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Lisp programming resources: /emg/

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Jun 13th, 2021
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  1. >Programming in Emacs Lisp
  2. (Intro to Programming in Emacs Lisp, A very gentle intro)
  3. (Emacs Lisp Reference Manual)
  4. (ErgoEmacs Elisp Guide)
  5. (Emacs Lisp Style Guide)
  7. >Programming in Common Lisp
  8. (Practical Common Lisp, Intro to CL)
  9. (On Lisp, Advanced CL techniques)
  10. (Common Lisp Cookbook)
  11. (Common Lisp HyperSpec, CL docs)
  12. (Quickref, Quicklisp library docs)
  13. (Common Lisp Style Guide)
  15. >Programming in Scheme
  16. (Scheme Programming Language)
  17. (SICP)
  18. (SRFI, Scheme extensions)
  21. >Programming in Clojure
  22. (Clojure Website)
  23. (Clojure for the Brave and True, Intro to Clojure)
  24. (Functional programming with Clojure)
  25. (Clojure (core) Docs)
  26. (Clojure (library) Docs)
  27. (Clojure Style Guide)
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