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  1.  I was having a dream
  2. I fucked your mum so hard I made her scream
  3. she loved taking all my cream
  4. said I go down like a machine
  6. Oh, yea ben
  7. You look like a hen
  8. Fucked me so hard, I squirted like a pen
  10. She woke up in the morning so sore
  11. Cause I went in raw
  12. Told her she was a good whore
  13. She came quicker than 1234
  15. Saw Ashley the next day
  16. Munching on so much fucken hay
  17. Eating out a girl, like she was gay
  18. Though she liked to finger girls any way
  20. It was a bit sticky
  21. she wanted a quickie
  22. Some slut gave her a hickey
  24. The doc said “you have stage 4 cancer”
  25. I said “doc have you got the answer?”
  26. Hey said “yeah man, it’s called anticancer
  27. And if it doesn’t work, I’m a qualified necromancer”
  29. I’m black
  30. I’ve got a six pack
  31. I fucked your mums rack
  32. Nearly popped my sack
  33. All over her back
  35. She tried to reach for my cock
  36. But she missed and touched my Glock
  37. I put her in a headlock
  38. She could not block
  39. She clawed at me like a hawk
  40. I tied her down till she could no longer squawk
  41. Now dead still, floating like a cork
  48. I wound up in jail
  49. They tried to feed me kale
  50. Which made me go pale
  51. Now was the time to bail
  52. I scaled the fence
  53. Though I did not prevail
  54. I let out a wail
  55. as I found myself impaled
  56. On the metal guardrail
  58. I steal all the cars
  59. Now I’m behind bars
  60. I’ll stick my dick in a jar
  61. And try to fuck you to mars
  63. I was out of space
  64. But I did not have to chase
  65. Because you are fucked in the face
  67. I think they missed one in the holocaust
  68. Let’s give it another try,
  69. Though the gas bill was too high
  70. The jews ashes touched the sky
  71. Too bad they’re still polluting the earth
  72. Even after they die
  73. Oh wait the holocaust was a lie
  75. Bitch you can’t steal my flow
  76. When I fucked your mum, I made her glow
  77. When I turned off the lights she said called me a negro
  78. But I didn’t have an afro
  79. So I slapped the bitch
  80. Threw her in a ditch
  81. She called 911
  82. She said that’s a good pun
  83. So I had to go down and fuck her bum
  85. He sat on the chair
  86. I think he said a prayer
  87. I hit him like a bear
  88. Going down on a deer
  89. Ripped off all his hair
  90. Went in bare, with nothing to fear
  91. Except some left over dick hair,
  92. That went into my ear
  95. In 10 years Ill see him at a sweatshop
  96. Or maybe a truckstop
  97. That’s because he’s a crackpot
  98. Who only wears a tank-top
  99. Wants to be an electrician,
  100. Cant even do basic addition
  101. Probably end up as an attraction,
  102. the only one unable to solve a simple fraction
  103. the definition of a faggot
  104. A literal maggot, that came crawling out like
  105. That cum stain, your parents in the fast lane
  106. Wishing that they pulled out
  107. Your birth was like a strike, 3 and then your out
  108. You’re a brussel sprout, for that I have no doubt
  111. You gay boy you pray on your knees
  112. Like you are begging for dick cheese    
  113. I hope he does not give you a disease
  114. Was it worth 2 dollars for that meat?
  115. Probably since you beg for it on the street
  116. An alley way, behind the café 
  117. On what should have been a school day
  118. You were here doing this roleplay
  119. Shooting loads for everyone like at Mandalay bay
  120. Its your lucky day, it turned into a three-way
  121. A buffet, an all you can eat
  122. You cant get enough of this weirdos sweet treat
  123. Trying to be discreet, they carry you over to a car seat
  124. Don’t bleed on the floor, you filthy whore
  125. They fill my mouth with more and more,
  126. “You haven’t even paid for me”, I say; they reply: “what for”
  127. We own you, your our Labrador, spread out on all fours
  128.  As I remember that day that I gave way and became gay,
  129. Stepping from out the closet was not a good day
  131. My flows are so good, they are on a league above you
  132. Your rhymes don’t do you justice they sound like poo
  133. Bitch you can’t steal my flow
  134. That’s something a shoplifter would do
  135. You should act your age
  136. I’m surprised your mother let you out of the cage
  137. Since you sound like you rage,
  138. Maybe you need to calm down with a drink or two,
  139. Too bad they don’t serve drinks at the zoo
  140. I hope you like Juvy, you fucking Jew
  142. Your mum is good in bed
  143. I heard She gives real good head
  144. I let her go red in the face
  145. Such a disgrace
  146. She stole all the lube
  147. Rubbed it all on her boob
  148. So I Went in raw
  149. Even though she’s a whore
  150. Made her bleed
  151. Like I was a vampire
  152. Lucky she was free to hire
  153. But I Hope I don’t get a STD
  154. Cause I just peed,
  155. Filled her up like at the end of a drought
  156. Then pulled out like a dropout
  157. Fuck A knock at the door
  158. Oh shit im done for
  159. In came ben looking so sore
  160. That I had turned his mum into my whore
  164. Her name was tykesha
  165. I said it was nice to meet ya
  166. Too back she was black
  167. Cause she had a nice rack
  168. I woulda hit that from the back
  169. Filled her with my special sack,
  170. Though without a pact
  171.  she woulda bit my dick off
  172. Like an ape...
  173. or someone who was being raped
  174. she Would still came though, the filthy hoe
  175. It’s okay though, she’s used to that
  176. She enjoys being Filled up like a camel-back
  180. I hate these mumble rappers
  181. They go da da da di
  182. Catch me in a Maserati
  183. Or a fucken Bugatti
  184. That I don’t own
  185. I just rent to be somebody
  189. Hell naw I don’t smoke,
  190. But you know id be sipping that lean
  191. I met a bad bitch named Kristine
  192. I give her this dick, she said its long like a limozine
  193. I don’t need a wallet, id be walking round with 20 thousand in my jean
  194. I have so much money they call me mr bean
  196. You think your buff
  197. Tryin to act all tough
  198. Your just a goose
  199. Jacked up on all that juice
  200. I think You got a screw loose
  202. You go to the gym all day
  203. To check out guys, that’s gay
  204. But I wont stand in your way
  206. How did you get so thick?
  207. Was it from taking all that dick
  208. Im sorry for being a prick
  209. But you cant have a lick of my stick
  211. Just don’t come for my cock
  212. Or you’ll get my Glock
  213. Impossible to miss a shot
  214. Since you weigh a lot
  216. I went to the bar for a drink
  217. I needed to pee so I went in the sink
  218. A girl came over and was staring at my pants
  219. I think I got her in a trance
  220. I told her to leave me alone
  221. Unless she was gonna give me dome
  222. She agreed to the deed, so I led her to my room
  223. Shut the door and pushed her in with a broom
  224. Fuck she passed out on the floor
  225. But I had come too far to not get more
  226. What else had I gotten her up here for
  227. Spread her out on all fours, and went into her
  228. Like a terriyah (dog) looking for a treat
  229. Nearly passed out when I smelt her meat
  230. Flaps Looking like roast beef
  231. So I better be brief
  232. Tossed her out like a cum stained mat
  233. A new house for a rat, or maybe a cat
  234. But its not my problem now
  235. What happens to that fat cow
  237. I came in your mums hole and made her overflow
  238. I told her its everyday bro
  239. She tried to say no
  240. But I wouldn’t let go
  241. Held her in place and fucked her to space
  242. Took my dick and shoved it in her face
  243. But the bitch tried to bite my cock
  244. So I gave her a new treat
  245. Something she could really eat
  246. In her mouth I placed my glock
  247. That would teach the bitch for not sucking my cock
  248. She went still as a rock, then bit the fucker off
  249. She grinned up at me, now how was I supposed to pee?
  250.  I hope you like blood you filthy whore
  251. Banged her head against the door
  252. Until she could see no more
  253. I could feel nothing but Burning pain
  254. I hope she felt the same
  255. But my dick longed for more
  256. So I climbed the fucking whore
  257. Grabbed my dick and shoved it in her with a stick
  258. My ditch stitched on like this was some sort of puppet trick
  259. but it still felt good, like shooting blacks in the hood
  260. My phone in my pocket made the room glow
  261. Oh shit heres another negro
  262. I wish we were back in 1983
  263. Where I could cut the bitch up like a tree
  264. Fuck it I’d rather be in jail
  265. Then let this gorilla walk around like a female
  266. Unlocked the balcony with a key
  267. Threw her off then took a pee
  268. But this was to no prevail
  269. The bitch I had thrown onto the guardrail…
  270. Still had my dick wrapped in her like mail
  271. I guess im no longer male
  283. Niggas trying to copy my flow
  284. I guess that’s what happens when your a winner
  285. I can eat all you bitches for dinner
  286. Finna kill these hoes
  287. As I murder these flows
  290. Dont come at me one at a time
  291. don’t worry there is no line
  292. I’ll cook you up the best rhyme
  293. you don’t even need to pay a dime
  294. Im at the top of my game
  295. All you bitches are lame
  296. But I get that im unbeatable though
  297. I guess that’s why you try to copy my flow
  300. Mumble rappers are the worst
  301. I want to put them in a hearse
  302. That’s where they belong
  303. Not writing shit songs
  304. That take no skill
  305. All while they’re taking pills
  306. No wonder they have no brain
  307. If I had to listen to that shit id go insane
  308. Fuck Lil Pump worse than Trump
  309. Fuck Gucci Gang, sounds like shit
  310. For that Lil Pump needs to be hit
  311. by Chris Brown, he’ll put him down
  312. goodbye pump, fucking clown
  316. These rhymes are on another level ay
  317. Im so above you, your in march im in may
  318. Fucked you all the way to Saturday
  319. Fuck it, im letting loose
  320. Like your jeans when you saw that moose
  321. Nearly got castrated you silly goose
  322. I deduced that: You need to go
  323. You aint special, aint got no flow
  324. Fake ass rollie, Stop tryna flex bro
  325. You are a stupid ass kid and it shows
  326. What else would you like to know?
  331. Your favourite colour Is probably pink
  332. Your mum on my dick yea, is that your kink?
  333. Filled her up like the kitchen sink
  334. It felt so good when i made her bleed
  335. Came in her so much it felt like I Peed
  336. Your father opened the door
  337. And screamed ‘what the fuck you fucking whore’
  338. But he could not stop looking, he wanted more
  339. Cuck sat in the corner,
  340. mum riding like she was on tour
  341. the slut called me daddy
  342. That made him mad, see, he hit the bitch
  343. Threw her in a ditch
  344. When his tyres crushed her, he didn’t even twitch
  348. Yea im in my zone
  349. You try to copy me?
  350. Are you my clone
  351. You better Kneel at my throne
  352. Let me step on your collarbone
  353. But I better not get dirt on my feet
  354. Or I’ll be the last person you meet
  355. Ill squish you like a bug
  356. Or maybe a slug
  357. Try to creep across the floor
  358. Ill hit you with the door
  359. Until you are no more
  363. Threw you in the boot
  364. The new prostitute
  365. I tell you its okay I just want to root
  366. But im biting on that forbidden fruit
  367. Yea the apple, but I aint want no snake
  368. That was my biggest mistake
  369. Fk a handshake, she wanted me dead
  370. Never even made it to the bed
  377. Ashley has a droopy eye
  378. So I said that this bitch is going to die
  379. And that’s why I made her pussy look a like meat pie
  380. Dripping like sauce
  381. I rode her like a horse
  382. She wanted that anal intercourse
  383. So I fucked her with no remorse
  384. Took my dick like it was the main course
  385. Fuck being a vegan she was eating my meat
  386. Fuck
  388. Saxon took a look
  389. He was a bit shook
  390. So I gave him the right-hook
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