Jul 9th, 2017
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  2. USERNAME : @crybabyjoon
  3. PASSWORD : bella (?)
  5. FULL NAME : Kang Hwan Ji
  7. — hwannie
  8. — jiji
  10. BIRTHDATE : March 26, 1995
  11. AGE : 21
  13. HEIGHT : 162 cm
  14. WEIGHT : 50 kg
  15. BLOOD TYPE : B
  18. BIRTHPLACE : daejeon, south korea
  19. HOMETOWN : seoul, south korea
  21. NATIONALITY : korean
  22. ETHNICITY : asian
  25. — korean (fluent)
  26. — english (fluent)
  27. — cantonese (conversational) (optional)
  29. BACKGROUND : hwanji was born into a family consisting of both of her parents and two younger twin brothers, your usual family. being the oldest out of the three siblings, hwanji took responsibility in helping the family out, working part time at their clothing store. she had started working at a young age, though high schoolers aren't allowed to work, she was given the chance due to how great her grades were and how she never gave the school and troubled scandals. teenage hwanji wasn't sure what she really liked, wasn't sure what she'd want to do with her life and was just finishing school for the heck of a diploma, but once she started working with her parents at the clothing store, she found exactly what she liked. she loved the idea of her mother making the same clothing they sell, and the way her father made the prices bearable and bring in customers. point is, hwanji was into fashion and she wanted to skyrocket from there, but during the time she'll help her family out with their clothing store. being put responsible for almost everything, it be big or little, hwanji learned how to be responsible and hardworking. though her younger siblings aren't as small anymore, both age fifteen, she makes sure to take care of them because she grew up her whole life taking care of them. she was a full time babysitter for the twins, growing up to be a very friendly and kind– her brothers forced her to be because being nice to babies is the only thing that could be done. hwanji was one of the top students of her class, though she never boasted about it and simply tried her best in every academic challenge that was sent toward her way. she was looked up to and honored by many, made her flush though she was happy about the fact, and in her school days she would tutor other classmates or students for free or for exchange of a good meal.
  31. PERSONALITY : hwanji is someone who everyone wants to be friends with, she's unbelievably kind and friendly and is known to be rare to getting mad or disappointed. she was kind to the point where even when she was bothered or teased to the max, she would just smile and nicely ask if they could finally leave her at peace, it amazes other because unlike lashing out, she just asked collectedly if she could be left alone. disappointment didn't play a big part in hwanji's mind, many thought the girl didn't even know what the word was, because every time someone gave her a chance to be disappointed, all she did was either pat their back and tells them to attempt it again or does it herself. she's never negative, though she has had her moments where all she wants to do is sleep and munch on snacks all day but who doesn't? hwanji isn't only known for her kind personality but also for her brains, though she wasn't the number one in her school, she was in the top and one of the few that actually helped others. she'd give her time to various of students to tutor them for free, never taking a dime from any of them but for sure would take at least a bowl of hot noodles as she walked herself home. she was honored and looked up to because of her language skills, many wanting to be just like her because a young one like her knowing more than just the home language is amazing. though he clothing style is updated and always unique from many others and makes her seem cool and as if nothing could bother her, the only thing that does is anything dirty. hwanji is someone who HAS to have her room spotless, just for the heck of it she'll probably clean her parents and siblings room just for her OCD and love of clean to be calmed. once she's on the streets, walking or at a cafe, she grab attention because of how great her outfit looks but once she enters her home and– let's pray to god there ain't a mess –sees something out of place, she becomes a mess herself. it's a part of her no one really sees, she's collected and well mannered yet once she's cleaning she's talking gibberish and asking herself why her family is so messy.
  34. — bucket hats
  35. — small mini fans
  36. — matte nails
  37. — burgundy clothing
  38. — retro styles
  39. — unique cafes
  40. — floral anything
  41. — onesies
  42. — banana milk
  43. — thai tea
  44. — children
  45. — when she can use her foreign language skills
  46. — her room being tidy and spotless
  47. — cleaning others mess, gives her a sense of relief
  48. — strawberry and banana shakes
  49. — girly perfumes
  50. — visiting flea markets
  51. — the number 5
  52. — boyfriend jean jackets / baggy clothing
  53. — her thoughts being asked on an outfit
  55. DISLIKES :
  56. — hot weather
  57. — when she sweats and her hair sticks to her forehead
  58. — her nails bending / being too weak
  59. — too tall high heels
  60. — being stared at for too long
  61. — when her order for anything is put wrongly
  62. — tight jeans to the point where she can't breathe
  63. — when her clothing somehow has a surprise hole in it
  64. — melon milk
  65. — sticky surfaces
  66. — when she's teased to the max
  67. — told she's showing off when using her foreign language skills
  68. — others misplacing her things that she so hard worked for to be put correctly
  69. — being told off for touching others things when all she wanted to do was clean up
  70. — protein anything
  71. — really strong cologne
  72. — highly expensive clothing pieces
  73. — being forced into something
  74. — when others are relying to much on her
  75. — others not noticing how much she already has on her shoulders yet put more
  77. HABITS :
  78. — before buying any clothing piece, she checks around the whole piece to see if there's any holes or dirty spots
  79. — unintentionally starts cleaning when she visits other houses
  80. — scratches her eyebrow when she's in deep thought
  81. — hugs a pillow before sleeping, throws it to the floor when sleeping, and gets slightly angered when she sees it on the floor and questions who entered her room
  82. — buys a lot of merch, unintentionally
  83. — fixes people clothing or outfits when she's out with them
  86. DO YOU PLEDGE NOT TO FALL IN LOVE : of course, if that's what the rules are and what's expected of me, then I will pledge to not fall in love.
  88. HOW HONEST ARE YOU ABOUT THIS : as honest as I've ever been, if it's what's needed then it's what will be given.
  90. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF WHEN YOU BECOME NEEDY : well, I've never been needy of someone specifically, but when I want the attention of an animal or so I start poking around and doing my best to grab any sort of attention. I won't be annoying since my usual personality really isn't, but I'll probably be much more child-like.
  92. WOULD YOU PUT YOUR FAN SERVICE BEFORE YOUR IDOL'S PERSONAL SPACE : oh gosh, no, that's something horrible who'd do that? someone really rude and ungrateful, probably. I believe that everyone needs their own space and time, even if they're idols or superhuman, everyone's the same so all should have the same rights. just because they're slightly different or have a different style of living, it doesn't make them ignorant to their own feelings. so, never will I put myself and my wants before them or their needs.
  94. HOW FAR CAN YOU GO TO GET SOMETHING : well, there was this one time I wanted a cute jean jacket and this girl snatched it from me, I ran for her and gave her a simple yet serious talk about how rude she was till I got it back in my hands. I'll probably go as far as talking in paragraphs seriously but nothing as far as beating someone to the pulp or anything. I have my dignity and I do have a mind of my own, should be used for better things than being ignorant and rude. I'll chase for whatever I want here and there and I'll probably beg a little, if I really want it, but that's about it.
  96. WHAT DOES QUALITY TIME MEAN TO YOU AND HOW DO YOU WANT TO SPEND IT WITH YOUR IDOL : I as a specific person think that quality time is having a meal together and talking about anything, it being a serious and deep conversation or just something off the bat. quality time to me is getting to know someone, figuring out what they like and why they have an interest to it. hm, something innocent yet mature, maybe? probably just having dinner and just sharing thoughts about the day or simple chit chat.
  98. WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS FOR AN IDEAL TIME : like I said before, just being genuine to each other seems like an ideal time to me. of course there could be a bit of bumping of the shoulders and cute giggles, but to me it's all about sincerity and truthfulness. the scene or the location doesn't matter, as long as we're in a good place with a nice atmosphere with maybe some coffee or tea, that's my ideal time.
  100. HOW CAN YOU MAKE THE MOOD RIGHT WHEN YOUR IDOL IS ANGRY : is it towards me specifically or? actually, doesn't matter, if it was towards me I'd try to talk it out with him and sound as reasonable as possible. if it was truly my fault I'd apologize with all my heart. now, if he's angry with something else, I'd try my best to ask him if he's alright or if he wants to talk about the situation with me. I think talking it over and thinking about it with someone calm is the best, if he's agitated and I'm the only calm person there then you can count me as someone who'll try I to calm him down by speaking about it with him. I'd also as if he'd like some tea or a warm beverage that's his favorite to calm him down.
  106. FACE CLAIM : seolhyun (aoa)
  107. BACKUP : jisoo (blackpink)
  109. HOW THEY MEET THE IDOL FIRST : hwanji hadn't been to a date in forever, especially a BLIND DATE. actually, has she even been to one? she couldn't help but stop applying her lipstick, just to think for a while about the dates she's been in. thinking it over, the girl has never even been to a blind date, so this sudden fact makes her heart beat faster. she was confused yet curious, she was working at her parents clothing department store when suddenly a man that looked as if he belonged to a company jumped in front of her, she WAS the cashier but wow never has anyone literally JUMPED into the line to pay. hwanji was startled but didn't mention anything, he's a customer and you gotta be sweet to customers, so she was. but then, what he said next made her want to question him and drop her mannered words. "would you be up to a blind date? nothing weird, just you and a very attractive young man." she felt as if it was something fishy, but after she gave the man his bag and change, she took the business card he was thirsting at her, "call me if you're accepting" and he was gone. maybe she shouldn't have called and accepted? what if she's getting kidnapped and this is the last time she'll actually get to see daylight? though, once she made it to the location that was set, she couldn't help but wanna hide because wow? was this a prank? her favorite idol was sitting at the table that she's meant to be walking up to! hwanji breathed in and out carefully and heavily, "ok, you've never act weird in you're whole life, don't start now!" and as she embarrassingly walked to the table, she met eye to eye with one of her favorite artists.
  111. HIS FIRST IMPRESSION OF HER : he thought she looked like your everyday, average korean girl. though he did like the way she dressed, so he thought maybe her personality was different from the others.
  113. HER FIRST IMPRESSION OF HIM : though she always saw him on her phone screen and watched almost every video that had him featured in it, hwanji was amazed and awestruck when she first laid eyes on him with her naked eyes. it was such an amazing sight that her breath was taken away, she suddenly couldn't remember how to breathe, till she looked back at the favorite artist and remembered yet again. she felt bubbly and excited but at the same time she felt as if she wanted to throw up and take an advil pill. she adored so much to the point where she wanted to go back home, rethink her whole existence and make herself at least a little bit more presentable– she wanted to look great in his eyes and seeing him before her makes her wanna run away because she wants the best for him and his beautiful eyes.
  116. — whoop whoop a get together party???
  117. — omg free merch???
  120. — he allows her to get a scoop of the new music / song he's / the group is currently working on
  121. — omg omg they go out for a small date to a walk during late night since neither can fall asleep
  122. — deep ass convo at like late at night??? when everyone else hella asleep, catching them z's???
  123. — she cooks that bomb ass noodles for him!1!1!!
  125. CELLPHONE NUMBER : 32*-***-353*
  126. (hopefully like that??^)
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