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  1. >Did you know? The Vortex Coalition is also known as VoCo -> https://joinvo.co
  2. You will go further on 2b2t in VoCo - https://discord.gg/CTKvDzr
  3. There's Value in VoCoin™. Buy Kits, Blocks, Rare Items & More on The VoCo Trade Network - joinvo.co
  4. The Vortex Coalition is an elite group of players dedicated to making 2b2t a better place - joinvo.co
  5. Become a member, join a community - https://joinvo.co/discord
  6. VoCo members can complete jobs to earn VoCoin™, then rank-up or buy gear - https://joinvo.co/jobs
  7. >Did you know? The Vortex Coalition has over 150 verified active members. https://discord.gg/CTKvDzr
  8. Learn the best tips & secrets of 2b2t - https://joinvo.co
  9. Never play alone again - https://joinvo.co
  10. VoCo Trade Network Sale! - https://thevortexcoalition.com/vctn
  11. Easily buy top-of-the-line gear/items on 2b2t with VoCoin™ - https://thevortexcoalition.com/vocoin
  12. Join for free - stay for value - https://joinvo.co
  13. >Did you know? The Vortex Coalition is the largest and oldest active group on 2b2t. http://joinvo.co
  14. Other groups can't compare - https://joinvo.co
  15. We help 2b2t because we can. Join us - https://thevortexcoalition.com/apply
  16. The longest running group in 2b2t history - https://joinvo.co
  17. Create builds, friendships, and memories - https://joinvo.co/discord
  18. >Did you know? If you need items, you can come work for us! https://www.thevortexcoalition.com/jobs
  19. In December of 2017, The Vortex Coalition pioneered its own functional currency: VoCoin™. joinvo.co/in
  20. Join now, because it's what's best for you - https://joinvo.co
  21. Certified as the largest centralized group in 2b2t history - https://thevortexcoalition.com
  22. Feeling Lonely? https://joinvo.co/discord
  23. You can earn VoCoin™ by doing various jobs for VoCo on your own time, then buy gear - joinvo.co/jobs
  24. >Did you know? You can join The Vortex Coalition at thevortexcoalition.com/apply - Join the Elite.
  25. Discover a new way of doing things - https://joinvo.co
  26. Instantly send transactions with VoCoin™ - https://joinvo.co/in
  27. You can help 2b2t. Become a member of VoCo today - https://joinvo.co
  28. Organization. Structure. Willpower. - https://joinvo.co
  29. The Vortex Coalition was the 1st group on 2b2t to use Discord back in 2016 https://discord.gg/CTKvDzr
  30. >Did you know? The Vortex Coalition has a YouTube channel: youtube.com/c/vortexcoalition
  31. The largest and most capable group on 2b2t - https://thevortexcoalition.com
  32. The Vortex Coalition owns Spawn Infrastructure Group, which builds and repairs highways - joinsig.today
  33. Discover the possibilities of 2b2t - https://joinvo.co
  34. Work for VoCo, Earn VoCoin™, Buy In-game items. It's that simple. https://joinvo.co/jobs
  35. >Did you know? The Vortex Coalition was founded by Coltsnid and AmericanOreo - joinvo.co
  36. Come meet your new friends - https://joinvo.co/discord
  37. VoCo is the oldest active group on 2b2t, founded in May of 2015 during the 3rd Incursion - joinvo.co
  38. Become a part of progress - https://joinvo.co
  39. Thousands have applied. Hundreds have joined - https://thevortexcoalition.com/apply
  40. The VoCoin™ system allows for VoCo members to run their own 2b2t item shops - https://joinvo.co
  41. You can thrive here. - https://joinvo.co
  42. The VoKit™ 3.1 Unbreakable Edition has everything you need, and it never breaks - https://joinvo.co
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