emacs windows gnutls manual install

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  1.   - libgmp-10.dll
  2.   - libgnutls-28.dll
  3.   - libgnutls-openssl-27.dll
  4.   - libgnutlsxx-28.dll
  5.   - libhogweed-2-1.dll
  6.   - libiconv-2.dll
  7.   - libintl-8.dll
  8.   - libnettle-4-3.dll
  9.   - libp11-kit-0.dll
  11. Here's the list of dlls I copied.
  12. I tried using libgnutls-28.dll but it failed so I copied them all.
  13. (Except for zlib1.dll which is already included in emacs windows build)
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