Omegle - Makeshift erotica

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  1. Omegle - Dusty's Take on The Little Red Riding Hood in order to make some dude horny (true title that Pastebin can't fit in the title box)
  3. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
  4. Stranger: Hee
  5. You: Hoo
  6. Stranger: M or f
  7. You: Which would be better for you?
  8. Stranger: Haha f
  9. You: Of course
  10. You: Well what a coincidence
  11. You: It's your lucky day
  12. Stranger: Haha thank you
  13. Stranger: Have you got msn
  14. You: No, I don't...
  15. Stranger: Are you horny
  16. You: But we are already talking, aren't we?
  17. You: Would it be better for you if I was horny?
  18. Stranger: Yes
  19. You: Haha well what a coincidence
  20. You: It's your lucky day
  21. Stranger: Mmm okee
  22. Stranger: Pic??
  23. You: I have no pics of myself....
  24. Stranger: You cam maake one:$
  25. You: Actually, I can't
  26. Stranger: Do you like big hard dicks
  27. You: Well....
  28. You: What would be better for you?
  29. Stranger: Yes
  30. You: Haha lol
  31. You: Well what a coincidence
  32. You: It's your lucky day
  33. Stranger: You wanna suck it
  34. You: Would it be better for you if I sucked it?
  35. Stranger: Yes
  36. You: Well what a coincidence
  37. You: It's your lucky day
  38. You: I do want to suck it
  39. Stranger: Can you make me horny
  40. You: Would you like me to make you horny?
  41. Stranger: Yes
  42. You: Man, what a lucky day you are having
  43. You: In what way could I make you horny?
  44. Stranger: Tell my a story
  45. You: Well, once upon a time...
  46. You: There was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood
  47. You: And she had a whole bunch of waffles
  48. You: She put them all in her basket
  49. You: And went about her merry way to deliver them to her grandma's house
  50. You: It was a 20 minute walk
  51. You: Nothing special happened
  52. You: She then arrived at her grandma's house
  53. You: Knocked on the door
  54. You: She waited and waited
  55. You: But there was no answer
  56. You: She called her grandma, but got no answer
  57. Stranger: Ooeh
  58. You: So she went back, homeward
  59. Stranger: Okee
  60. You: She started walking again
  61. You: By then, it was sunset
  62. You: She was walking and walking
  63. You: But then heard someone call her name
  64. You: "Little Red Riding Hood"
  65. You: "Yes? Who's there?"
  66. You: "Get over here..."
  67. You: Little Red Riding Hood followed the voice
  68. You: The glare of the sun was making her dizzy
  69. You: She kept going in different directions
  70. You: She couldn't hear the voice anymore...
  71. You: All that surrounded her were trees
  72. You: Trees, trees everywhere
  73. You: She then realized she was lost
  74. You: She called out for help as loud as she could
  75. You: "Is anyone theeeeere?"
  76. You: No answer.
  77. You: She decided to sit down
  78. You: She was getting thirsty
  79. You: But all she had were those waffles in her basket
  80. You: If she ate them, she would be even thirstier, and for milk
  81. You: She decided to not eat them for now
  82. You: So she just sat there for a while
  83. You: Absolutely clueless as to what to do next
  84. You: She just sat and started thinking
  85. You: Nothing special. Just recent events.
  86. You: It must have been an hour, at least
  87. You: Now, she was getting hungry
  88. You: By now, the waffles were cold
  89. You: And dry
  90. You: And nasty
  91. You: She decided to wait a little more
  92. You: She wasn't going to eat cold waffles
  93. You: She isn't that desperate yet
  94. You: She decides it is time to get herself out of this forest
  95. You: She really doesn't know which direction to take, she lost track completely
  96. You: But she decides to go backwards
  97. You: So she starts walking from where she thought she came from
  98. Stranger: Is this sex or horror?
  99. You: Both, you'll soon see...
  100. Stranger: Okee
  101. You: So she is walking back from whence she came, or so she though
  102. You: It takes about 5 minutes of walking before she decides that this was the wrong direction to take
  103. You: It took her about 5 minutes to get lost where she was, and she didn't recognize any of what she is now seeing
  104. You: So she starts running backwards again
  105. You: Running as fast as she could; she was getting fed up
  106. You: She just wanted to get home already
  107. You: It was so dark...
  108. You: About 30 minutes more pass, walking in different directions again
  109. You: No idea what she's doing
  110. You: When all of a sudden...
  111. You: She sees a light
  112. You: A faint, faraway light
  113. You: It's a miracle, she thought
  114. You: Finally, something besides a bunch of creepy old trees
  115. You: She runs towards the light
  116. You: She keeps running and running, but the light never gets closer
  117. You: She runs faster
  118. You: It is still faraway
  119. You: She has to run faster than this, surely!
  120. You: She is sprinting now
  121. You: She has nowhere else to aim for
  122. You: So she has decided to just keep running towards the light until she got to it
  123. You: It is about 1 hour more of running...
  124. You: She can't take it anymore
  125. You: She is so hungry and so thirsty...
  126. You: And she will NOT eat those nasty waffles
  127. You: She is too dignified for that
  128. You: After another hopeless 10 minutes of running towards that faint, faint light...
  129. You: She passes out.
  130. You: And then she wakes up.
  131. You: She is in a different place now.
  132. You: It felt like she had been unconscious for quite a while...
  133. You: She is in a bed
  134. You: In a log cabin
  135. You: The room has nothing but that one bed
  136. You: A completely empty wooden room
  137. You: Except there is a door
  138. You: Little Red Riding Hood gets the strength to get out of the bed
  139. You: And she decides to exit the room
  140. You: She opens the door
  141. You: And on the other side of the door...
  142. You: Is another empty room.
  143. You: Just a bed.
  144. You: And another door.
  145. You: Little Red Riding Hood tries to make sense of this surreal place
  146. You: The architecture just made no sense
  147. You: 2 blank empty wooden rooms right next to each other?
  148. You: What is the matter with this place?
  149. You: She opens the next door.
  150. You: On the other side...
  151. You: Is an empty room.
  152. You: Only this one is emptier
  153. You: There is not even a bed
  154. You: Little Red Riding Hood takes a moment to think about this weirdness
  155. You: Then decides to open the next door
  156. You: What else is there to do?
  157. You: So she opens the door...
  158. You: On the other side, is another empty room
  159. You: Except this one is even emptier
  160. You: Again, there is no bed
  161. You: But the ceiling is gone
  162. You: It is pitch black in its place
  163. You: A void of infinite darkness right up above her
  164. You: Of course, there is still a door again
  165. You: This room is really discomforting to be in
  166. You: She quickly goes to the next door...
  167. You: And on the other side
  168. You: Is another empty room
  169. You: No bed
  170. You: No ceiling
  171. Stranger: Okee
  172. You: But this time, not even the walls on the sides
  173. You: It is pitch black all around her
  174. You: The is only the wooden floor, and another wooden door...
  175. You: She goes through the door again
  176. You: This room is the emptiest room thus far
  177. You: When she goes in, the door behind her disappears this time
  178. You: This room has no bed
  179. You: No ceiling
  180. You: No walls
  181. You: And now, not even a floor
  182. You: It is complete darkness
  183. You: No light to be found
  184. You: Yet somehow, she is still standing
  185. You: And she can still see another door
  186. You: Horrified, she runs through yet another door
  187. You: On the other side of that door...
  188. Stranger: Okee
  189. You: It is even emptier than all that she has seen so far
  190. You: How could this be?
  191. You: It's like this.
  192. You: No bed.
  193. You: No ceiling.
  194. You: No walls.
  195. You: No floor.
  196. You: No door behind her.
  197. You: Now, no door in front of her.
  198. You: Now she is standing in an infinite sea of black
  199. You: Nothing nothing nothing
  200. You: She can't blick
  201. You: *blink
  202. You: But what would it matter if she did?
  203. You: There would be no difference
  204. You: It is that dark
  205. You: She cannot see the hand in front of her face
  206. You: She tries to speak
  207. You: She opens her mouth
  208. You: And the moment she tries to make a sound...
  209. You: She is no longer standing
  210. You: She is falling
  211. You: No noise can come out of her mouth
  212. You: She tries screaming
  213. You: But nothing can be heard
  214. You: Falling falling falling
  215. You: And falling some more
  216. Stranger: Aai
  217. You: Little Red Riding Hood starts to puke
  218. You: At least, that is what it feels like
  219. You: She cannot hear it
  220. You: She cannot see it
  221. You: She certainly does feel it though
  222. You: But that is all
  223. You: Only the feeling of vomitting
  224. You: And if she can feel it properly, it would seem
  225. You: That she is vomitting more than she has ever vomitted in her whole life
  226. You: She is crying
  227. You: She is urinating
  228. You: She is evacuaating her bowels
  229. You: But no worries
  230. You: Her clothes seem to have disappeared at some point
  231. You: She didn't even notice
  232. You: But the feeling of fabric has gone missing
  233. You: Perhaps it had gone missing a long time ago
  234. You: Who knows how long
  235. You: Has she been wandering naked this whole time?
  236. You: It couldn't be...
  237. You: She is too dignified to ever do something like that
  238. You: It is at this point that Little Red Riding Hood starts questioning her sanity
  239. You: The only thing she can feel is bodily fluids coming out of every orifice
  240. You: That is all she feels now
  241. Stranger: Okee one quisten
  242. You: It seems like she has been falling forever now
  243. You: She starts to forget what it was like before the darkness
  244. You: This is all she knows now
  245. You: It feels like days and days now
  246. You: If she were a man, she would have quite a beard by now
  247. You: It has been so long...
  248. You: Falling.... Forever.
  249. You: When suddenly
  250. You: She hears cracks
  251. You: Coming from all over her
  252. You: "What?! What could that be??"
  253. You: She tries moving
  254. You: The moment she makes the smallest movement
  255. You: Intense pain
  256. You: Unimaginable pain
  257. You: "It... I-It seems that my bones are broken..."
  258. You: At some point, she stopped falling
  259. Stranger: This isnt sex strory this is horor
  260. You: We're getting to that
  261. Stranger: Okee
  262. You: At some point she stopped falling
  263. You: When?
  264. You: She does not know when
  265. You: She doesn't even know when she heard the cracks
  266. You: But at some point, she landed
  267. You: She stopped falling
  268. You: And now, she waits yet again
  269. You: Trying to remember her life
  270. You: "What has happened?"
  271. You: She asked this in a general way
  272. You: She truly cannot remember anything that happened anymore
  273. You: She thinks really hard... With all her might
  274. You: It's all she can do
  275. You: She remembers the cracks
  276. You: "The cracks!"
  277. You: "Those were my bones!"
  278. You: "They must have been... It started hurting when I tried to move..."
  279. You: But that seems to be all she knows anymore
  280. You: She has forgotten all else in her life
  281. You: As far as Little Red Riding Hood knows, it was just those cracks
  282. You: That is the story of her life
  283. You: That is all she can tell
  284. You: Too bad she can't talk, or share this story with anyone else...
  285. You: She doesn't remember how to talk
  286. You: She tries making the sound her bones made
  287. You: The cracks
  288. You: It comes naturally
  289. You: CHKRRK
  290. You: Suddenly, she can see herself
  291. You: This is new to her now
  292. You: She doesn't remember how she looked like
  293. You: But apparently, she was a bloody mangled little thing
  294. You: Pitifully laying across a grassy meadow
  295. You: Grass
  296. You: Grass
  297. You: She is laying on grass
  298. You: She cannot feel it
  299. You: But she can hear it
  300. You: There is wind blowing through it
  301. You: The sun shines on her naked body
  302. You: The sun was so beautiful
  303. You: It was the first time she has ever seen such a thing
  304. You: Right?
  305. You: If you were to ask Little Red Riding Hood, she would respond yes
  306. You: That that was the first time she ever saw the sun
  307. You: But it was only an instant
  308. You: She was so used to the darkness, that the moment she looked directly at the sun
  309. You: She went blind
  310. You: She could no longer see
  311. You: Yet, she noticed things
  312. You: Color
  313. You: Hue
  314. You: All of those visual stimuli
  315. You: But she is blind...
  316. You: She opens her eyes.
  317. You: All this time, they were closed
  318. You: She remembers
  319. You: Everything.
  320. You: What lead her to the grassy meadow
  321. You: The day she was born
  322. You: Her parents
  323. You: Her grandma
  324. You: Her house
  325. You: The wooden house with the many empty rooms
  326. You: The darkness
  327. You: The pain...
  328. You: The pain of the darkness...
  329. You: But now that she thinks about it, she liked it
  330. You: Everything that had happened, she is happy for
  331. You: Now she truly sees
  332. You: She finally opened her eyes
  333. You: For all her life, she was blind
  334. You: Being exposed to the blinding darkness...
  335. You: And the blinding light...
  336. You: She experienced everything
  337. You: She remembered everything
  338. You: She learned everything
  339. You: It is pure bliss now
  340. You: All this stimuli entering into her at once
  341. You: It has taught her everything she once knew
  342. You: And everything she would never have learned
  343. You: She knows it all now
  344. You: She has experienced all that there is
  345. You: She went through both kinds of oblivion
  346. You: She came back alive
  347. You: It was the biggest triumph of her life
  348. You: Now, she sees everything
  349. You: She stands up
  350. You: In the middle of the grass
  351. You: Looks up towards the gray gray sky
  352. You: And floats
  353. You: Not upward...
  354. You: But in all directions, inward and outward
  355. You: And then she orgasmed.
  356. You: The end.
  357. Stranger: Hahaha
  358. Stranger: And you spent all your time for my
  359. Stranger: It wass a beateful story
  360. You: Thank you
  361. You: I made it all up on the spot
  362. Stranger: But it dindent make me horny:(
  363. You: Well, it must have enriched you in some other ways
  364. Stranger: What?:$
  365. Stranger: O yes it thit
  366. Stranger: In my hard
  367. Stranger: But how old are you
  368. You: 17
  369. Stranger: Okee
  370. Stranger: Iam 16
  371. Stranger: But you still can make me horny:$
  372. You: Well, there is one way I can make you horny
  373. Stranger: Tell me:$
  374. You: By redirecting you to
  375. Stranger: No
  376. You: I have used up a lot of story power just now
  377. You: I think I have done enough
  378. Stranger: Oke
  379. Stranger: We can make a story together
  380. You: If we were in the same room, perhaps I'd rub you a bit. But alas, we are not
  381. You: Nah, I'm pooped.
  382. You: But I had a good time, and I hope you did too.
  383. Stranger: Yes i did
  384. You: And while I am 17 years old, I am not female.
  385. Stranger: But you realy dont have msn
  386. You: Nope
  387. Stranger: Okee
  388. You: And you probably aren't into prostates much
  389. You: But I think it was still your lucky day
  390. Stranger: What?
  391. You: Yup. XY chromosome.
  392. You: Hope that doesn't bother you too much, but I really do have to go now.
  393. You: It was fun, mister!
  394. Stranger: Bye thankyou for the story
  395. You: You're welcome :)
  396. Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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