Marshmallow Fluff short

Jan 7th, 2014
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  1. >You are Hexferry and you are currently at Anons house, watching over it as Anon is shopping for groceries
  2. >his lock broke earlier today
  3. >anyways, you have come across something rather intriguing
  4. >a jar filled with white stuff
  5. >you gulp and blush as you stare at the jar in your hoofs
  6. >c-could it be? How nasty, storing his t-that stuff...
  7. >you listen for a while
  8. >completely quiet
  9. >and you screw the jar open and take a sniff
  10. >wow, it smells sweet
  11. >...
  12. >your face reddens even more and your cheeks feel warm
  13. >you can’t believe you are about to do this
  14. >you shakily dip he tip of your hoof into the stuff and pull it out
  15. >there’s some of the white on your hoof
  16. >you extend your tongue and give it a careful lick
  17. >it tastes very sweet and good
  18. >you lick your hoof clean and then lap some more of the stuff with your tongue, straight from the jar
  19. >you feel slight arousal at how dirty you are being, like a common whore hungry for cum
  20. >you can’t take it anymore and you start to rub it all over your body with your hoofs
  21. >it sticks to your coat straight away as you smear it onto you
  22. >rubbing Anons cum all over yourself oh how everypony would be shocked if they could see you now
  23. >suddenly there is a sound of someone clearing their throat behind you and you turn towards the sound in shock
  24. >it’s Anon, seems like he came back and you did not notice it
  25. >beads of sweat start to run down your face as you wait for Anons reaction
  26. “... Hexferry what are you doing with my jar of marshmallow fluff?”
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