Smoke's Wincest Adventures Day 6

Aug 19th, 2014
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  1. Last time one Smokefag's WINcest Adventures!
  3. >Mum's dead and your life's over
  4. >Fucking sister too hot for your depressed mind
  5. >End up flirting with her during morning run like a faggot
  6. >Gotta live with drunk failure dead
  7. >Fuck this, run away from life mode
  8. >Mental breakdown after failing to escape yer own emotions
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. >Time passes...
  13. >You honestly don't know how much. Nor how your fists are holding up, after the continuing abuse of the earth below.
  14. >Sure as not though, your anger, desperation and sadness wash away.
  15. >All your left with now is an empty mind, and a throbbing ache in your fists.
  16. >Fuck that. It was full on agony.
  17. >Looking down at your hands you see that they've full on swollen up over the course of your abuse.
  18. >Just how fucking stupid could you get?
  19. >You had once again let your emotions get the better of you, and this time. This time you might have severely fucked up your hands.
  20. >The hands you use for sports.
  21. >The hands that was supposed to be your ticket into the big leagues.
  22. >You snort to yourself, wondering just how far you had fallen.
  23. >You were not this fucking weak.
  24. >No FUCK THAT.
  25. >You were supposed to be better than this.
  26. >You were Fucking Anonity Dash
  27. >You sure as FUCK. Were not this fucking pussy faggot.
  28. >Mental pep talk aside, you seriously needed to get a hold of yourself.
  29. >If not for your own sake then for your mother.
  30. >She deserved better.
  31. >You were going to be her legacy to the world.
  32. >If she could get through the shit she did and still become successful, then you sure as shit could too.
  33. >Her blood ran through your veins after all.
  34. >And if you ever doubted the potential of yourself, all you had to do was look towards your own sister.
  35. >You weren't in her shadow. Fuck no. You were right there beside her, in the fucking sun.
  36. >You had gone your separate ways, sure, but that did not mean you were weaker than her. Less than her.
  37. >You are Awesome.
  39. >And you will continue to be so, until the day you die.
  40. >For yourself and for your mother.
  41. >So your plans didn't work out. Big fucking deal, shit like this happens all the time.
  42. >No talent hunters come out here? Fuck that. You'd make them come out here.
  43. >You'd be so fucking good they would have no choice but to get out into this God forsaken shit hole.
  44. >Destiny might have thrown you into a shit stain, but you sure as hell would carve yourself a place in this world.
  45. >And Nothing. NOTHING. Would stop you from doing so.
  46. >Not your mom's death.
  47. >Not your drunk loser of a father.
  48. >Not the rock hard dick in your pants every time you saw your sister.
  49. >Not even fuc- Wait... Wat?
  50. >... Seriously?
  51. >You had just had a mental breakdown.
  52. >You were riling yourself up with a speech and everything, and your dick STILL manages to prod in and assume direct control.
  53. >Jesus Christ... There was no stopping this ridiculous crush was there.
  54. >At first you just stand there stupefied.
  55. >Then you slowly start to chuckle.
  56. >After not too long you are full out laughing yourself hoarse.
  57. >The entire fucking situation is just too stupid.
  58. >It's like someone decided to take a perfectly normal life, and just throw shit at it until it could be considered modern art.
  59. >You imagine the painted equivalent of your life right now would probably sell for millions to the right dumb ass.
  60. >Aaah... You seriously needed that laugh.
  61. >You shake your head, and slowly move back towards your bike.
  62. >Dear God. You hope your hands aren't too fucked up to steer.
  63. >You grab a hold of the handlebars and apply some pressure.
  64. >Your wrists are aching in response, and it honestly seems like it's a no go.
  65. >Well shit. Seems like your stuck out here for a little while.
  66. >Might as well do something useful about it.
  67. >And by useful you mean shit ass nothing.
  68. >So you lay down on the ground, a little ways away from your bike.
  69. >The soft grass below you, more than comfortable enough.
  70. >Looking up at the clouds, you slowly drift away
  72. >...
  74. >... *brrrring*
  76. >*brrrring* ... *brrrring*
  77. >You slowly wake up to the feeling of something vibrating in your jackets inner pocket
  78. >As your brain slowly starts to pick up speed, you realize that your mobile phone is ringing.
  79. >Grumbling to yourself about being woken up you take notice of your surroundings.
  80. >Apparently, you had fallen asleep outside.
  81. >Not only that, but the sun was setting in the distance.
  82. >Shit... How long had you been out?
  83. >You manage to fish out your phone and answer it, without really looking at who's calling,
  84. >'Mmmh... Hello?'
  85. >You groggily manage to say.
  86. >'Bro? You there? Where the hell are you? Dad said you left hours ago and haven't heard from you yet.'
  87. >You mind reaching full state of awareness makes you realize that she sounded worried.
  88. >'Oh, sorry. I am a little outside of town, at one of those big fields. *Yawn* .. I was taking in the scenery and must have fallen asleep... What time is it?'
  89. >The thought of checking your phone didn't really occur to you at the time.
  90. >'One of the fields.. yea that really narrows it down bro, good going.'
  91. >You chuckle lightly at the deadpan sound of your sisters voice.
  92. >'It's like 9 in the evening. You'll be lucky if you haven't given yourself a cold... Sleeping out in the fields... Jeez bro, what's gotten into you?'
  93. >Getting up from the grass you slowly arch your back until it creates a few satisfying pops
  94. >'Eh, just had a poor nights rest I guess... I'll be heading home now.'
  95. >You check your hands to see if the damage to them is still substantial and find that the swelling has gone down considerably...
  96. >Guess there was one advantage to falling asleep outside in the chill.
  97. >'Okay bro, just don't take too long. It's not safe to drive on the roads at night. The local morons drive like crazy when the sun sets.'
  98. >You grunt in response and hang up, after which you put your phone back in your inner pocket and get back on your bike.
  100. >You experimentally apply some pressure to the steering and find that, even frozen over from sleeping outside as you are, your hands still protest at being used.
  101. >It'll just have to be. You can't camp out here tonight, that much is for sure.
  102. >Putting your helmet back on, you fire up your bike and drive out on the road towards home.
  103. >Your so cold at the moment that applying unnecessary speed is not something you'd fancy doing right now.
  104. >So you keep to the speed limit and slowly but surely head on home.
  105. >It took a little while, considering the fields you fell asleep on were on the opposite side of town from your home.
  106. >As you begin to close in on the exit towards your property, you start hearing the sounds of an engine being abused a good ways behind you.
  107. >It does not last long however. Before long, the sound is almost overwhelming.
  108. >In the mirrors you see a headlight approaching. And it's approaching fast.
  109. >Suddenly, you hear the car behind you shift into a lower car and in a burst of speed, overtakes you and leaves you in the dust.
  110. >The passes by you so close that he almost nicks your mirror.
  111. >The draft the car created as it overtakes you almost makes you lose balance.
  112. >You manage to right yourself before you taste asphalt however.
  113. >Damn... That was seriously close.
  114. >What the fuck was that moron thinking?
  115. >He must have passed you at over 120 miles per hour.
  116. >He could have fucking killed you.
  117. >As the sound of the retard slowly dissappears into the night, you hear the telltale sound of another car coming in from behind you.
  118. >The sound is unmistakable.
  119. >Another fucking shit head is approaching fast.
  120. >And by the sounds of it, this one is going even faster.
  121. >Shitshitshitshit...
  122. >It does not take more than a moment for the headlights to appear in your mirrors, and you know for sure. The speed he's going in? He probably can't even see you...
  123. >You gun it.
  124. >You pour everything you got into the throttle, ignoring the protests of your hands.
  126. >It's not enough.
  127. >You know it's not even close to being enough.
  128. >Your bike is not nearly strong enough to produce the kind of acceleration needed to not be run over by this idiot.
  129. >Sweat is running down your back, and your fingers are screaming in protest at the abuse you're putting them through.
  130. >Closer... Fuuuck it's not enough!
  131. >The roar of the car's engine drowns out even your own thoughts as the vehicle behind you rushes ever closer.
  132. >He was so close already? His speed had to be insane.
  133. >fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck
  134. >Your mind is going into overdrive. Adrenaline is coursing through your system and your focus sharpens to a needle point.
  135. >Nothing else exists.
  136. >It's you.
  137. >Your bike.
  138. >The road.
  139. >And the reaper in the form of a muscle car behind you.
  140. >Your eyes flick to your mirror and you see the car was less than a hundred feet behind you.
  141. >One could say a lot about near death experiences, but one thing was true above all.
  142. >Time really did slow down.
  143. >It seemed like seconds before the car had reached you.
  144. >You were fucked. There was absolutely no way you could outmaneuver him. He was driving in the middle of the road.
  145. >Probably to keep control over his car in the speeds he was going.
  146. >Good for him. Very, very bad for you.
  147. >You look up at the road ahead and see the property exit.
  148. >That is, you see yourself almost passing it.
  149. >With a reaction speed that not even God's could achieve your throw yourself towards the side and get your bike off the road and into the country road towards your property.
  150. >Good news... You made it.
  151. >Bad news... The car behind you nicked your back tire and you had no fucking control.
  152. >Add to that, the fact that the road was hard enough to maneuver on at slow speeds, the speed you had put on to get out of the way of the car made it impossible to steer.
  153. >You poured everything you had, everything you could possibly muster, into keeping the bike on it's wheels.
  154. >It was a losing battle.
  155. >*Crash*
  157. >Your front wheel jumped into the air
  158. >You had no idea why, and right now you couldn't give less of a shit
  159. >Throwing your weight forward you manage to get the bike downwards again
  160. >The angle was all wrong.
  161. >The uneven ground was throwing you up and down, and it was all you could do just to hang on.
  162. >With reflexes honed from your old school further fueled by likely lethal amounts of adrenaline you continue to apply miniature adjustments, trying desperately to keep the bike from falling over as your speed bled down.
  163. >With every moment you make, the worse the balance was becoming.
  164. >How you were still hanging on was beyond you
  165. >Without warning the bike lurched sideways and the front wheel locked itself sideways.
  166. >You were thrown off.
  167. >In your state of heightened focus you calculate that the speed you were going in was still way to high.
  168. >Flying through the air as you were gave you time to contemplate the recent stupid decisions you had made lately.
  169. >On the very fucking top of that list was why the fuck you didn't slow down and throw yourself into the ditch instead of trying to out accelerate the fucking jackass that hit you.
  170. >No seriously. Why the fuck didn't you do this?
  171. >It was mind boggling just how fucking retarded your decision was.
  172. >Flipping over in the air you see your trajectory was heading straight towards the trees at the side of the road.
  173. >It was a strange sensation. Being able to process all this information is such an extremely limited amount of time.
  174. >In the end, you wished you didn't though.
  175. >To know what was coming was worse.
  176. >A sturdy branch made itself known to you.
  177. >You let go off the air in your lungs and relinquish yourself to your fate.
  178. >The tension in your body leaves you and in less than a millisecond afterwards your body bends around the branch a sickening crack is heard.
  179. >Yet again you are flipped end over end and another branch appears in your way.
  180. >The pain isn't even registering at this moment.
  181. >Soon enough, you black out...
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