Normal Norman - So how about that green kid?(unf)

Jun 11th, 2013
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  1. >Day “It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright, sun-shiny day”
  2. >Be Norman
  3. >or as all but about 8 people at my school call me “that fucking racist”
  4. >now I'm on my way to history class, American history actually
  5. >and with this school, a usually easy class has turned into one where i can't raise my hand without a glare
  6. >you can’t forget how racially charged history is when people think you're basically Nathan Bedford Forrest
  7. >you enter the class and wave to the teacher, the only friendly person in the classroom to you
  8. >Dr. Whooves is probably one of your best teachers
  9. >He teaches history like he was there...
  11. >you take your seat next to this kid with green hair and skin, wearing the most hipster scarf and hat.
  12. >is that a cardigan? Christ...
  13. >he’s listening to his ipod, just like half the other people is the back row, including you some of the time
  14. >but not today, as you find out both your earbuds were smashed from the “fall” you took passing the football players
  15. >smashed by your history book.
  16. >the green kid looks over and scoffs
  17. >”What do you want?” i said cracking my book to the chapter
  18. >”Nothing, i just expected the racist to not have pleb taste in earbuds, at least a headset to keep up with your jacket from disco”
  19. >oh great one of these guys
  21. >you decide to come back with “at least i don't barrow earrings from my mom”
  22. >oh god the anger, how i love it
  23. >”listen you throwback poser, your belt buckle belongs on a ranch in Texas and your hat belongs in the trash.”
  24. >he did not just say that about your belt buckle
  25. >he did not just say that about your HAT
  26. >”My hat!? From your hat I don't know if you belong at the nearest bronycon or in the closet you’re about to step out of! and with the scarf I’m thinking of the second one.”
  27. >both of your voices became loud enough to be heard by Dr. Whooves.
  28. >”BOYS! Pay attention or you'll both be up at the Principal's office!”
  29. >”yes, Doctor” you both say in unison
  30. >the rest of class you ignore him and he does the same
  31. >as you go out the door to lunch, he walks beside you and begins talking...
  33. Listen, I’ve been through a lot of crap this year, so why don’t you just leave me alone?”
  34. >”hey hey, wait a second. I’m trying to find out a little more about this guy the rest of the school seems to hate for some reason before i make my opinion, more than the rest of the school has done for you.”
  35. “thanks?”
  36. >”don't mention it, besides, you helping to keep up my image.”
  37. “What do you mean by that?”
  38. >”hanging out with you definitely isn't mainstream”
  39. Goddamn it.
  40. well he’s trying to be your friend and you are kind of short on those
  41. >you both enter the lunchroom and you see Purple and Yellow at the table
  42. >and yellow looks... upset? pissed?
  43. >you go to sit down with Green in tow and you listen in to their conversation
  44. >"Really Twilight, what kind of dog is Spike?"
  45. >"I've told you he's not really a dog, he's a dragon!"
  46. >you just roll your eyes and turn towards Green
  48. “well what do you want to know Green?”
  49. >”not much, what do you spend your days doing Racist?”
  50. “School, home, xbox, talk to Purple here, and occasionally I hang out with Purple’s friends. And can you not call me Racist?”
  51. >”Can you not call me Green?”
  52. >Point taken
  53. “Sorry, it just how I refer to people”
  54. >”I get it, I won't take it personally, as long as you don't take ‘Racist’ personally.”
  55. “I really can’t, i get called it so much”
  56. >”Good, and really, as far as I can tell, you're not that interesting. Really you're more... normal.”
  57. “Thanks?”
  58. >”But what's wrong with your friend?”
  59. “Purple? Oh she's just odd. Talks about this horse world she’s from, smart though.”
  60. >”Yea of heard of her, I just thought you might know more.”
  61. >”Hey Norman, who’s your friend?”
  62. You look at Purple and open your mouth hesitantly
  63. “Oh this is...”
  64. >”Scott, my name’s Scott. Who are you two?”
  65. >We’re Norman’s friends, I’m Twilight.
  66. >”and I’m Fluttershy”
  67. You could just barely hear Yellow say her name, so you know Green didn't hear her
  69. >Be Green
  70. Man I totally didn't hear her
  71. “Well see, Racist, you're disappointing me, a purple and yellow friend? Its almost like you're trying to be multicultural.”
  72. >“Sorry to upset you Green.”
  73. >”Hey wait a sec, I don't like you calling him a racist.” said Twilight
  74. >Yellow mumbled something in agreement, but while full on glaring at me.
  75. >”Girls calm down, he’s just using ‘Racist’ like how i sometimes call you Purple and Yellow”
  76. >”Well I still don't like it, it seems like the only people who call you that don't like you for whatever reason”
  77. >Twilight sat down, staring at Scott.
  78. God, protective much?
  79. If i was her though, I’d protect that outfit
  80. from the fashion police
  81. >”What’s so funny Green?”
  82. “Nothing!”
  84. “so what about your other friends Racist?”
  85. >”Well there’s 5 more: you probably know Brad
  86. >there is a far off echo of “Bradical!”
  87. “The jock? who doesn't know about him?”
  88. >”Right? He’s everywhere. It’s almost like he’s some kind of real life plot device.”
  89. >an odd moment of silence follows
  90. “so the other 4?”
  91. >”Right, there's Orange, Pink, Blue,-”
  92. “Names Racist?”
  93. >”Oh right... names...
  94. >Norman’s face freezes in a look of sudden realization
  95. >”Uh...Purple?
  96. >”What?”
  97. >”What’s Orange’s name?”
  98. >”you mean Applejack?”
  99. >”Blue”
  100. >”Rainbow Dash”
  101. >”and Pink?”
  102. >”Pinkie Pie”
  103. >”Right Ponko”
  104. >”Pinkie”
  105. >”Panka?”
  106. >”Pinkie”
  107. >”Right, Pink.”
  108. >Twilight smacks her forehead in frustration and begins rubbing her temples
  109. “the party girl?”
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