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  1. It's Faraday Kage
  2. vs Mr Mumbles
  3. Boy with a name like that you better hope i stumble
  4. Better hope i'm drunk, barney gumble
  5. They told me Farra sit down, you'll go far, be humble
  6. then for my next battle, they gave me… urkel’s uncle
  7. I said fuck that, I'm erked, I wanted po to rumble
  8. So I guess I have to pay my dues, slay these dudes
  9. I know you've been groomed since like 03, but I've never had a problem tryna smoke OG
  10. So let's get into it
  11. This battle is not a black tie affair, it's not a fair place for you
  12. So if you could tie a knot around your neck thenI'll pull the chair out for you
  13. And didn't you get rinsed by like kid twist in late 06?
  14. would you get miffed if i said bitch
  15. you're twice as shit as you were back then?
  16. let's compare, see what you two have been up to since
  17. he's got a movie deal with diz, he's in the real rapping industry
  18. they been roping off at Yonge so he can battle in the streets
  19. meanwhile mr mumbles has been tragically defeated by some massive interbreeding
  20. tween a ratchet and a bastard in the back of like a prius
  21. i've been rapping in this league for like twenty seven weeks
  22. in twelve years twist leveled up, you're here... battling with me...
  23. but i'm sick of clashing with the meek, gimme masters and i'll eat
  24. you're not a factor in my meteoric rise toward the peak
  25. swinging swords stacking corpses cause their formula is weak
  26. They’re spittin corny shit thats only really clothing for the sheep
  27. Battle rap is full of clones poses stolen from the streets
  28. Bitch and moan when you can roam instead of frozen in a seat
  29. But I'm a lone wolf homing in on throats so best believe
  30. That if you come into my home it's game of thrones and I'm the lead
  31. And while twist was growing up, you were growing old and feeble
  32. So imagine my reaction when Pre told me you're my equal
  33. FUCK THAT have to smash his ass and jab him with a needle
  34. that's a death sentence- cause your rap so fuckin wack it ought be actually illegal
  35. Round one, evil, round two, the sequel, round three he'll wish he fucking brought more people, let's go
  38. you had your last battle in some type of wing spot
  39. picture ya'll draggin round the tables to make sure the ring blocked
  40. If it got too heated, y'all wouldn't even swing pops
  41. Cause a  family of 4 ready to bring cops
  42. I picture Mumbles mirror rappin
  43. Getting spit up on the plastic
  44. And saying stupid shit like Gee, this'll be a classic
  45. pick a battle in the capital get rattled by a faggot
  46. Nah, I'm not even gay but to these dudes it's all the same
  47. Cause if you look a little different then they feel a type of way
  48. how fucking original
  49. you're full of more hot air than a fucking dirigible
  50. so listen-
  51. fuck a gay bar
  52. git the AR
  53. trauma, bone snapped
  54. the pipe blast, angels sing
  55. that's the thing- guitar, trombone, pipe
  56. you see the scheme I'm trying to implement?
  57. I’m the inquisitioner, i'm bringing all my instruments
  58. you've been rapping since I was 5 but never even had a PY
  59. ...and now I see why
  60. don't even give this kind of shit performance any reinforcement
  61. the only reason to endorse it is
  62. that charity's an enormous source of endorphins
  63. What i mean to say is that I lead the way
  64. Young boy been cooking, that’s easy bake
  65. They tell me I get too many bodys, you greedy Day
  66. so maybe you should just kill yourself...
  67. nah that's the easy way
  68. You measly plate, make me wanna move the stick - parchesi game
  69. you gonna get cut up and melted
  70. Yeah, his bars cheesy eh?
  73. you wanna know why beastmode never answers when you call?
  74. because you got a lisp like Shane Mac, but you look like ru paul
  75. He got an old enough to be my dad face
  76. Your career got tires spinnin in place- that's a drag race
  77. And I’ve deleted two careers, I'm thinkin backspace
  78. But you've got no punches, guess that you're a pacifist or masochist
  79. Lemme ask him this- do you think you're the protagonist?
  80. Nah, that's a damn hallucination think the Machinist
  81. You ain't multifaceted
  82. Just a reenactment but innacurate
  83. You lost a battle 2v1, got your asses kicked
  84. But Black Pearl held you up, like you were Jack up on the mast and shit
  85. Eyes glassed over lookin newer than a blastocyst.
  86. Like you were on ammonia bleach right after the gasses mix
  87. Fuck it, I'll just pander y'all ain't even understand this shit
  88. When Beastmode called you trash, you took it like a champ
  89. Prolly cause he usedta hear it similar from Dad
  90. Thought cause you've never been a winner you'd have thinner skin than that
  91. Cause you're a skinny little fuck you look malarial
  92. Very ill, thought I was here for a battle not a burial
  93. He'll say that I'm a nerd, and that's a truther
  94. But if you come at me you'll end up with a school shooter
  95. When you compare Farra to Eric Harris it's fairly apparent that I'm an error
  96. My parents werent really parents they rarely made an appearance
  97. So maybe I’m just scarier maybe this ain’t a character
  98. Maybe I'll make a corpse of a rapper just for the carrion
  99. Then we get to comparing us...
  100. You compared to me?
  101. Bottom tier
  102. Elton John compared to you?
  103. Not a queer
  104. Respect is not what you have gotten here
  105. You just keep freefalling I'm sure that the bottom's near
  106. And you wouldn't even put money up so go buy me a fucking beer
  107. It's Fara D A Y K A G E bring your bars next time fore you fuck with me.
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