Battle vs Denier

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  1. [01:20] Denier Nevus says, "It won't heal anything, but if you show me what happened-"
  2. [01:20] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín says, "...."
  3. [01:21] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín says, "That's them."
  4. [01:21] Alvi Slade asks, "Is that him?"
  5. [01:21] Alvi Slade says, "You."
  6. [01:22] Denier rocketed up to Nameless with a faint cosmic force at his legs pushing him forward.
  8. "Young one. You've been claimed to attack someone from crafthold. Are you aware of this?" He seemed to seethe mana, there was one thing he despised, and that was hurting kids. Even if it was other kids being bullies.
  9. (Denier Nevus)
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [01:24] Alvi Slade asks, "Wait... Where are you from, anyways?"
  13. [01:24] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín says, ".. Originally a bit westish, right now I live in th'inn here."
  14. [01:24] Alvi Slade says, "Crafthold, then. Alright."
  15. [01:25] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  16. [01:26] He was floating on by, He caught glimpse of the orange one again, There no point in hunting again, He needed to grow.
  18. "Oh? He's from dawn, Saw him come from there." Unless he lived both. If he wasn't from dawn he should of said so.
  20. He looked over at Denier with a hum.
  21. (Nameless)
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. [01:26] Shizuko Megumi asks, "Did this attack occur in Crafthold?"
  25. [01:26] Nameless says, "No."
  26. [01:26] Nameless says, "Up north in dawn territory."
  27. [01:27] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín says, "Bit south o'Dawn.. I went t'see if there was mythril. In th'caves. Y'know."
  28. [01:27] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín says, "Thattaway."
  29. [01:30] Denier would go to grab the Ookami by the collar bone, Cold Iron allowed to express it's anti-magic properties so close to the boy's skin as he tried to grapple the young one.
  31. "You hurt someone from crafthold, regardless of it was in crafthold or not, regardless of what you thought they were without so much as a question. Are you lacking in higher brain functions child? Do I need to rip open your skull and give you a new one?" Denier.. was pissed.
  32. (Denier Nevus)
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. [01:30] Mikiko Heifang whispers something.
  36. [01:30] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  37. [01:30] Shizuko Megumi says, "Denier."
  38. [01:30] Shizuko Megumi says, "You're not the judge, jury, and executioner of Crafthold."
  39. [01:31] Denier Nevus says, "He attacked a CHILD Shizuko."
  40. [01:31] Alvi Slade says, "On the other hand, punishment should be dispensed in some form."
  41. [01:31] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín says, ".. He tried t'eat me.."
  42. [01:31] Alvi Slade says, "No matter his intentions, he still attacked someone that is under Crafthold's protection."
  43. [01:31] Alvi Slade asks, "...He's also a cannibal?"
  44. [01:31] Shizuko Megumi says, "As terrible of a deed, this person is not recognized as a member of the Crafthold guild nor the Aquilae Sahrot guild, unelss specified otherwise."
  45. [01:31] Kirsi lifted their bloodied hand from their shoulder, turning so they could show off the bite mark.
  46. (Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín)
  47. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. [01:31] Alvi Slade asks, "You won't find me on a list of either. Am I not alotted those same protections?"
  50. [01:31] Denier Nevus says, "He admitted to his actions, and I am allowed to threaten him as much as I desire. The actions taken there-after are determined upon catching-"
  51. [01:32] Shizuko Megumi says, "It's a grey area that I need to discuss. At MOST we can jail him until the higher ups of Crafthold decide upon something."
  52. [01:32] Mikiko Heifang says, "Okay, stop."
  53. [01:32] Denier Nevus asks, "What do you think I aim to do?"
  54. [01:32] Mikiko Heifang says, "No need to be hostile over this."
  55. [01:32] Mikiko Heifang says, "Just toss him in jail for a good while."
  56. [01:32] Alvi Slade says, "If they live in Crafthold, they are a citizen of Crafthold. We do not throw those who choose to live here to the dogs, Shizuko."
  57. [01:32] Mikiko Heifang says, "Let him consider his actions."
  58. [01:32] Alvi Slade says, "Literally."
  59. [01:33] Upon food shopping, Amalka notices the commotion and stops, mostly because she recognizes the boy that seemed to be... in trouble?
  60. (Amalka)
  61. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  63. [01:33] Shizuko Megumi says, "I am not throwing someone to the dogs, it's a political issue if we are to protect whomever we like rather than those officially aquainted."
  64. [01:33] Shizuko Megumi says, "I'm saying, don't threaten to crack his skull open before investigating the issue."
  65. [01:34] Kairi asks, "Miss Shizuko?"
  66. [01:34] Shizuko Megumi says, "Jailing until an official decides otherwise is an alright decision."
  67. [01:34] Alvi Slade asks, "Then would you kindly get the key to the jail and a mana collar, miss Shizuko?"
  68. [01:35] Denier Nevus says, "I am a living collar."
  69. [01:35] Kairi says, "Miss Shizuko, I think Kirsi needs medical attention. I'm sorry to tear you from Salvas, but..."
  70. [01:35] Shizuko Megumi says, "I can perform medical attention, please do not immediately cause someone to need more medical attention."
  71. [01:36] "He didn't say when asked." He leans away from the individuals attempt to grapple him, "Angry?, I'm no coward, If you wish to fight, We can." Crime of attacking a child? The individual was a teen himself. Age did not really applied to the Gehenna.
  73. "Move outside the city though. Can't fight here."
  74. (Nameless)
  75. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  77. [01:36] Kairi asks, "Kirsi, how bad is your injury?"
  78. [01:37] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín says, ".. He /bit/ me."
  79. [01:37] Amalka says, "I could always-- do the treatment myself. If Shizuko's attention would be needed instead."
  80. [01:37] Alvi folds their hands behind the small of their back, heaving a quiet sigh as they glance to Denier and the Ookami.
  82. "Whatever your name is, you have a choice to surrender quietly. Trust me, you don't want to pick a fight with him. You'll be collared, you'll go to a cell, and later on your case will be reviewed by someone with proper authority.
  84. Denier, if he resists, try not to hurt him too much."
  85. (Alvi Slade)
  86. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. [01:37] Amalka says, "Here, anyway."
  89. [01:37] Denier shook his head, this wasn't an honor duel after all, this was an apprehension.
  91. "This isn't an honor duel, Pup. You're under arrest. Either comply, or be faced with enough pain that won't injure you, but will subdue you since someone Shizuko Doesn't understand threats as a means of mental subjugation."
  92. (Denier Nevus)
  93. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  95. [01:38] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín says, "Nnh.."
  96. [01:38] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  97. [01:40] Shizuko Megumi says, "I understand threats as escalation of a otherwise peaceful resolution, Denier."
  98. [01:40] Kairi whispers something.
  99. [01:41] Mikiko Heifang whispers something.
  100. [01:42] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín whispers something.
  101. [01:42] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín whispers something.
  102. [01:42] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  103. [01:42] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  104. [01:42] Kairi asks, "Uh...Miss Shizuko, you can use holy magic to dull pain, right?"
  105. [01:42] Coirnav says, "Where am I."
  106. [01:43] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín whispers something.
  107. [01:43] Amalka says, "Crafthold, Coirnav."
  108. [01:43] Kirsi Ó Cnáimhín whispers something.
  109. [01:43] Amalka says, ". . .Is there a sign that signifies that? "
  110. [01:44] Mikiko Heifang says, ".."
  111. [01:44] Mikiko suddenly falls over asleep, snoring while the violence plays off.
  112. (Mikiko Heifang)
  113. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  115. [01:46] Alvi struggles to hold the sleeping Mikiko upright who had the gall to fall asleep while in their amazing presence. How rude.
  116. (Alvi Slade)
  117. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  119. [01:47] Maybe it was because he was still experiencing the 'High' he had from his first taste. Maybe it messed with his ability to think logical?
  121. That or the threats, At the moment his emotions were on high as the idea of a challenge that was supposedly beyond him. An individual stronger than him.
  123. Surrender was literally not in his vocabulary, His heartbeat thumps as adrenaline ran through his veins! The orange one said it himself didn't he? There -was- better things to hunt.
  125. A stronger thrill, a stronger foe!
  127. "No." He prepares himself for a battle, energy rolling off his body in waves.
  128. (Nameless)
  129. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  131. [01:55] Salvas Voss whispers something.
  132. [01:55] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  133. [01:55] Salvas Voss whispers something.
  134. [01:56] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  135. [01:56] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  136. [01:56] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  137. [01:57] Salvas Voss whispers something.
  138. [01:57] Salvas Voss whispers something.
  139. [01:57] Salvas Voss whispers something.
  140. [01:58] Alvi Slade whispers something.
  141. [02:00] Denier seemed.. strangely attracted to the idea of the boy fighting back. A wide smile coming over his face as the cold iron that covered his body shifted like a liquid over his form, bringing his face to lose all coherence and becoming a single, solid plate of the metal save for a single, jagged maw over his mouth that took on a slightly demonic essence, much akin to the jaw of the demon, Ra'Kamel. Where the man was no Accursed, he had momentarily been one with the demon and shared much of a Symbiotic growth with the tyrium tyrant turned Cold Iron Carnage.
  143. His weapon was quickly grabbed over his shoulder, they called it a mace so often, despite it's glass nature and the black hole contained within, constantly fed mana by the cosmic flow of energy to his body, ever expanding his mana circuitry for the tasks at hand. Oh how he was going to use their desires to call it a mace..
  145. The waves of energy that flowed off Nameless's body crashed against the magic dampening barrier that was his cold iron skin. He let out a voice that seemed hollowed out and metallic.
  147. "That's what I wanted to hear." Denier could not see the boy, he could not smell the boy, it was highly unlikely that he could hear the boy, but the scythe on his back? It's metal content and the metal that likely was laced into his armor and jewelry? He knew where it was. And he was going to wreck it.
  149. Oh shit, is that a black hole? Yeeeah.. that's a black hole.
  150. (Denier Nevus)
  151. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  153. [02:01] He breathing goes ragged, Excitement? Trepidation, Fear? They were all present. Hesitation? None. He honestly didn't understand what was the issue. The individual wasn't even that badly harmed, He faced worst injuries in his age. The burns from the Legion of undead a few years back when he was a child? No one came to baby him.
  155. They didn't even confirm the individual was from craft hold...
  157. But!...He shudders as he tried to determine his foes abilities-
  159. A black hole opens, He lunges moving at blinding speeds!
  161. Of course that's what he wanted to hear, Words were meaningless, He knew the individual would never let this go until a fight happens!
  162. (Nameless)
  163. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  165. [02:09] Denier didn't give the kid any form of break, the copious amounts of mana his new Cold Iron skin allowed him to house oppose to a static amount that had prior been demanded by the tyrium caused the man to absolutely seethe with Cosmic energy. Almost constantly exerting the energy out into the sky and air around him, be it in gathering of a meteoric star above his head, or calling a rain of seeded stars in an orbital bombardment. But what really got the boy first, was the great attractive force left within the great expansive supernova, a black hole that seemed to be the bane of melee fighters.
  167. A brief pause was given for the boy to get back on his feet, Denier wanted to enjoy this twisted feeling of harming those who have harmed others. In truth, he simply enjoyed the scientific gain from such dangerous fields of study, he merely had to control it for the sake of others... The gloves were off in this moment.
  169. "Get up, Get up. Fight. Fight. Fight!" The voice still rang with metallic tones, his face covered all save his mouth that looked much akin to the Demon Ra'Kamel's own maw.
  170. (Denier Nevus)
  171. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  173. [02:14] This individual called upon forces he literally didn't understand, Gravity? Cosmic? He grunts as he was sent backwards.
  175. He was going to lose? Is the gap that large? This individual was too strong! What was -
  177. He digs his weapon into the ground to slow his pull as he bites into his own forearm allowing a few drops to fall, A calming stimulus and a reminder that the time for thinking has long past.
  179. He takes a few calming breathes to calm his feverish untamed mind before he yanks his scythe out of the ground and allowed the black hole to pull him in riding the attractive forces towards his foe.
  181. 'Fight! Fight! Fight!'
  183. He won't go down so easily! A ghastly howl escapes his lips as he dives back into the fray!
  184. (Nameless)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  187. [02:18] Khada Nihil says, "Ho.."
  188. [02:27] Denier observd a change in the male's stance to lift his arm to his mouth. What was he doing? Then it dawned on him, was the boy eating his own arm in praise to Saekanis? Such dedication. Let's offer her a greater prayer. He darted at the boy with a more determined goal in mind. He was going to bite the poor kid, the absolute mad man! Stars guiding the boy with their fall to avoid or get hit, supernova slowing him down exceedingly to once more be drawn into a black hole and two rather sudden fissures in the earth in a row, a very unlucky move that cost Nameless his footing and allowed Denier to swoop in from behind and open his crafted maw wide at the back of the boy's neck.
  190. Moments later the boy would feel a very light sting as several pinpricks of cold iron touched to his skin upon several nerves, locking the boy in place as more cold iron began to flow across the boy's neck fromdenier's body. It was not the most effective of Anti-magic collars, but the deed was done as needed to keep him from successfully escaping what was to come.
  192. When the (Fluffed) collar had been sealed around Khada's neck, it reacted much akin to how a normal anti-magic collar would in each situation. Attempting to pull it off without breaking Denier's hold over the metal would result in it getting tighter, the metal itself was in turn symbiotic to Denier, suffused in his cosmic mana. Finally, the pinpricks on his nerves were released, leaving the boy temporarily unable to move as the nerves depressurized. Denier's face slowly coming back into view.
  194. "Such fun you have given me, young one.. But now you must be brought to the jail, but first.. eiphraem and Perseus.. Come along child." As if the boy had a choice at this point.
  195. (Denier Nevus)
  196. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  198. [02:33] He was within reach of him, He could feel his scythe almost grazing across his skin. And then...
  200. His footing was taken, His body felt weightless as someone came at him from behind, His neck within the other individuals maw and he awaits the painful crunch.
  202. That never came.
  204. "?....." Cold metal touched his skin and suddenly he feels his body lock down, His connection to his energy magic and the winds that carried him along cut.
  206. Defeat...But he strangely wasn't as agitated as he usual whenever he gets beaten by is peers.
  208. His senses return and he follow along, He had beaten after all.
  209. (Nameless)
  210. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  212. [02:35] Denier picks up the kid under his arm and floats on down to the keep to the south.
  213. (Denier Nevus)
  214. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  216. [02:35] Denier hovers into the room, carrying an ookami male with a cold iron choker around his neck.
  217. (Denier Nevus)
  218. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  220. [02:35] Sera Elisheva asks, "I- Your loyalty will forever be with Eiphraem, yes?"
  221. [02:35] Cal nods and crosses his arms. "I would very much like to study this--"
  222. (Cal)
  223. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  225. [02:35] Sera Elisheva says, "I- Would prefer you remain by his side, not ours."
  226. [02:35] Denier Nevus says, "Perseus. A moment."
  227. [02:36] Perseus Kang says, "Oh."
  228. [02:36] Perseus Kang asks, "I think I'm needed?"
  229. [02:36] Denier Nevus says, "Briefly. "
  230. [02:36] Perseus Kang asks, "What for?"
  231. [02:37] Denier Nevus says, "This child attacked, bit and consumed a portion of the child, Kirsi.. "
  232. [02:37] Perseus Kang asks, "????"
  233. [02:37] Noel Elisheva asks, "???"
  234. [02:37] Perseus Kang exclaims, "Why?!"
  235. [02:37] Perseus Kang asks, "WHY would you do that?"
  236. [02:37] Sera Elisheva says, "..."
  237. [02:38] Cal says, "..."
  238. [02:38] Sera rolls his head back, one long drawn out breath escaping.
  239. (Sera Elisheva)
  240. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  242. [02:38] Sera Elisheva asks, "Whhhhhyyy?"
  243. [02:40] Cal says, "This is the ookami who once tried to bite me..."
  244. [02:42] He casually looks around the room, This place was rather....Well furnished, It felt weird being in here. Not unlike the type of buildings he was used to.
  246. "I was hunting for Dawn inside of Dawn territory near their town. I saw him leave Dawn's entrance, Asked him if he was of dawn. Gave him time to respond. He answered....."
  248. For a moment his voice mimics Kirsi's accent and tone. "What's it to ya?" His expression shifts back to what it was.
  250. "His own fault for not saying he wasn't. Would of left him alone."
  252. He didn't bother crafthold usually, Though he didn't seem sorry for inflicting an injury that would be healed quickly after some medical attention.
  254. His nose twitch as realization dawn on him, "Ah...You..." He said gazing at Cal, "Attacked you back then for different reasons."
  255. (Nameless)
  256. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  258. [02:47] Perseus does not seem particularly impressed.
  260. "Err, no.
  262. No, that wasn't his fault. You went into someone else's territory and assumed that an innocent was someone you had an entitlement to attack.
  264. You are guilty of a crime, and to pretend that it is somehow his fault for not assuming you're a rabid beast unworthy of Asena is insulting."
  266. He stands from his seat, walking over to impose himself a little more directly, voice as flat and straightforward as it can be.
  268. "If you do not make amends, then I will make every effort to hold you accountable. I advise faking remorse if you do not have it."
  269. (Perseus Kang)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. [02:47] Denier simply holds the boy under his arm, facing Perseus. There was a bit of pride in his features, he had caught someone who harmed an innocent child. One more step in his path of personal repentance for the child he kidnapped so many years ago.
  273. (Denier Nevus)
  274. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  276. [02:53] "I didn't assume, I asked. He didn't answer. I even had enough time to explain to him -Why- I was doing it." It's not like he didn't talk to him before he attacked. A literal conversation went on between them.
  278. No one asked the boy why didn't he tell him he was from Craft hold instead of denying it, They all focus on the fact he was attacked in enemy territory.
  280. "Fake remorse?" He hilts his head as the individual held him steady, "Insincere, Cowardly." He knew what he was doing, It wasn't like he crippled the kid. A lot of his own had suffered worst injuries. He stared the man in the eyes.
  282. "You do you."
  283. (Nameless)
  284. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  286. [02:57] As usual, Cal felt the need to take responsibility for Kirsi, even if his friend wasn't currently present. He took a few steps forward and took in a breath that made his shoulders rise and fall with some intentional control. Amber eyes settled on the ookami not with anger or contempt, but pity.
  288. "Kirsi is often... difficult. Though-- my run ins with you have proven a similar trait. I... understand that you are Gehennan, yes? An ookami without something of a proper... lesson in how to treat others.
  290. I thank you for telling the truth and not faking any remorse for what you've done, but you did harm one of my friends." The demiangel turned to Perseus. "If imprisonment is... an option, I would prefer that at much."
  291. (Cal)
  292. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  294. [02:58] Nameless says, "Deceit through words is cowardly, Won't lie."
  295. [02:58] Cal says, "An admirable trait. Though one lessened by your need for violence."
  296. [02:59] Knowing nothing of such a situation at hand, the wings of this child would extend outwards in both directions. Hands once folded behind his cloak, now pushed outwards as he moved forwards.
  298. "... You harmed someone close to us. Violence in such a manner will lead to sin, you know?" Those words followed by a glance towards Perseus, gaze shifting between both the undead as well as Calael.
  300. "Being put in a cell to rethink his actions for a bit isn't bad. I agree with Calael."
  302. Nothing truly more needed, beyond that much.
  303. (Sera Elisheva)
  304. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  306. [03:02] "A friend of ours that is hardly even a magi. It kind of.. doesn't make sense for you to go about doing this - even as a member of Gehenna hunting against the enemy." Noel steps forward, only to lean against the wall to Calael's left.
  308. "Ohtli and Tototl said it best earlier. Most of your enemies are plain to see. Oscuri - those with green leylines. The undead, which are plain to see. And even then.. not everyone from Dawn is your enemy. They don't all practice necromancy or want to hurt the spirits you worship. Some of them are just regular people. Kids out on the hunt for ingredients and supplies to further their craft and break bread for that night.
  310. It's really silly for you to try and justify your violence in such a manner."
  312. He doesn't comment on the sentencing.
  313. (Noel Elisheva)
  314. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  316. [03:02] Words are getting hard.
  318. "Look, at best you intended to hunt a child. You barely look like you're more than a child yourself, but I really don't have a way to excuse that. Imprisonment is, obviously, an option.
  320. It is, obviously, likely the best way to go about this until it can be properly resolved. Personally, I am tired and I have been talking for a VERY long time today."
  322. Perseus takes in a deep breath - holds it - exhales.
  324. "The jail is comfortable, if you can handle the music. Eiphraem will probably want to personally speak with you.
  326. If he doesn't, well."
  328. Perseus shrugs. "We'll figure something out."
  329. (Perseus Kang)
  330. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  332. [03:03] Denier Nevus says, "Shall I take him to the cell then? I will get him a PROPPER meal after, since he is so hungry."
  333. [03:04] Perseus Kang says, "... yeah, please feed him, thanks."
  334. [03:10] "Sin?..." He doubts he would fall to sin, Not everyone from dawn was his enemy? Only Oscuri, Undead? Necromancers? His enemies were easy to determine?
  336. No, No they weren't. There were undead amongst the people here weren't there? There were necromancers welcomed with open arms in this town wasn't it?
  338. He disliked words as they often didn't convey one's true intent. If he attacked a necromancer, or an undead, he would still be here wouldn't he? Especially if they considered him a 'Friend.'
  340. It was why he settled for a simple question that only needed a simple answer when he confronted.
  342. He didn't even know what Justified even means.
  344. He was just telling it how it is.
  346. "Not hungry. Sated for tonight."
  347. (Nameless)
  348. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  350. [03:11] Perseus Kang says, "... okay."
  351. [03:13] Nods to the four before turning to head out the door.
  353. "Maybe next time don't attack a kid from crafthold. Someone actually from dawn, not our problem. Someone from Huang? Also not our problem. Not that we don't like people from each place.. just damn dude.. a kid?" He mumbled as he carried the kid on off unless stopped for further conversation.
  354. (Denier Nevus)
  355. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  357. [03:13] Cal says, "Or... you know."
  358. [03:13] Cal asks, "Don't attack anyone?"
  359. [03:13] He shrugs, Sometimes it be like that.
  360. (Nameless)
  361. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  363. [03:13] Denier wish it didn't got to be like that, but it do sometime.
  364. (Denier Nevus)
  365. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  367. [03:16] Denier carries Nameless into the prison from hell, fucking elevator music.. Swiftly denier removed the boy's weapon and any notable things that would make escape easier that didn't make him naked at least.
  368. (Denier Nevus)
  369. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  371. [03:16] Nameless's Giga Scythe was stolen by Denier Nevus.
  372. [03:16] Nameless's Steel Chestplate was stolen by Denier Nevus.
  373. [03:16] His weapon was taken, and other stuff.
  375. "Give back when done." That was his only weapon and he was fond of it, It would be a bitch in a half to get a new one.
  376. (Nameless)
  377. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  379. [03:17] Denier Nevus says, "Planned on it, young one. Now rest in here, think about either not attacking, or selecting your targets to be a little bigger.. The gods that demand sacrifice demand strong sacrifices.. not kids."
  380. [03:18] Denier holds onto the door's lock a moment, the tyrium and runed bars slowly locking behind him
  381. (Denier Nevus)
  382. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  384. [03:18] Denier holds onto the door's lock a moment, the tyrium and runed bars slowly locking behind him
  385. (Denier Nevus)
  386. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  388. [03:18] Nameless says, "Better hunts make better sacfrices, This is true."
  389. [03:19] Denier Nevus says, "Yeah. Just be sure you know it's an enemy, don't assume. Smart hunters get more prey... Now are you sure you're not hungry? I could get you some pancakes."
  390. [03:19] Nameless says, "....Pancakes are nice. WIll accept."
  391. [03:19] Denier Nevus asks, "Very well.. You got a name?"
  392. [03:19] Nameless says, "I don't have a name."
  393. [03:20] Denier Nevus says, "You should get one. I'm sure Eiphraem will give you one if you want one when he speaks to you."
  394. [03:20] Denier Nevus says, "I'll.. be back shortly with some food."
  395. [03:20] Denier floats off. Seems he wasn't all that rage filled after that fight.
  396. (Denier Nevus)
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