Niort as a part of a libel case against Jon “John” Szczepaniak of Saint-Laurs, France regarding his false and malicious statements about Haruko Ota, Hanako Abe (née Kaku) and Agness Kaku (Kickstarter updates dated November 22, 2013; January 17, 2014; and March 13, 2014). No action is required on your part.
  11. The purpose of this filing is to demonstrate to the court that Mr. Szczepaniak:
  13. - Defamed the plaintiffs to an audience that has a significant share of professionals from industries in which the plaintiffs works, including but not limited to video games and IT.
  14. - Successfully manipulated and encouraged backers into joining in the libel with reckless disregard for the professional, emotional and physical well-beings of the plaintiffs.
  16. The information presented to the court consists of:
  18. - Your name
  19. - Your comments on “The Untold History of Japanese Video Games” Kickstarter project page, in original English and French translation
  20. - Your company affiliation and job title
  21. - The record of your visit(s) to the LinkedIn profile of Agness Kaku and/or Hanako Kaku Abe, if any
  23. If you wish to make an official statement about this matter, please do so before June 5, 2014 to allow for third-party translation into French before the June 12 hearing.
  25. The plaintiffs and their families regret any upset caused by this notice. A brief outline of the case and an FAQ can be found here:
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