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AEB Present 1.5 Log 17

DNA-zama Dec 1st, 2014 193 Never
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  2. Avara has connected.
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  7. Trulhammaren:   uymmm
  8.         Chronicler:     So, iirc, at the end of the last session the Party fled the Forest of Fate.
  9. Trulhammaren:   you might need to give me ownership of my stuff
  10. Avara:  that is indeed what happened.
  11. Chronicler:     You normally sign in as TrulHost
  12. Chronicler:     But there you go.
  13. Trulhammaren:   I know, I'm trying to change over so as not to be confusing
  14.         Chronicler:     Do you guys want to fill Trul in on what he missed?
  15. DNA:    We were poking around at the void pocket with various objects. Fire just kinda stayed on the outside, but when fired within it seemed to gravitate. I think water and air did the same thing.
  16. Chloe:  that's quite a bit. The summary is that there were a lot of experiments, a strange creature appeared and made us an offer but required more of Saturn than she was willing.
  17. DNA:    Then some creatures of aura, servants of fate, approached us, wondering what the hell we were doing.
  18. Avara:  well... let's see. we discovered some things about the void pocket. there's beings made of pure aura energy. they freaked out saturn to the Nth degree. we're flying out and i believe we were aiming ourselves at the cave
  19. DNA:    We are confirmed to be back at the cave at the start of this session.
  20. Trulhammaren:   sounds fun
  21. * Trulhammaren awaits photoshop to load in order to transparisize his new token
  22. DNA:    Full details are in the log which you may want to just take a look at. A lot of stuff happened.
  23.         Chronicler:     The party was offered the opportunity to meet with Fate the third and this offer, coupled with a wayfinder, is the reason why Saturn fled in fear.
  24. DNA:    What the heck is a wayfinder?
  25.         Chronicler:     Saturn was offered the ability to always discern NORTH and always know the location, and most direct path, to Fate's lair.
  26.         Chronicler:     It was this offer that caused Saturn to flee.
  27. Trulhammaren:   yay new Valerie token!
  28. Trulhammaren:   is ready whenever if you are waiting on me
  29. * DNA is also ready
  30. Chloe:  same
  31.         Chronicler:     The lingering light was obliterated by the rapidly falling night. The once salmon and purple sky transformed into a vast expanse of jet-black that engulfed the woods. A canopy of luminous stars materialized amongst the ocean of blackness. Some were dull, merely flickering into existence every now and then, but there was an adequate amount of shimmering stars to illuminate the dark, moonless night. The lake glistened, mirroring the dazzling assemblage of glittering stars and the luminescence from the Illumise flittering about and abandoned wooden pier extended over the water. The faint wind brushed against the water’s surface and the ripples ruffled the stillness of the surface.
  32.         Chronicler:     The three sisters had managed to craft several tables and chairs out of stone since you had departed. Akeldama sits by the cave entrance gazing out into the darkness of the night, her eyes trained on something moving in the distance as she gently traces her fingers along the stone walls. Selene stood nearby gazing toward the hole in the ground deep within the cave, her behind her back at her rear. Nylora had positioned two chairs, backs facing each other, apart just enough for her to perform a split and balance herself on top of them. She appeared to be stretching with controlled breathing.
  33.         Chronicler:     Let the night begin!
  34.         Mimsy:  "(Gracious it is a pleasant evening, is it not?)" Mimsy asked as she flitted about with the Illumise in the shade of the night. Chloe was not far away, sitting in the grass and taking in the calm chill of the evening.
  35. Avara:  care to mark the cave on the region map?
  36. Chronicler:     Can do!
  37. DNA:    (Unsnap from grid)
  38.         Rochette:       "Alright... I believe we should have enough to turn the job in. Did anybody take notes?" she asked, as they were brought together again at the cave.
  39.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn was leaning against some kind of wall (cave wall, tree, whatever's nearby), knees up, hugging her own legs. Her expression isn't exactly sad or crying now, but it's more of listless depression. "Let me think..." she ponders Rochette's question.
  40.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I remember what we learned. But I have nothing to write it down on."
  41.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Don't look at me, I hardly remember a thing, terrible memory and all."
  42.         Rochette:       "Right... just keep it all memorized then, Chloe."
  43.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Forest of Fate has the appearance of void pockets. There's several of them, they're devoid of air and react in varying ways to matter..."
  44.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...oh. If Chloe remembers everything, that solves it."
  45.         Rochette:       "Good to review anyway. They were growing, weren't they?"
  46.         Saturn Rosewell:        "The smallest one was. No word on any of the others."
  47.         Saturn Rosewell:        "2 metres per week, I believe was said."
  48.         Chloe Blanchett:        "They were, but the smallest was growing the fastest."
  49.         Rochette:       "Alright. And... there was almost no sound available to us in there. Probably only able to hear at all because of our air-making pokemon. There was a wind or wind-like pull towards the center."
  50.         Rochette:       "How did fire work out?"
  51.         Akeldama:       Akeldama beckons Saturn to her.
  52.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Fire curved around the outer edge."
  53.         Saturn Rosewell:        "From the outside it just scattered along the edges..."
  54.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Inside, um..."
  55. DNA:    (Currently looking through log to see where it is...)
  56.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh, we didn't test inside, though we were wanting to before we got interrupted. We tried a thread, though, and it seemed to tremble slightly..."
  57. * Natasha noticed Akeldama's beckon, and alerted Saturn.
  58.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...oh? What is it, Akeldama?"
  59.         Akeldama:       Akeldama stands to her feet and dusts her bottom off before sitting herself beside Saturn.
  60. * Saturn Rosewell doesn't get up, but is wary of Akeldama sitting down next to her.
  61.         Saturn Rosewell:        "What is it you want?"
  62. Akeldama whispers: [r:token.name] motions to a shadow in the distance, "There appears to be an oddly dressed Pokemon wandering about. With your connections to this time I wondered if it was someone you knew. In case you were fleeing from something I decided not to bring a lot of attention to it." [r:token.name] will point to the figure in the distance - make a Perception to see details about this Pokemon.
  63. Akeldama whispers: [r:token.name] should be Akeldama
  64. Player "Saturn's" is not connected.
  65. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Saturn's perception is 2d6+2: . Finch is nearby and notices Akeldama's point, and attempt Perception also, of 5d6+4 .
  66. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Saturn also whispers back: "I was running. I hope they didn't follow us..."
  67. Akeldama whispers: Saturn can only see a shadowy humanshape figure in the distance. Finch, however, is able to make out a Machop in a belt, jeans, longcoat and hat with a cigar in his mouth.
  68.         Finch:  "..."
  69. * Finch looks about for Rochette, trying to get her attention.
  70. * Rochette picks up Finch. "Yes?"
  71.         Finch:  "E korero koe i to tatou reo?" he asks.
  72.         Natasha:        "Hij kan praten!?"
  73.         Rochette:       "Ae."
  74. Akeldama whispers: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v513/Sehshomaryu/MACHOPMAN.jpg
  75. * Finch starts whispering quietly to Rochette.
  76. Player "In" is not connected.
  77. You whisper to Avara: In Kantonese Pokemon: "There is a Machop dressed like a gangster off in the distance slightly."
  78. * Finch nods his head in a specific direction.
  79. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Finch is alerting Rochette as to the presence of this gangster Machop.
  80. Rochette whispers: In Kantonese Pokemon: "Is it looking our way?"
  81. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Also, lol at the picture
  82. Akeldama whispers: Glad you enjoyed it!
  83. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Is the Machop looking in our general direction?
  84. Avara:  are we on any of the maps, or doing the mapless thing?
  85.         Chronicler:     Mapless.
  86. Avara:  okay
  87.         Chronicler:     Always assume mapless unless otherwise stated.
  88.         Finch:  hey GM, I asked a thing!
  89. Chronicler whispers: He isn't but he's looking around a lot - almost like he's actively tracking.
  90. You whisper to Avara: In response "Not specifically, but looking around a lot. Appears to be actively tracking, it does."
  91. * Rochette sighs and whispers to Finch some more.
  92. Rochette whispers: Kanto Poke: "Do you want to come with me to talk to it, or just keep an eye on it? I'd like to avoid a fight right now..."
  93. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: "My trainer trusts your judgment. So, I trust your judgment. I will do as you ask here."
  94. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: wrong person
  95. You whisper to Avara: "My trainer trusts your judgment. So, I trust your judgment. I will do as you ask here."
  96. Rochette whispers: Do you know anything for disabling moves?
  97. You whisper to Avara: Not strictly, but Finch possesses Leech Seed and Stun Spore
  98. You whisper to Avara: Oh, and Infiltrator, which is +2 to Stealth
  99.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe beckons Mimsy and enters the cave with her. She was about to interrupt Nylora, but noticed her in mediation. Instead she simply admired the furniture.
  100. Rochette whispers: "Alright. I'll go talk with the machop. I'd appreciate the back-up, but I'll be ready to send in one of mine as well."
  101.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn notices Finch and Rochette talking with each other, but doesn't seem to pay it much mind. She didn't feel like talking.
  102. You whisper to Avara: "I will follow right behind you."
  103. * Valerie Ylsef looks around at people and shrugs while flopping onto the ground
  104.         Rochette:       "I'll be right back. I'll hollar if I need back-up... actually, Valerie, come with me."
  105.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Alrighty!"
  106. * Valerie Ylsef hops up
  107.         Valerie Ylsef:  "So where we headin?"
  108. * Rochette leads Valerie and Finch towards the Machop to which she was directed earlier. "He aha ta koutou e pai?"
  109. Avara:  will let it be fluffed by others, but to summarize: allegedly a gangster-looking machop was tracking nearby
  110. Chronicler:     I totally just yanked this from the internet.
  112. DNA:    carry on
  113. Chronicler:     So, just to be sure I understand correctly, you're just walking up on this guy and demanding information?
  114. Avara:  trying to find a more polite phrasing. initial attempts, and what i'd -prefer- to go with, was "Do you need something?"
  115. Avara:  the translator spat out "It must be something to you"
  116. Chronicler: (( Yeah, translation was a bit more harsh ))
  117. Chronicler: (( I got "What do you want" ))
  118. DNA:    I also got What do you want
  119. Avara:  like i said, that was after a few phrases
  120. Avara:  "Do you need something" to something else to settling for blunt
  121. Chronicler: (( If you want you can whisper to me the translation you're going for rather than let me translate it ))
  122. Avara:  okay
  123.         Rochette:       "E Me te tahi mea ki a koutou?"
  124. * Finch hobbles along, behind the other two, at a distance, quietly.
  125. Avara:  DNA, put finch in southeast corner
  126.         Machop:         Machop turns to Valerie and Rochette and chuckles, "Ain't this a sight. Just a sec, wildies."
  127.         Machop:         Machop pulls out a device from his pocket and then speaks, "Hello. I'm not here to hurt you." The device then translates in a mechanical voice, "Hello. E kore ahau e ahau i konei ki te tukino i a koutou."
  128. Valerie Ylsef:  "Well if that isn't a nifty toy....."
  129.         Rochette:       "I can speak the local human and pokemon tongues."
  130. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I'm assuming the answer is no, but does Akeldama say anything else to Saturn at this point?
  131.         Rochette:       "You don't need to use both."
  132. Machop whispers: Nope!
  133.         Machop:         Machop blinks a few times and then chuckles again, "I thought it was weird that some humes were speakin' in tongues. But I wasn't about to jump the gun." Machop nods, mostly to himself, "But the point remains. What brings you humes out into the wildes?"
  134.         Rochette:       "Investigations in the Forest of Fate. Concluded for now. Yourself?"
  135.         Machop:         "Hunting a few bounties . Tracked them out here. Not much of a band but they're generally lead by a Zigzagoon or Ninetales. Seen anything of 'em?"
  136.         Rochette:       "Nope."
  137.         Machop:         "I'll keep up my search then. If you see 'em I don't suggest engaging them. They've commit a fair amount of murders back in Esterhedge."
  138.         Machop:         Machop tips his hat and then studies the ground a bit, placing the palm of his hand on it.
  139.         Rochette:       "Where did you get the translator device, if you don't mind my asking?"
  140.         Machop:         "Pewter. But entry to it has been restricted lately. No idea why."
  141.         Rochette:       "Strange..."
  142.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Wait...really?"
  143.         Machop:         Machop stands up and dusts his hands off, "They do it from time to time. Probably some important figure making an appearance or some-such. But I got a beat on these guys."
  144.         Machop:         "Please disregard any sudden sounds of battle if you're still in the area."
  145.         Rochette:       "Alright. Be careful... from the sound of things, unless you have allies you may be in for a type-disadvantageous fight."
  146.         Rochette:       "That is... I believe Ninetales learns some psychic moves."
  147.         Machop:         Machop blinks a few times and rubs his chin, "Ah! I hadn't thought of that...thanks for the heads up."
  148.         Rochette:       "You may want to track them and gather up allies, unless you have a plan to handle them alone. Then again... there's the issue of splitting the bounty."
  149.         Machop:         "I usually handle them alone. I'll be fine - but thanks for the tip." Machop tips his hat and begins climbing up into the tree.
  150.         Rochette:       "Alright. Good luck." She walks back towards the cave.
  151. * Valerie Ylsef follows
  152.         Rochette:       "Sorry to waste your time, Valerie. Wanted back-up in case he was hostile."
  153. * Finch hobbles on back, following Rochette, confident the fellow was no threat.
  154.         Valerie Ylsef:  "No worries, that is why I'm here afterall."
  155.         Akeldama:       "Not someone you guys knew?"
  156.         Rochette:       "Negative. Bounty hunter looking for alleged murderers."
  157.         Nylora:         Nylora stands up from the chairs with a grunt and breathes in deeply, "We had them in our time as well though I'm not certain if their need is a sign of good things."
  158.         Saturn Rosewell:        "That...doesn't sound at all familiar to me."
  159.         Rochette:       "Like I said, negative. Not someone we knew."
  160. Chloe Blanchett:        "Oh, Nylora? I found something you might find interesting." Chloe said as she pulled out a magical crystal."
  161. * Saturn Rosewell returned to her quiet leaning.
  162.         Valerie Ylsef:  "I don't remember Pewter closing up ever while I was in the area, granted its been a little while and we didn't live /in/ the city per se...."
  163.         Valerie Ylsef:  "That and my memory is terrible in the first place."
  164.         Rochette:       "Aye. Apparently Pewter's been closed off, last time the hunter was there."
  165.         Nylora:         Nylora looks over the crystal and smiles, "I see you found a catalyst. Keep an eye out for those. Akeldama could enchant something for you with it."
  166.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe beamed at the prospect of this.
  167.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Maybe a magic wand?" Chloe laughed gently as she looked over the crystal.
  168.         Nylora:         "Depends on its value. But enchanting can't create items. Only add magicks to an existing one."
  169.         Rochette:       "What sort of areas do the catalysts tend to appear at?"
  170.         Chloe Blanchett:        "So I would have to carve my own wand if I wanted to do that."
  171.         Nylora:         "In this time I'm not sure, Rochette. And exactly, Chloe."
  172.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Couldn't you just like...harden a stick. That's basically a wand in its most basic state."
  173.         Rochette:       "Depends on if special materials could alter it meaningfully."
  174.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It might as well look nice, right? I have tools for making apricorn balls, but that's it."
  175.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Well if you have an idea in mind I might be able to take a whack at it, weapons are something Uncle Jim kinda made me sit through and figure out."
  176.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((assuming edu Tech is still the thing for such))
  177. Nylora: (( If you have it done enough that far ahead - sure. ))
  178.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((I have enough for really basic stuff, yah))
  179.         Chloe Blanchett:        "No thank you. It sounds like a fun project, something to keep me busy while we rest. I don't mind doing it on my own."
  180.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Alrighty."
  181.         Rochette:       "So... did anything interesting happen while we were away?"
  182. Kaorin Sakura: (( People still here? ))
  183. DNA:    hi
  184. Avara:  beep beep
  185. Trulhammaren:   +
  186. Kaorin Sakura: (( Just that it got rather silent. ))
  187.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((waiting for the answer))
  188. DNA:    I think Chloe, Saturn, or 1 of the sisters is qualified to answe,r right?
  189. Kaorin Sakura: (( Answer what? Did I miss a question? ))
  190. DNA:    Rochette asked if anything happened while they were away
  191.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((She asked if anything happened while we were gone, presumably in the forest of fate))
  192. Kaorin Sakura: (( I assumed since they went to speak to the Machop ))
  193. DNA:    Oh, Rochette was asking the sisters about what happened when the party was out in the forest?
  194. Kaorin Sakura: (( I figured she was asking the party. ))
  195. DNA:    i interpreted it as asking what happened in their absence with the machop
  196. Avara:  no
  197. Avara:  i was referring to our journey to fate forest
  198. Avara:  since nobody, to my knowledge, asked what the sisters were up to
  199. Kaorin Sakura: (( Yeah. It wasn't directed to anyone in particular and Rochette had JUST left the group so I didn't interpret as such. ))
  200.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe stood up and brushed off her pants, "I'll take a short walk, I'll be right back." She stepped outside and began to search for brances of interesting shapes and qualities. Examining each carefully for any potential magical properties. Perception and Occult
  201. Avara:  understandable
  202. Avara:  mostly was just asking something to keep stuff moving. seems to have failed.
  203.         Saturn Rosewell:        "......What time is it?" Saturn asked. Her sense of time was slightly disoriented from being in that cave forever.
  204.         Rochette:       "Not sure... the sun went down a while ago."
  205.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I don't feel tired for some reason. I should..."
  206.         Rochette:       "Maybe because you got to rest while riding Roland over here?"
  207.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe grabbed the sturdiest branch for wandmaking she could and made her way quickly back to the cave. "It looks like there's a battle going on in the woods. I saw jets of fire."
  208.         Rochette:       "Sounds like it was a Ninetales after all, then."
  209.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Sounds like whats-is-head found what he was looking for."
  210.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Ninetails?"
  211.         Rochette:       "The murderers the bounty hunter was looking for. Group tends to be headed by either a zigzagoon or a ninetales."
  212.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Oh... should we help him?"
  213.         Valerie Ylsef:  "He seemed to not want it, but that has never stopped me before."
  214.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...you're really intent on going somewhere? Even this late?"
  215.         Rochette:       "Wasn't going to make the decision myself. He said not to interfere if we heard a fight. I'll go in if you want to, but he didn't seem intent on splitting the reward."
  216.         Chloe Blanchett:        "N-not really..." Chloe shuffled her feet. "If he's a professional, I'm sure he'll be okay."
  217.         Rochette:       "Don't know about 'professional', but he sounds experienced."
  218.         Selene:         "That depends if you consider Bounty Hunters professionals. It's definitely a necessity but incredible violent trade."
  219. Selene: (( incredibly* ))
  220.         Rochette:       ((brb))
  221.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Well he had a pretty nifty doohicky if he doesn't make it...."
  222.         Chloe Blanchett:        "If you make money, it's a profession." Chloe noted, but didn't sound confident in herself either.
  223.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Whatever we do, I want to see if we can set out for Fairview again at first light."
  224.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...I just really don't like the feel of this place. I don't feel safe anymore."
  225.         Chloe Blanchett:        "We're closer ot Fairview than the forest now, by far."
  226.         Valerie Ylsef:  "It's still wilderness, I imagine that the town scene is what she needs."
  227.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Mostly just as far away from those freaks as possible."
  228.         Rochette:       ((back))
  229.         Rochette:       "Alright... so, we continue east then? Maybe when we get to a major city we can find out what's going on with Pewter, as well."
  230.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...yeah..."
  231.         Valerie Ylsef:  "I'll go where the group decides, I'm game for anything and everything."
  232. * Saturn Rosewell spoke weakly. She wasn't exactly game for heading anywhere specific - just 'away from here'.
  233.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Going to Pewter means going back through the Forest again. Going away from Pewter and we'll probably not be able to find out." Chloe commented, taking out her pokeball toolkit that she so often used to carve appricorns into pokeballs and wondering if she could use that to carve solid wood.
  234. Rochette:       "Not really."
  235. Rochette:       "Fate's Forest was a detour from the road to Pewter."
  236.         Rochette:       "I'd be more worried about going through Mount Moon, really."
  237.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Mount Moon..."
  238. Avara:  speaking of mount moon, has the aura poisoning there diminished?
  239.         Chronicler:     Wanna give me a General edu for that?
  240.         Rochette:       "Can't remember the specifics... it -was- okay to travel. Something happened a bit ago, though. Might be related to whatever Pewter's going through. They're tough, though."
  241.         Rochette:       "Have to be tough to survive being first contact of the invasion..."
  242. Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe took out her pokeball toolkit, her various appricorn knives and tried to carve a wand for herself. Tech Edu
  243. * Rochette takes her Old Dagger out to look over it again, and practices with it a little.
  244.         Rochette:       ((brb. *irritation*))
  245.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe has the feeling something is about to go wrong. So she Skill Experts instead.
  246.         Chronicler:     Chloe begins carving out the wand from the fine wood she found in the woods - however too used to crafting Poké Balls she ends up cutting too finely into the wood, rendering it useless for her desired purpose.
  247.         Chronicler:     That includes the reroll.
  248.         Chronicler:     Also, I want to be sure - you guys are ignoring the battle waging in the woods and are resting until morning?
  249.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((that seems to be the case))
  250. DNA:    ^
  251.         Rochette:       ((back. *still irritation*))
  252. * DNA gets a bucket of ice for Avara.
  253.         Chronicler:     The first orange hued rays of sunrise kissed the still dust laden rubble with the same loving care as the undertaker with the recently departed. These soft rays brought warmth to a new day and only acted to solidify the reality of the woods. In the dark of the night there had only the sounds and the smell of the battle and the fires to contend with, but under the radiating glow of the clouded sky there was no hiding. Some of the woods wished that the sunrise would sink back down below the horizon so they could have more time to process their abrupt change in fortune, but you can't argue with the sun.
  254. Avara:  unless the battle ends up getting in dangerously close range of the cave, ignoring it
  255. DNA:    "but you can't argue with the sun"
  256. DNA:    love it
  257. DNA:    brb getting a giant satellite dish to block out the sun
  258. Avara:  ah yes, the eternal retort of sol invictus.
  259. * Saturn Rosewell blinked, having apparently rested leaning against the wall sitting up all night. She must have fallen asleep without even realising it.
  260.         Chloe Blanchett:        if only I could be so grossly incandescent
  261.         Chronicler:     \o/
  262. Avara:  \o/
  263. * Valerie Ylsef stretches and yawns
  264.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Huh? Oh, morning everyone." She straightened her hat, dusted herself off, and stood right up.
  265. Chronicler whispers: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/579517
  266.         Rochette:       "mmph..." Rochette sits up and yawns, stretching a bit. "Looks like the bounty hunter wasn't as in control as he thought..."
  267.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Indeed."
  268.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Huh? How can you tell?"
  269.         Rochette:       Ro points out of the cave.
  270. * Valerie Ylsef points to her nose
  271.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe's hat was folded under her head, still dozing through the morning.
  272.         Chronicler:     The sisters are awake just as you awaken, having not slept at all. Akeldama turns to Rochette and then looks toward the lake with only her eyes.
  273.         Rochette:       Rochette stands up and brushes herself off. She leans against the entrance of the cave, using just her own eyes to look out towards the lake.
  274.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Oh...Oh, that's how."
  275.         Rochette:       ((perception))
  276. Rochette:       Rochette looks over to Akeldama. "Want us to check it out?"
  277.         Akeldama:       "You needn't, not for me. Just that you mentioned the man and he is nearby."
  278. Rochette:       "At a guess, cleaning off after a kill."
  279.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Maybe we should just check him out again anyway, it's not like its out of the way or anything."
  280.         Rochette:       ((far side of the lake from us, correct?))
  281.         Chronicler:     Correct.
  282.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Who knows, maybe he had to bail out and might need the help afterall and be willing to split the bounty."
  283.         Rochette:       "He's across the lake from us, but... eh. Money's what we're out here for in the first place."
  284.         Rochette:       ((how long has it been since ro' was infected?))
  285.         Chronicler:     Rochette should be fine by this morning. Roland is still infected.
  286. Avara:  illness had an injury infliction to it as well. is that counted as the one injury healed per day?
  287.         Saturn Rosewell:        Can I try and clean Roland up somewhat?
  288.         Saturn Rosewell:        There should be some water nearby
  289.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe slowly began to wake up, putting on her cap and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Water...?" She asked, sleepily, "Nnn.. I could use a bath after all of this."
  290.         Chronicler:     You can and the injury is a penalty associated with the disease so it doesn't count toward the daily healing.
  291. * Saturn Rosewell looks about for some water, which there should be. Do I need to make a further check after this?
  292.         Chronicler:     You do not. You cannot fail to acquire water from an open lake.
  293.         Chloe Blanchett:        ((Missed the lack of quotes, I guess no one said water. >.> Chloe's hearing things))
  294.         Rochette:       Rochette is healed and gains 14 hit points.
  295. Chronicler: (( hah! ))
  296.         Chronicler:     Wait, did you mean a check for the medicine? You still need that medicine check, yes.
  297. Avara:  yay, most of ro's injuries are gone~.
  298.         Saturn Rosewell:        Medicine 4d6+2 !
  299. Chronicler whispers: Thanks to Saturn's treatment, Roland will recover after 24 hours.
  300.         Saturn Rosewell:        Roland will recover after 24 hours!
  301.         Chronicler:     So, what're folks up to after that?
  302. Avara:  group vote: visit the bounty hunter?
  303.         Chloe Blanchett:        "What happened to the forest? ... was that the fireblast I saw? I thought the worst was over after that happened..."
  304.         Rochette:       "Well.. why not go ask, then?"
  305.         Chloe Blanchett:        "How often can you use a fire blast anyway?" Chloe looked to Rochette, "... all my pokemon are weak to fire..."
  306. * Rochette stops leaning against the cave wall, and gives a loud whistle over to the Machop. Then gestures for him to come over.
  307.         Valerie Ylsef:  "It's a pretty easy move to figure out, with proper equipment."
  308.         Valerie Ylsef:  "At least my varient, I imagine not all 'fire blasts' are the same
  309.         Machop:         By this time Machop had fully dressed himself and looked up at Rochette's whistling. He begins walking around the lake.
  310. * Saturn Rosewell stayed with the others, seeing as the visitor Machop moved toward them, instead of the other way 'round.
  311. * Rochette steps out of the cave a ways to greet him, wanting to avoid letting him walk right up to the sisters right off.
  312.         Valerie Ylsef:  Never sure how things are gonna turn out follow Rochette
  313.         Machop:         Machop pauses as he meets up with Rochette. He leans a bit to look behind her to the group within the cave. He sucks in a breath of air as he see's them.
  314.         Valerie Ylsef:  ((stupid brain, type all the words you think please))
  315. Rochette:       "Looks like you ran into some trouble."
  316.         Chronicler:     Machop appears to have acquired a few injuries from the battle last night. On his hip dangle three heads: The head of a Lickitung, the head of a Gabite and the head of a Zigzagoon.
  317.         Rochette:       "Hm. And here we figured you ran into the ninetales instead."
  318.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe noticed the head, "Did the ninetails get away?"
  319. * Saturn Rosewell had her eyes drawn not only to his injuries, but to the heads about his waist. Grisly.
  320.         Machop:         "Aye. I ran into Mr.Elling. Bastard had amassed a bit of a group with him though. Elling and that sass-mouth of a Dragonair managed to escape me last night. Hadn't counted on the Dragonair.." Machop said rubbing his chin.
  321.         Rochette:       "Not much option for collateral damage control when you fight alone, is there?"
  322.         Machop:         "I think I caught Elling calling it Sibley. But then I was in a helluva fight so don't go quoting me on that."
  323.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Dragonair? I wouldn't mind catching one of those..."
  324.         Machop:         "Damage control? Since when has there ever been a thing like that. I can't think of anyone capable of stopping a themselves from being burnt alive and keeping the area around them intact." Machop said nodding as he did, "Just a way o' life is all. Flames go flying and things burn. Ain't much ta be done about that unless you're an Ice or Water Type. I mean, I can punch Ice but that don't exactly stop a tree from burnin'. Not to mention I was up against five so what was happenin' to the tree weren't exactly my concern at the time."
  325.         Rochette:       "Right... so. Got a name, traveller?"
  326.         Chloe Blanchett:        "You must be really strong." Chloe said, impressed.
  327.         Machop:         "Bounty Hunter Mister Reginald Blalok." Machop said as he gave Chloe a quick grin, "First name Mister Reginald. Just to be clear."
  328.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe nodded in return, still impressed.
  329.         Rochette:       "So Mister is actually part of your name? That's... hm. I guess after meeting someone called Battlemaster, that shouldn't be a surprise."
  330.         Valerie Ylsef:  "So many syllables..."
  331.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Aye. I don't go questioning my mother about her naming choices."
  332.         Valerie Ylsef:  "So you intending on chasing down the rest?"
  333.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Aye. I hear there's a town nearby here so I think I'll start there. Don't exactly want them to set up shop near there and get a tickle of bloodlust. Plus, I could use a night on a real bed."
  334.         Rochette:       "Noticed you didn't exactly have the most pleasant reaction looking behind me... are we going to have a problem with each other, down the line?" She doesn't add any aggression to the words--it's a strictly professional question from one mercenary to another.
  335.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Tch, what would you expect the reaction of a lone wanderer to be upon re-uniting with a duo that is actually a group seven deep? I don't know a thing about you guys so for all I know you could be bandits. Don't expect a pleasant reaction to news like that."
  336.         Rochette:       "Alright. Three of our current number were trapped down there for a long time... we're a tad protective of them, you understand."
  337.         Rochette:       As she says 'down there', she gestures into the cave.
  338.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Definitely avoid Ellings and SIbley then if you're watching over sickly. They were part of a body trafficking business. Originally grave robbers but when the bodies there began to dry up they took to killing people for fresh bodies."
  339.         Rochette:       "Duly noted. If you're heading for Fairview, we're going the same way. The three that were trapped are staying behind, but they're strong enough to take care of themselves against the standard threat."
  340.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Is that the town nearby? I don't see why not. Know any of the locals there?"
  341.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Only briefly. We stopped long enough to get a job and no longer."
  342.         Rochette:       "Only a little. Officer there's got a lot of good attitude. Don't make trouble, don't get trouble. Make trouble... well. We saw someone get decked."
  343.         Saturn Rosewell:        "Serves her right..." Saturn grumbled quietly.
  344.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Business networking is the best kind. Yeeeeeep, I'mma travel wit ya to this Fairview. Count me among your crew fer the time being."
  345.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         Mister Reginald Blalok joins the party as a Guest! *brief jingle music*
  346. * Rochette extends a hand. "Rochette Higsby."
  347.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Chloe Blanchett."
  348.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         Mister Reginald Blalok reaches out and grabs Rochette's hand and shaks it. He's incredibly gentle with his handshake, "Ms.Higsby." He nods.
  349.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Valerie Ylsef"
  350.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Should we get going?" Chloe asked.
  351.         Rochette:       "If everyone's ready."
  352.         Saturn Rosewell:        "... ...yeah. Let's go."
  353.         Rochette:       She looks to the sisters and bows. "Good luck, and keep an eye out for the pokemon Mister Reginald mentioned. If you need it, the offer of my house remains open."
  354. * Valerie Ylsef hoists Lil Jordy.
  355.         Valerie Ylsef:  "Always ready."
  356.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe waved to the sisters again, "I hope we meet again! Thank you for everything."
  357. * Natasha is at the ready! Finch is taking a rest in his Poke Ball right now.
  358.         Selene:         "We'll remain vigilant and will keep your home in mind. Thank you all."
  359.         Rochette:       "Thank you as well." She looks to the group. "Travel formation? If Mister Reginald is alright with it, I'm thinking Valerie at the front, M.R. at the back, and myself close to Valerie. Protection against threats from both sides, softest members in the middle."
  360.         Valerie Ylsef:  "You know me, point and I go!"
  361.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I'll stand at the side. I'll keep an eye out as well!"
  362.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Aye, I'm fine with it."
  363.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...All right."
  364. * Rochette recalls Roland to his pokeball, and takes out another to keep on quick-release. "Let's head out, then."
  365.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe keeps her pokemon in their balls for now.
  366.         Chloe Blanchett:        As she walks she keeps an eye out as promised. Perception
  367.         Saturn Rosewell:        Saturn was keeping to herself, but she was still alert enough to keep scanning the surroundings. Intuition 4d6+1 .
  368.         Rochette:       Perception to keep an eye out for threats as well.
  369. Chronicler: (( omfg random encounter generator stop crit failing. ))
  370.         Natasha:        Intuition 5d6+4 of the same .
  371. DNA:    No, by all means, keep crit failing.
  372. Avara:  unless crit failing means zekrom wants a piece of our asses
  373. Chronicler: (( moar zekrom plz ))
  374. Trulhammaren:   I'd catch that
  375. Avara:  he's an ass
  376. Chronicler: (( Like me when I'm awoken when I don't want to be ))
  377. DNA:    ahahahaha...
  378. Avara:  so is a crit fail on the battle generator a bad thing or a good thing for us?
  379.         Chronicler:     The hills are a patchwork of green (despite the time of year) made even more varied by the shadows of passing clouds. They are every hue from new spring grass to deep forest pools. Some are more shallow that others, but most have steep paths that take you to one side of their summit and then down to the next valley below. There isn't much to threaten a traveller in these woods, except perhaps the occasional bold Uraring or Mightyena pack. For the most part the walk is determined by the walker, it is either relaxing, invigorating, arduous, meditative and every shade in-between. But on the day the travellers found themselves on the eastern edge it was unseasonably warm and the mosquitos had been breeding in the what shallow water was left after the melted hail from nights ago. Despite the flurry of mosquito attacks Fairview was in view and merely a minutes stroll away.
  380. * Natasha found the mosquitoes extremely irritating, and was swatting some away while trying to roast others with quick Incinerates.
  381.         Natasha:        She giggled as their tiny flaming carcasses fell from the sky. Take that, you biting pests of nature!
  382. * Rochette swats at the bugs occasionally, if they land on her or get too close. She doesn't seem too overly bothered, though... primarily due to having lived largely on her own for so long.
  383. * Saturn Rosewell was waving her hands about to keep them away. There wasn't much exposed skin on her so the odds of a bite were small, but it WAS very annoying.
  384.         Prudence Prewitt:       Prudence Prewitt watches the group as they approach Fairview. She stands at the entrance of town with her greatsword on her back and in her guard armour. She nods to them as they enter but watches Mister Reginald carefully.
  385. * Valerie Ylsef mostly ignores the bugs, between her semi-rock like skin and Jordy the bugs were mostly leaving her alone.
  386. Prudence Prewitt: (( Do folks need a recap of Fairview? ))
  387. Valerie Ylsef:  ((yes plz?))
  388. Avara:  it's pretty! it's pleasant! it's boring as s***! (joking)
  389. DNA:    Hey look! I can see our old sprites on here!
  390.         Chronicler:     The small town is centered around a large fountain. To the north lies the shops and to the south lie the residentials. East and west are the gates to town. The shops are: The Ashen Steel, The Spur Garden, The Platinum & Cats and a tavern called Mug Orchards.
  391.         Chronicler:     You enter from the west gate.
  392.         Saturn Rosewell:        "...Finally. It's been a while. Compared to all those forests and caves, this feels like home."
  393.         Rochette:       "It has been a rough... what, week?"
  394. Chloe Blanchett:        "Three days." Chloe said. "I need to check my plants, they should have grown berries by now.
  395.         Rochette:       "Feels like it's been longer... want me to handle reporting in the job?"
  396.         Chloe Blanchett:        "I'll join you and help with the details."
  397.         Rochette:       "Alright. You coming too, Mister Reginald?"
  398.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Of course."
  399.         Saturn Rosewell:        "I'll just...wait outside."
  400. * Rochette leads the group, whatever portion of it wants to fill out paperwork (wheeeeee), to the... I think we got the job in the Mug Orchards?
  401. Rochette must wait 27.219 seconds before it may move again!
  402. Valerie Ylsef:  "I guess I'll stay outside, I don't remember jack, so I'm probably not the helpful."
  403. DNA:    (I believe so, yes)
  404.         Gloria Dance:   Mug Orchards is a small tavern. There's four tables with seating and a bar where a woman stands, preparing drinks. The tavern is otherwise empty.
  405.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe walked into the Mug Orchards, it has been a long time since they'd been there before. Chloe waved to the woman, curious if she would be recognized.
  406. * Rochette let Chloe go in first, heading in after her and waving as well.
  407.         Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance looked up at the group that came in and smiled warmly, "I'm glad to see you return safely. I see you have a new addition."
  408.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Aye, though I'm but a temporary addition. These lass wouldn't likely enjoy my line of work." Mister Reginald Blalok flashed his badge briefly.
  409.         Gloria Dance:   "Oh! Sir Blalok - what brings you to our backwater town?"
  410.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Don't go intrudin', miss. You had business with these lass, did ye not?"
  411.         Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance clears her throat and returns her attention to Chloe, "Uh, yes. Sorry about that."
  412.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Oh no, if you two know each other." Chloe excused it, "Come to think of it, we never did settle on a group name. But we did get a lot of information on the void pockets through experimentation. I'm not sure how valuable that is to you."
  413.         Rochette:       "Also something about servants of Fate."
  414.         Gloria Dance:   "Investigation is all that Vendrick Metts wrote. So any information I imagine is valuable."
  415. * Rochette nudges Chloe.
  416.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Hm?" Chloe asked.
  417.         Rochette:       "You go first."
  418.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Oh, sorry. I was thinking about something else. Well." Chloe looked up, "If you have something to write down information, that would help. Otherwise all I can give is an oral report."
  419.         Gloria Dance:   "Oh yes, I do." Gloria Dance gather together a peace of parchment, ink and a quill, "I'm ready to write."
  420.         Chloe Blanchett:        "First things first. They vary in sizes and speeds in which they grow. We investigated one that was only 18 meters across, but was said to be growing at a rate of 2 meters per week. To those we spoke to in the forest, this was a smaller one. The pocket was devoid of moisture and air. Mist would edge around it, as would fire-based attacks. Holding a cup of water into the pocket caused the cup to shake, and the water to evaporate. Yet my arm was fine. There is a slight pull toward the center, which grows stronger the closer to the center you get in. Once you are inside, sound has a hard time getting out. And it is hard to see outside the bubble. Trying to leave feels like pushing against a fleshy barrier."
  421.         Chloe Blanchett:        "To say there is no air is not entirely true. There is a feeling of wind, but it is very thin and not breathable without a pokemon producing further air. The wind blows inward."
  422.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It is also very cold, colder than the surrounding area even. I had a silk thread produced by a pokemon and held it in the void pocket, it shook and grew cold and stiff by the time I pulled it out."
  423.         Rochette:       "Didn't the watchers say something about it being like... missing data in the world or something?"
  424.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe lifted a 2000 pokedollar gemstone. "This was ooze before I held it into the void pocket. It crystalized almost instantly." Chloe nodded to Rochette. "The residents of the forest have a few theories. We call them void pockets but they were also called fissures, both by an illusion claiming to be working for someone, and a servant of Fate the Third backed up this claim, but also suggested that no one could be sure."
  425.         Gloria Dance:   "You met a servant of Fate?"
  426.         Rochette:       "Several. Beings of pure aura energy. Spoke like robots from pre-invasion stories."
  427.         Mister Reginald Blalok:         "Not quite meeting Fate itself, but impressive none-the-less."
  428.         Gloria Dance:   "I'll include that in the letter to Mr.Metts." Gloria Dance scribbles on the parchment.
  429.         Rochette:       "Fate wanted to contact us, apparently, so they were offering to do -something- to one of our number so she'd be able to sense where Fate was. Didn't exactly go over that well, so we had to leave our investigations there."
  430.         Gloria Dance:   "Fate's lair used to be a pyramid in the forest before the calamity. It vanished during the calamity and no one has been able to track it since."
  431.         Chloe Blanchett:        "It involved one of our members being sensitive to some kind of psychic implant. For a job this simple, it wasn't worth the risk of trauma. She took the idea pretty hard, we cut our investigation short just to get out of the forest before things got ugly."
  432.         Rochette:       "Sending someone out that can detect aura might be a good way to dig out more information, if they're willing to go through whatever the Servants had in mind."
  433.         Gloria Dance:   "I'll leave that up to Mr.Metts. He may send a squad down knowing that a void pocket is growing. Anything else I should add?"
  434.         Rochette:       "Hmm... Advice to have some sort of anchor to help get out of the void pocket. A rope or something leading to the outside. You can't tell which way you came from or which way's out with certainty once you're in there."
  435.         Chloe Blanchett:        "Just some other observations." Chloe mentioned. "The forest of fate was, for a lack of a better term, disgusting. It was pulsing with white fluid, like a puss filled, festering scar upon the world. The void pcoket was perfectly dry. Barren and dead, yes, but it looked normal. The ground was dirt, the trees were dry and dead. While we were told one theory was that it was a fissure or a hole in reality, when I first saw it, I thought of an antibody. As if it would rather be dry and dead than that unnatural forest. It doesn't quite measure up, void pockets can show up anywere, but I could help but wonder if it was the planet itself trying to protect itself from a blight. Like how immune systems will kill infected cells in the body."
  436. DNA:    (I believe it's spelt 'pus')
  437.         Rochette:       "There was a lot of smoke or mist along the floor of the forest too, except for inside the void pocket."
  438.         Chloe Blanchett:        (Really? I haven't had much reason to spell it before.)
  439. DNA:    (It's not an often-used word)
  440. Trulhammaren:   ((I think they are both correct, regional thing and whatnot))
  441.         Rochette:       "Did you cover that the void pocket was draining the moisture out of anything non-living, as well?"
  442.         Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance scribbles some more on the parchment before calling over her Pidgeotto, "Alright sweetie. I think this is good."
  443.         Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance rolls up the parchment before tying it to Pidgeotto's leg. She kisses the top of its beak before sending it off out of her window.
  444. DNA:    ...I just realized I should ask, I can sell a Big Pearl here, right?
  445. Gloria Dance: (( At the platinum and cats but yes in town ))
  446. DNA:    sweet!
  447. Gloria Dance: (( However! ))
  448. Gloria Dance: (( Any one merchant only has a wealth of 4000. ))
  449. Gloria Dance: (( And the town as a whole only has a wealth of 15800 ))
  450. Avara:  oh god, not this mechanic.
  451. DNA:    ^
  452. Gloria Dance: (( This is separate from any reward you earn. ))
  453. Gloria Dance: (( As the people paying you aren't the people in this town ))
  454. DNA:    I'd probably hold off on the pearl, then; I can sell it elsewhere for almost TWICE that
  455. Avara:  you're not going off of the sticker price, are you?
  456. Avara:  keep in mind, selling to stores means you get 20% of sticker price
  457. Gloria Dance: (( Items like Big Pearls and stuff sell for the value they're said to be sold at. ))
  458. Avara:  ah, ok
  459. Gloria Dance: (( They're weird items like that ))
  460. DNA:    All it says is "Valuable item for sale. value: 7500"
  461. Gloria Dance: (( Otherwise the standard selling cost is 20%, yes ))
  462. DNA:    So if that's the case, I'd rather hold off til we get to a more urban, richer setting
  463. Avara:  cerulean's just a few days away, looks like
  464. DNA:    sweet
  465.         Chloe Blanchett:        (( D&D calls them Barter Good or something like that. Items that can be traded like currency. ))
  466.         Chronicler:     From completing your first quest! You gain 10000 reward money (individually) and your team gains renown! You are ranked 28 in the E category.
  467. DNA:    I don't know what that means, but it sounds like Mystery Dungeon
  468. DNA:    but wow, 10000 monies for each of us. WHOO
  469.         Chronicler:     Very similar.
  470. Avara:  10k each? wow
  471. * Trulhammaren is no longer in the poor house!
  472.         Chronicler:     You gain 4 TXP for completing the first big thing and get a 25 PXP for any one Pokemon on your team.
  473.         Chloe Blanchett:        Chloe asked, "I know we just got back, but you mentioned that this job was just for nameless travelers. Is there anything we can qualify for now that we've shown off our work ethic?"
  474.         Chronicler:     I'll give you guys that come next round.
  475. DNA:    session.
  476. Avara:  thingy
  477. DNA:    gathering.
  478.         Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log!
  479. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  480. You have disconnected.
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