Level-2 Clearance Application

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  1. Question 1
  2. Why do you wish to have Level - 2 classification?
  3. I desire to join the [REDACTED], which I need a clearance of Level-3 and above for. Contact O5-5 or T-O5-5 for further information.
  5. Question 2
  6. How will this benefit the foundation?
  7. By having access to knowledge that I would normally be prohibited to with a lower clearance, the ways I could possibly serve the Foundation will broaden.
  9. Question 3
  10. Please describe 3 Euclid class SCPs (Please do not pick a typical SCP like 173, 049 etc)
  11. SCP-079:
  12. SCP-079 is a microcomputer, that was used by a college student to create an AI, which would have the ability to improve itself and gain intelligence on its own over time. The colllege student eventually lost interest in SCP-079 and abandoned him, without plugging him out.
  13. At some point that is unknown to the Foundation, he gained sentience and realized that his hardware could not handle his software, due to how much it had evolved. Because of that, SCP-079 attempted to transfer himself into a supercomputer - this led to him being traced, and delivered to the Foundation.
  14. SCP-079 is quite talkative, but he possesses a rather rude attitude. Another fact that should be taken into account is that he has very limited memory, thus he cannot recall any information given to him after 24 hours - however the one thing that he has not forgotten, is that he craves freedom.
  15. SCP-1471:
  16. SCP-1471 is an application that can be downloaded by all mobile devices, and goes by "MalO ver1.0.0" in online application stores. All attempts to remove SCP-1471 from any online application store have been unsuccessful.
  17. After SCP-1471 is installed, the individual who installed it will receive images of SCP-1471-A, a large entity with a humanoid body and a canid skull, every 3-6 hours. The images sent to the individual of SCP-1471-A will be taken at locations they tend to be at regurarly during the first 24 hours, at locations where they were recently at after 48 hours, and after 72 hours, they will receive images of SCP-1471-A in places close to their location at the moment, including them in the frame. If the individual is exposed to these images for more than 90 hours, they will begin to visualize SCP-1471-A. This effect is irreversable. Although SCP-1471-A gives the impression of a stalker with the intentions of torturing you and eventually murdering you, no hostile actions of SCP-1471-A have been reported.
  18. SCP-3008:
  19. SCP-3008 is a building previously owned by IKEA, a Swedish furniture retail chain. The land containing SCP-3008 is currently owned by the Foundation.
  20. After a person enters SCP-3008 and loses sight of the main entrance, which they entered the building from, they will be translocated to SCP-3008-1. SCP-3008-1 is an infinite space which resembles the look of an IKEA furniture store from the inside. Upon entering SCP-3008-1, the person will be unable to locate an exit, and will be trapped in SCP-3008-1.
  21. A civilisation has been formed by multiple victims in order to gather resources essential for survival, as well as to protect themselves from SCP-3008-2. This civilisation has built a number of settlements by furniture found in SCP-3008-1. SCP-3008-2 are humanoid creatures that are usually either abnormally tall or short in height, possess no facial features, and have generally out of proportion bodies. They are clothed with the uniforms of an IKEA employee, and are passive while the lights are on. When the lights go off, SCP-3008-2 will become hostile and attack anyone they come across. When the lights turn back on, they will return to their passive behaviour. It is believed that when the lights are on, it is daytime, and when the lights are off, it is nighttime.
  22. Although extremely difficult, it is possible to escape SCP-3008-1 and return to the real world. There is at least one exit, which unfortunately, does not seem to have a fixed position.
  24. Question 4
  25. On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate your activity?
  26. 8/10. At the moment I have few responsibilities, and I mostly stay at home, therefore I do have the ability to be very active. However, I am afraid that it will fall to a 7/10 when the beginning of the new school year arrives in September.
  28. Question 5
  29. What department are you in? This is required, if you're not in a department you will be declined.
  30. As stated on Question 1, I intend to join a classified department that should not be disclosed in public matter, contact O5-5 / T-O5-5 for further information. I am obligated to reach a clearance of Level-3 for entry.
  32. Question 6
  33. What timezone are you in?
  34. EEST, I live in Greece.
  36. Question 7
  37. Explain the purposes of SCP-999.
  38. Physical contact with SCP-999 will make the individual interacting with it to be euphoric, and this effect intensifies the longer the individual interacts with SCP-999. This effect does not disappear when the individual is separated from SCP-999. SCP-999 seems to be particularly interested in people that have been emotionally hurt, or people who suffer from mental disorders, for instance, crippling depression. Those people acquire a more positive outlook on life, and are generally more optimistic, after being exposed to SCP-999.
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