Notes about USGS

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  1. Observations:
  2. -Lack of visible credits to the persons who made sprites, scripts and such used in this ROM Hack.
  3. -Surprise battle with Zinnia on the very first route (29) for no reason.
  4. -The "PokéBeeper" is useless. It could perfectly be a clock inside some houses, the Pokémon Centers and such.
  5. -Fame Checker obtainable in a random way (a Poké Ball inside Elm's house) and renamed for no reason.
  6. -Bag's graphics messed up. Its background is black for some reason.
  7. -Ugly wild grass tile, a leftover from Shiny Gold.
  8. -Some OWs are RSE Styled (the Player's mom) while the majority seems to be FRLG Styled.
  9. -Weird looking interior tiles for the Player's house. They look oversaturated or something.
  10. -You can change the screen color using some books in Elm's Lab (why? idk) but you have to save and restart if you want everything to look normal again.
  11. -Wurmple, Ralts and Zigzagoon, all of them obtainable in Route 29 (Johto). What's the point of having Hoenn again..?
  12. -Entei, Raikou, Suicune are standing randomly inside Route 29 because... reasons?
  13. -The old man in Cherrygrove City is a monk because... reasons?
  14. -Tile error in Cherrygrove:
  15. -Empty berry tree in Cherrygrove City
  16. -If you interact with the trainers fighting in Route 30, the music will change to FRLG's Introduction after the script finishes.
  17. -Empty berry tree outside of Mr. Pokémon's house.
  18. -Too many high leveled Pokémon in Routes 29 and 30.
  19. -The battle UI looks like a mess. The textbox doesn't look well along Omega's HP Boxes and the Gen. 3's battle backgrounds.
  20. -Just like in the old versions of SGS, 2 MissingNo. are still being generated in the 6th or 7th box of the PC. In my case, I checked after catching my first 6 Pokémon in Route 29.
  21. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Youngster Trainers don't match.
  22. -Johto is stuffed with an awful lot of Pokémon. Why does this have 3/4 regions again..?
  23. -Jiang's EV-IV Screen could be implemented in a better way than just a random screen suddenly triggering the whole thing inside a Pokémon Center.
  24. -The Sprout Tower's door lacks an animation and it has ugly interior tiles, as ugly as the Player's house.
  25. -Early Lucky Egg (Violet City's trainer school).
  26. -Non-canon Mega Stone (Mega Stone A) pretty early in the game (Violet City's trainer school) and you can't know which Pokémon is it usable with. You get 6 of them at that.
  27. -Nuggets, PP UPs and Rare Candies are way too easy to get through the Pickup ability.
  28. -Those glass panels look weird during the afternoon and the night time:
  29. -Dubious Disc and Up-Grade obtainable in a random way (two Poké Balls inside the small laboratory at the Ruins of Alph).
  30. -Cheap no-implementation of Kabuto's puzzle in the Ruins of Alph.
  31. -You can build Ho-Oh's puzzle infinitely inside the cavern where the Kabuto puzzle should be, for some reason. It apparently doesn't do anything too.
  32. -Bellsprout is supposed to be obtainable in Route 31, but it's not in the map's wild encounters table.
  33. -Tile error in Dark Cave:
  34. -Tile error in Dark Cave #2:
  35. -Just like in the old versions of SGS, you appear in the wrong block when leaving Dark Cave:
  36. -Wild Pokémon can appear in the Sprout Tower's 1st floor when they shouldn't.
  37. -The Sprout Tower's music has random ticks. I think that means that its volume is fucked up.
  38. -Zinnia's personality feels off, totally different to that of Pokémon ORAS or even the Adventures Manga.
  39. -Her Whismur (which I assume is Aster from the Delta Episode) is lacking its nickname.
  40. -Her msgbox after you defeat it is formatted incorrectly.
  41. -The 1st trainer inside Violet City's Gym is facing to the left when he should be looking at the right.
  42. -Falkner presents himself as "The Violet Pokémon Gym Leader", a "City" is missing.
  43. -A lot of stuff like Falkner's Gym or Togepi's Egg location seems to be based off HGSS, then why are the main characters Ethan and Kris instead of Gold and Kris or Ethan and Lyra?
  44. -You shouldn't be able to skip the Miracle Seed. The NPC in Route 32 is supposed to stop you when you leave the city to give you the item if you got the badge.
  45. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Little Kid (Girl) Trainers don't match.
  46. -The Little Kid (Girl) in Route 32 is supposed to be a picnicker.
  47. -Sailor Ralph in Route 32 should be a fisherman.
  48. -The visual assets of the Link Trades are fucked up.
  49. -Zinnia magically knows your name when she meets you in Route 32.
  50. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Hiker Trainers don't match.
  51. -The guy with glasses in the Union Cave's 1F is supposed to be a trainer, a Pokémaniac if I recall correctly.
  52. -PkBlocks Case obtainable in a random way (a Poké Ball inside Union Cave's 2F)
  53. -When leaving the cave I found myself with a kid who thanked me for finding "his" PkBlocks Case and Zinnia who also thanked me because otherwise she wouldn't have reached Azalea's Gym ... what..?
  54. -Empty berry tree at right of Azalea Town's Pokémon Center.
  55. -Empty berry tree at left of Kurt's house, it was supposed to be a white apricorns tree if I recall correctly.
  56. -Kurt is supposed to leave his house and run to the Slowpoke Well, instead, he just stays in his house.
  57. -The music of the Slowpoke Well is noticeably louder compared to Route 32's.
  58. -The music when fighting the Team Rocket Grunts is even louder, I assume that's the reason why it has random ticks just like the Sprout Tower's.
  59. -Combines different Canons (the Ashnime's with the videogames')
  60. -Why is a Team Rocket Admin in Slowpoke Well..? Also, his OW Sprite (an average grunt's) doesn't match his Battle Sprite.
  61. -After the events at the Slowpoke Well I spoke with Kurt who's making me a Poké Ball even though I didn't give him any apricorns (because again, the white apricorns tree outside of his house was empty)
  62. -Zinnia's theme sounds as loud as the Slowpoke Well's music and again, it has random ticks.
  63. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Twins Trainers don't match.
  64. -Remember that Kurt was making me a Poké Ball? When I interacted with him the next day, he didn't give me anything. He just told me that he makes balls with apricorns.
  65. -The floor of Ilex Forest has magical wild grass that only appears when you step on it. Weird af.
  66. -The Farfetch'd puzzle doesn't work like in GSC or HGSS.
  67. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the PokéFan Trainers in Route 34 don't match.
  68. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the High Class Trainers don't match (seriously? a little kid that magically becomes a pre-teen or a teen?).
  69. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the PokéFan Trainers in Goldenrod's Underground Path (who look like PokéManiacs instead of PokéFans, btw) don't match.
  70. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the School Kid (boy) Trainers don't match.
  71. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Firebreather Trainers don't match.
  72. -The OW and Battle Sprirtes of the Juggler Trainers don't match.
  73. -What's the point of having the IV Watch be a ton of boring msgboxes when you could just call the freaking EV-IV Screen through its callasm instead...?
  74. -Route 35 has the wrong music.
  75. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Psychic Trainers don't match.
  76. -Sudowoodo's OW Sprite lacks its animation.
  77. -Brendan's OW and Battle Sprites don't match and he also has a weird af personality that doesn't fit him, just like in the regular SGS.
  78. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the PokéManiac Trainers (who ook like Gentlemen, btw) don't match.
  79. -There's at least 3 missing trainers in the National Park compared to GSC and HGSS.
  80. -When you throw a Poké Ball at a Wild Eevee, its "Lv" icon inside its HP Box disappears.
  81. -The National Park's theme has some random ticks during its main part.
  82. -2 empty berry trees in the National Park.
  83. -There's a full heal missing near the spot where the TM28 is.
  84. -When you get into Route 35 using the gateway in Goldenrod City, the picture of some ruins shows up.
  85. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Beauty Trainers don't match.
  86. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Lass Trainers don't match.
  87. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Lady Trainers don't match.
  88. -Route 36's Sudowoodo becomes a Bonsly, even though it looks like a Sudowoodo.
  89. -If you interact with the Spiky-Eared Pichu in New Bark Town, answer it "Yes" and you have a full team, it disappears. That sucks a lot because there's no way for you to know that.
  90. -There's a rare candy missing after the cuttable tree in Violet City.
  91. -When you get into Route 36 using the gateway in Violet City, the picture of some ruins shows up. It'd fit better when going from Route 36 to the Ruins of Alph.
  92. -When you get into Route 36 by leaving the Trick House, the picture of some ruins shows up too.
  93. -The Trick House seems to be unbalanced. The very first trial has trainers in their Level 50s when the last Gym Leader I defeated was at Lv25 to 30.
  94. *Extra points for the shitty dialogue. The guy had a Lv57 Nidorino and Nidorina, and he's saying that he can't win Azalea's Gym? That sounds like bs.
  95. -And then the next trainer has a Lv18 Ledyba and a Lv18 Spinarak.. yep, that makes a lot of sense, no doubts.
  96. -When you get into Route 31 using the gateway in Violet City, the picture of some ruins shows up.
  97. -There's at least 3 instances so far, in which Zinnia shows up in a pretty similar fashion to Zane in LaZ's Pokémon Liquid Crystal.
  98. -There's a white tree randomly placed in Route 37 because... reasons?
  99. -3 empty apricorn trees in Route 37.
  100. -The OW and Battle Sprites of Dante & Rina don't match.
  101. -Cheesy Brendan or No-Brendan is still a thing.
  102. -Silver has a weird no-dialogue during the fight in the Burned Tower.
  103. -Eusine should be in the Burned Tower B1F after encountering the legendary dogs, blocking the stairs until you interact with him.
  104. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Hex Maniac Trainers don't match.
  105. -The statues in the 1st floor of Ecruteak's Gym say that Zinnia and me got the badge, yet, she comes to the Gym after I got it.
  106. -Magical Blade is a Fairy type move but it supposedly uses psychic and grass powers, and on top of that a Feraligatr can learn it because... reasons?
  107. -The kimono girl with a Glaceon's dialogue ("When the snows fall and the white wind blow, the lone Pokémon dies but the pack survives.") doesn't make any sense.
  108. -The dialogue of the kimono girl at the previous one's right doesn't make sense either, unless it's some weird view on death.
  109. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Camper Trainers don't match.
  110. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Pkmn Breeder Trainers don't match.
  111. -I don't know why Alex thought this was a good idea, but it's not.
  112. -Empty berry tree behind Olivine's restaurant.
  113. -Turtwig's pokédex description is bullshit, its data has been known for more than 10 fucking years now.
  114. -Using Headbutt in the tree at left of the movable boulder destroys it, for some reason.
  115. -Route 40's music is noticeably louder than Olivine City's.
  116. -The Lighthouse's door lacks an animation.
  117. -Instead of a Shuckle you receive a Mantyke in Cianwood City which is okay, but why does it have a big mushroom..?
  118. -The OW and Battle Sprites of Wally don't match. Also, I don't think he would discourage someone and take him for a rookie for no particular reason.
  119. -Why does Chuck's gym look like Maylene's instead of his...?
  120. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Swimmer (female) Trainers don't match.
  121. -Raikou is in Route 41 (a route full of water) because.. reasons?
  122. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Sis & Bro Trainers don't match.
  123. -The floor tile of Ecruteak's Burned Tower lacks the behavior data to make it act like wild grass.
  124. -You're forced to participate in the Bug Catching Contest of the National Park on the days it plays out.
  125. -The Youngster near the entrance of the Bug Catching Contest asks you if you want to give up, when that should be the receptionist's job.
  126. -The girl from Goldenrod's Flower Shop in Route 36 gives you infinite Ability Capsules if you leave that map and speak with her again.
  127. -Empty apricorn trees in Route 42.
  128. -Mt. Mortar has the wrong music.
  129. -The floor tile of Mt. Mortar's 1F lacks the behavior data to make it act like wild grass.
  130. -I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to be a kid:
  131. *Bonus points for the ugly stair placement.
  132. -You appear in the wrong block when leaving Mt. Mortar's 2nd floor or whatever floor this entrance takes me to:
  133. -Nice bug, colateral effect of the Exp. All hex changes:
  134. -The particles generated by the surfing animation are glitched:
  135. -Moar tile errors:
  136. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Ace Trainers (Female) don't match.
  137. -I was able to get a 2nd Teachy TV, so you probably used incorrectly a flag somewhere.
  138. -The Poké Dude is now a mismatching Red (Adventures/RGBY Costume for his back sprite, Serg!o's Pokémon Naranja's costume for its OW Sprites.)
  139. -Why is a literal who an "Elite Hoenn" trainer?
  140. -You're not supposed to be able to walk over the Trick House's scrolls.
  141. -I don't know if this was intended or not:
  142. *Bonus points for the awful no-balance in that Trick House challenge. S/He had a Lv50 something Hippopotas when the previous trainer was like 30 levels behind.
  143. -You can make that challenge twice and get 2 Repeat Balls. Of course, the 2nd time isn't challenging because the trainers were already defeated.
  144. -Movement permission error in Mt. Mortar:
  145. -You appear in the wrong block when leaving one of the floors of Mt. Mortar:
  146. -The legendary dogs like to run around a region freely, it doesn't make sense for Raikou to be in a cave:
  147. -Cherrim has the wrong icon:
  148. -You can't use Headbutt on the headbutt trees at Mahogany Town.
  149. -Also, one of them acts as a berry tree even though it doesn't look like the rest of the berry trees in this hack.
  150. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Parasol Lady Trainers don't match.
  151. -You can't use Headbutt on the headbutt trees at the Lage of Rage.
  152. -You can't use Headbutt on the headbutt trees at the Route 43.
  153. -The rock smash wild Pokémon table makes no sense.
  154. -This grunt should be teleported to the entrance of the basement as soon as she steps on this tile: (or you know.. she should just avoid it)
  155. -The rocket basement in Mahogany appears as "Lake of Rage" when you save your progress.
  156. -The OW and Battle Sprites of Team Rocket's Admin Petrel don't match.
  157. -Also, his name is "Archer", not "Petrel".
  158. -Giving a key move like Whirlpool as the held item of a Pokémon is a bad idea. If someone decided to release that Clamperl, he would be stuck in the Dragon's Den.
  159. -You appear in the wrong block when leaving the 2nd room of Pryce's Gym:
  160. -This chick's missing a trainerbattle:
  161. -This chick's missing a trainerbattle too:
  162. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Executive Trainers don't match.
  163. *Bonus points for misusing the Executive trainer class and the Generation 5's Office Worker (Female) sprite.
  164. -My rival's name suddenly changed from Silver to kipv because... reasons?
  165. -2 of the first 3 Rocket Grunts that you find in their basement at Goldenrod City are missing their trainerbattle:
  166. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Burglar Trainers don't match.
  167. -That poké ball has clearly the wrong item:
  168. -Again, he's Archer. He's not Petrel nor Urano, whoever that character is:
  169. *Bonus points for "Player defeated" instead of "[Player] defeated".
  170. -The OW and Battle Sprites of Cassidy & Butch don't match.
  171. -Again, he's Archer. He's not Petrel, he's not Urano and he definitely isn't Cosmo, whoever that character is:
  172. -Idk why is there a 2nd Pokémon Center at south of Cherrygrove City, but flying to the city takes you there and that is wrong.
  173. -Champion kkrv ... right:
  174. -You can't use Headbutt on the headbutt trees at the Route 44.
  175. -That's not what the Destiny Knot does:
  176. -That's not what the Growth Mulch does:
  177. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Ace Trainers (Male) don't match.
  178. -The OW and Battle Sprites of this guy ( don't match.
  179. *Bonus points for misusing the "Player" trainer class.
  180. -So.. why is it raining inside a building (Blackthorn's Gym)..?
  181. -The Player jumps below the boulders inside Blackthorn's Gym, that shouldn't happen.
  182. -You appear in the wrong block at 2 points inside Dragon's Den:
  183. *Bonus point for repeating that same mistake over and over since the regular SGS and still not fixing it.
  184. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Dragon Tamer Trainers don't match.
  185. -Useless braille is useless:
  186. *For reference, GF uses braille to deliver a hint or an important message.
  187. -Why can Ralts learn Whirlpool? That doesn't make any sense.
  188. -A dragon-type related challenge (The 3 Dragon Masters) and the reward is a Water Stone? Seriously..?
  189. -I'm 99.9% sure that this isn't an island:
  190. -I don't know which one is worse, the fact that you replaced the Dragon Den's Elder's Dratini with a Bagon in a Gen. 2 Remake, or the fact that you replaced his small quiz with a "Hey, you got my blessing, have this Bagon".
  191. -Yep, the Dragon's Den is definitely a forest, that's right:
  192. -Why is the Clear Bell randomly on the floor..? The Goldenrod City's Radio Tower's Director is supposed to give it to you once you beat Team Rocket for good.
  193. -Where are the 3 Sages in the Tin Tower that battle you and tell you about the Legendary Dogs' story?
  194. -The 3 Sages and Eusine appear after the battle against Suicune out of the void.
  195. -The music at the Tin Tower sounds loud as fuck.
  196. -The Sage who's blocking the entrance to the 2nd floor of the Tin Tower magically vanishes right in front of you.
  197. -Pretty sure those 2 lines in that tile are tile errors:
  198. -Why is a key item (Ruby) in front of the spot where you're standing in after the battle against Ho-Oh as a hidden item? The Ruby has no relation with Ho-Oh and being a key item, putting it as a hidden one isn't wise either.
  199. -Another tile error:
  200. -My Tangela should have learned Ancient Power at Lv38, not at Lv46.
  201. -The Ice Path's music is loud as fuck compared to Route 44's.
  202. -How weird, you also appear in the wrong spot when leaving the Ice Path:
  203. -Why is Entei in the Ice Path..?
  204. -Why is a freaking invisible fossil inside an icy cave..?
  205. -Yet another visual bug:
  206. -Little inconsistency in the battle against Wally in Route 27, there's no way for Wally not to know nor be able to use Waterfall in the overworld when he successfully reached Hoenn's Victory Road. Something that wouldn't have been possible if he didn't have it.
  207. -Giovanni's radio doesn't look like a radio.
  208. *Bonus points for that nice msgbox saying that it looks like a radio when it looks like a freaking sign.
  209. -It isn't supposed to play random music that the game has either.
  210. -The Granny's house in Route 27 has its own music when it should have the exact same music that the Route 27 has.
  211. -The NPC in a house at Route 26 has its own music when it should have the exact same music that the Route 26 has.
  212. -This is supposed to be a diary, not a freaking sign in the middle of a house:
  213. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Nurse Trainers don't match.
  214. *Bonus points for the horrible placement you gave to the Nurse in Route 26. You should had put her in the piece of terrain at the left, actively blocking the Player's way.
  215. -Great, May also has a personality that doesn't fit her at all:
  216. -Unsurprisingly, her OW and Battle Sprites don't match.
  217. -May, a powerful trainer known in the Hoenn Region only has a Lv45 Pikachu and suddenly acts like Blue from the Pokémon Adventures Manga. Just.. why?
  218. -The whole event in which May steals your badges, loses and runs away is so poorly done.  Some applymovements and a sound effect or two would at least make it feel like a proper event.
  219. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Electrician Trainers don't match.
  220. -What's the point of putting a Rock Climbing spot in Route 26 with no reward?
  221. -There's one trainer missing at the entrance of the Pokémon League.
  222. -I'll give you some points for making Vine Whip act as Rock Climb in the Overworld, but the execution is poor. What is the pokémon that's raising you through the rock climbing spot holding to? The floor? The air? It doesn't really make sense.
  223. -If you try to use the Link Cable on Scyther, the screen goes black.
  224. -When leaving the Victory Road, a picture of Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower shows up:
  225. -The redesign of the Victory Road is unnecessary and those spots with grass look like the average "LOL, LET'S PUT SOME WILD GRASS AND WILD POKeMON IN PALLET TOWN LMAO".
  226. -Why can Snorunt and Bagon learn Whirlpool? That doesn't make any sense.
  227. -Okay:
  228. -Will? Koga? Bruno? I don't know them. They are officially "e", " Volbeat" and "on":
  229. -Berry Tree that looks like a Headbutt Tree which is inconsistent:
  230. -Also, Monica of Monday shouldn't be there. She should be in Route 40, at west of Olivine City.
  231. -Also, she's supposed to appear only on Mondays, today's Friday.
  232. -Why is Entei showing up in the Ruins of Alph when I already caught it in the Ice Path?
  233. -Nurse trainers are supposed to heal you after defeating them.
  234. -A random old man in the middle of a cavern that's only reachable by Surfing and using Strength and the only thing he does is give you a well known advice.. that's.. that's cool, yeah.
  235. -Tuscanny of Tuesday shouldn't be in Goldenrod City. She should be in Route 29.
  236. -Also, she's supposed to appear only on Tuesdays, today's Friday.
  237. -Kids nowadays are incredible, don't you think? They can climb before being born!
  238. -I think that I haven't mentioned this yet, but Cianwood City's redesign is awful.
  239. -Err.. no honey, it's Jessie:
  240. -So, a msgbox indicating which item I supposedly got is missing and the Old Man also shouldn't be dissappearing like that.
  241. -So, the Egg that the red haired guy gives you in Vermilion City who says that he got the egg in Pallet Town, is actually a Froakie's? In Pallet Town? Bs.
  242. -The OW and Battle Sprites of Sabrina don't match, her OW Sprite has green haired and that's wrong.
  243. -So this is an Unidentified Flying Object that doesn't fly and that is hardly unidentified, correct?
  244. -Its description though.
  245. -I don't know what I dislike more, you implying that you made the whole thing when you just grabbed it without permission and basically ruined it, or you implying that playing a GBA Game is a hard task to accomplish.
  246. -What's the point of putting a cuttable tree right before an invisible barrier?
  247. -A Slowpoke exhibition where there's more Tentacool than Slowpoke, that makes a lot of sense, yeah.
  248. -Why can I teach one of my pokémon "Substitute" when Jessie and James just "stole" them..? That makes no sense:
  249. -Also, why did Koga come to help me when he's supposed to be in the Indigo Plateau..? Sachiko would have made far more sense.
  250. -When and why did you think that it was a good idea to put 3 random buildings in Route 19, representing some kind of cheap Battle Frontier?
  251. -Why is this random Ruinmaniac that looks like a Hiker or viceversa a Hoenn Elite?
  252. -That's not how Gastrodon works.
  253. -When and why did you think that it was a good idea to put 1 random buildings in Route 11, representing some kind of cheap Battle Frontier facility?
  254. -Shouldn't the Poké Flute wake up the Snorlax blocking the way in Route 12? Because it doesn't.
  255. *Alright, Sing being a HM explains that, but then what was the point in letting the Player get the flute? It makes no sense.
  256. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Painter Trainers don't match.
  257. -Why does the Flame Ball exist when there's already an item that boosts fire type moves (the Charcoal)? Is it any better or something?
  258. -This gateway is 100% pointless.
  259. -This guy isn't a police, so why does he look like one? Also, what is he even talking about?
  260. -Why the fuck can you access Trovita Island from here?
  261. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Male and Female Athlete Trainers don't match.
  262. -I can fly to Pallet Town even though I didn't reach it normally yet.
  263. -There's a lot of things wrong here.
  264. -I don't need to explain that Banette is not supposed to be huge af, right?
  265. -I have one single question: Why?
  266. -It looks like this guy is supposed to give you a Nugget, but he doesn't.
  267. -Am I supposed to laugh?
  268. -You really did the exact same mistake with every single cave, didn't you?
  269. -ÍÔ   ËÌÁÁ to you too, whatever that's supposed to mean.
  270. -Literally the first time I interact with this dude and he's already begging me to go to another region, yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
  271. *Bonus points for the messed up PC tile.
  272. -So, I have the Ghostbuster and I defeated May on the Pewter City side of the Diglett Tunnel, what now? I can't enter in the cave at Seafoam Islands, I can't go to Johto unless I use the Old Man, the Copycat isn't asking me to find her Clefairy doll, there's still ghosts and 2 dudes blocking the 2 ways to access the Dark Cave. I don't have a single clue on what to do next.
  273. -Alright, so NOW I had to speak with Morty in the Burned Tower. The whole thing literally started with "Want me to repair your item? lol".
  274. -Also, he's way weaker in this fight at the Burned Tower compared to the rematch that I can also do right now, where his team is Level 75.
  275. -All the climbing spots in Route 9 are pointless.
  276. -Why the fuck can you access Mikan Island from here?
  277. -Putting those messages behind the statues instead of in front of them definitely sounds like something a smart person would do. No doubts.
  278. -I have one single question: How?
  279. -Re: Line 267 - Sigh.. yes, you really did.
  280. -The event with Misty and her boyfriend in Route 25 can be triggered even if you didn't get the stolen machinery part yet, something that shouldn't happen.
  281. -The OW and Battle Sprites of Misty don't match.
  282. -When you get into Mt. Moon from any of its sides (Route 4 east and Route 4 west), the picture of Cinnabar Mansion shows up.
  283. -Re: Lines 35, 132, 145, 159, 182, 202, 267, 278 - Another one for the list.
  284. -Okay:
  285. -Re: Lines 35, 132, 145, 159, 182, 202, 267, 278, 282 - And again.
  286. -The best lakes are those that do not exist, amirite?
  287. -Pretty sure this chick is the same one that I've already beat in Route 4.
  288. -None of the headbutt trees over here are working like they should.
  289. -Does this look like a Camper to you? Also, her OW and Battle Sprites don't match.
  290. -There were 2 fossils here, of which I got none. Also, when I interacted with them the Player said that I got one and an invisible person supposedly got another one..? Fucking weird.
  291. -I don't know what this is, but it barely resembles a Regice.
  292. -What a plot twist, someone could think that it was a Regice but it was actually a Regirock. You're a magician, Alex.
  293. -Re: Lines 35, 132, 145, 159, 182, 202, 267, 278, 282, 284 - And Again.
  294. -Pretty sure that this Old Man (who isn't in this part of the city in the official games, btw) is supposed to give me the Rainbow Wing. However, he didn't give me anything.
  295. -Nice.
  296. -A kid calling me a kid, that's some top-tier comedy right there.
  297. -Oh, okay, it makes sense now.
  298. -I'm pretty sure that's not how you spell "Gym Leader". Also, Brock's OW and Battle Sprite don't match.
  299. -Incorrectly implemented hidden item or just an incorrect Person Event sprite.
  300. -Another player who uses my exact same nickname, huh? Cool story, my dude.
  301. -Considering that I've already beat the league once, there's no reason for this Guard to block my way.
  302. -Hi lady that I never met before!
  303. -At this point, I'm so overwhelmed by the many issues of this ROM Hack that I'm almost mindlessly skipping the text, but I'm pretty sure that this Painter said "My son and I are painting!", but unless he was talking about the grown up Fisherman, that sounds like bullshit.
  304. -Hi Jack           , nice to meet you!
  305. -He came to fight me off his own accord, so why is he with his girlfriend who's 2 blocks away from him? Their OW and Battle Sprites also don't match, but at this point I probably already covered the +-30 situations where that happens.
  306. -Why the heck is Latios a brick wall and why the heck is it here, of all places?
  307. -Green is supposed to leave his spot in Cinnabar Island and go back to his gym after getting the 7 other badges from Kanto, I still haven't defeated Blaine and he already went to Viridian's Gym.
  308. -So, let's see.. there's this weird sailor ( who suddenly says that an item that I got who knows when called "Aura Sphere" belongs to Southern Island and then asks me *nothing*. If I say "No" he tells me that I shouldn't keep to myself the item in question and if I say "Yes" he takes me to.. Mellsweet Island. So, there's 2 conclusions that I can draw out of this:
  309. 1) This guy has superpowers and can teleport people at will because why the fuck not.
  310. 2) He will probably rape me, considering he didn't take me to Southern Island but to somewhere else instead, maybe his home.
  311. -Or maybe this IS Southern Island, the name is bugged and Shaymin is here because why the fuck not.
  312. -This is definitely Vermilion City. Yep, no doubts.
  313. *Bonus points for the ruins background when entering in this map.
  314. -Surf doesn't work here leaving the Player only 3 options: Fly, Reload the savefile, a savestate or use cheats.
  315. -Thanks supposed-to-be Berry Tree, I love you too!
  316. -Tile error.
  317. -Soo... this place is Faraway of.. what exactly? Also, why would Koga and Fuchsia's Safari Zone be involved with this house at all?
  318. -0 fucks given, I see. Let's just keep putting content for the sake of it.
  319. -Lickilicky*
  320. -It doesn't look like the Player should be able to walk over these:
  321. -10/10 Nurse.
  322. -Oh hey, who would say! Even if I avoid getting trapped in Line #314, I still can't leave this island unless you do one of the 3 things mentioned earlier! 10/10 Game Development skills, bro.
  323. -Like you said.. when? Dude, this is the first time I meet you.
  324. -Are these holes, tile errors or both?
  325. *Alright, it's both. They ARE holes but the tiles themselves feel out of places compared to the rest of the cave-like tiles. The green columns feel quite out of place too.
  326. -Why are there Quiz Doors when the path to Blaine is open since the very fucking beginning? Makes no sense.
  327. -No, seriously, what is the point of those Quiz Doors, my dude?
  328. -The OW and Battle Sprites of the Veteran Trainers don't match.
  329. -Unsurprisingly, Blaine's OW and Battle Sprites don't match.
  330. -You don't know how this kind of puzzles work, do you?
  331. *Bonus points for letting Larvesta learn Strength when it doesn't make sense.
  332. -I mean, I am seriously not surprised anymore. You broke this puzzle and instead of fixing it or blocking the Player from accessing it, you left it there? Cool, whatever.
  333. *Bonus points because that basically makes Articuno unreachable without cheats.
  334. -Unsurprisingly, Green's OW and Battle Sprites don't match. Also, Gary=Ashnime, Green=Videogames & Adventures Manga.
  335. -Agatha's OW and Battle Sprites don't match either. Why is she in Viridian City anyways? Lavender Town would be more fitting.
  336. -No, it didn't. What is a "Mega MinusBanette" anyway?
  337. -Alright, I guess this is "Mega MinusBanette" then.
  339. -There is no pillar over here, what the heck is this Jenny talking about?
  340. -
  342. Personal suggestions:
  343. -Stick with both HG/SS main characters (Ethan and Lyra) or with both GSC main characters (Gold and Kris) for consistency's sake instead of putting one from each game.
  344. -Make better OW Sprites for Kris, she looks ugly.
  345. -The "I Phone" doesn't work at first. After trying it again later, it opened up the multichoicebox to call people. It'd be better if your Mom gave it to you along or instead the Amulet Coin before starting your journey.
  346. -Giving some generic text to the furniture in the Sprout Tower's last floor would be a nice detail.
  347. -There's no need for the Spiky-Eared Pichu's name to be "PichuSpike", it should be "Pichu". Its sprite is more than enough proof of its peculiarity.
  348. -The Officer Jenny in Route 42 that gives you an egg shouldn't give it to you if you don't have at least 1 free slot in your party in order to encourage the Player to hatch it.
  349. -If you actually care about this ROM Hack at all, do not avoid bug reports, because I remember quite perfectly that I already reported the description of the Destiny Knot and the Growth Mulch long ago.
  350. -I don't know why are the Alolan Formes called "-(Pokémon's name)" but that's ugly. Just call them like their Kantoian counterparts, please.
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