GreentextSavant - Random Sunset

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >"I did it!" Sunset rushes over to SciTwi.
  2. >Twilight looks over to her, confused. "What?" She tilts her head.
  3. >"I just figure out something really awesome we could do!"
  4. >She tugs Twilight's arm in the direction of her house. Twilight gives her a confused look, but still follows along.
  5. >The two eventually make it to Sunset's garage, where she has an old looking book lying on the table.
  6. >"What's this?" Twilight notices the book on the table in the center of the room first.
  7. >Sunset's face grows excited. "Remember how I told you about all those spare books I had?"
  8. >"Yeah."
  9. >"Well..." Sunset smiles even more widely. "I found a section in this one abut combining magic and technology!"
  10. >A short moment of silence occurs before Twilight raises her eyebrows in surprise. Sunset starts hopping up and down.
  11. >"Does this mean..." Twilight eyes light up with wonder.
  12. >"Yes! We have more ways to try and reach other dimensions! It doesn't have to just be Equestria!"
  13. >And after a few more increasingly excited back-and-forths, SciTwi and Sunset retire to TWilight's laboratory where a prototype portal has already been under construction for a while. The book is taken with the two.
  14. >...
  15. >Earth.
  16. >There is a blinding light flooding through the narrow space between two brick buildings.
  17. >Electric currents lick the sides of the structures with a rising howling in the winds, before everything goes dark just a few seconds later.
  18. >Twilight and Sunset open their eyes, soon adjusting their vision to the nighttime lighting around them.
  19. >"S-Sunset?" Twilight notices something different about her friend standing in front of her.
  20. >After a few seconds of silently guessing what it is, Sunset takes a look at her own hands and fails to hold back a gasp.
  21. >They look... so much more detailed than they were before.
  22. >They move with an unusually high frame-rate, and everything around the girl is an an unheard of resolution.
  23. >The lighting, the sound, everything. This is nothing like the DHX universe.
  24. >"I... just got the perfect Idea!" Sunset starts looking around.
  25. >"What is it?" Twilight slowly turns around.
  26. >"Let's cosplay as ourselves, take pictures and post it on 4chan!" Sunset giggles. "I can only imagine how many of my fans would love to see me!"
  27. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.....................
  28. >You take a long look at the bike, wondering why it's been parked in such a bad neighborhood.
  29. >It's really faint, but you can hear something. It's... laughing.
  30. >Clearly Sunset's voice; you'd recognize that anywhere.
  31. >Get on your knees and peek into the exhaust pipe. You could have sworn you saw her fiery hair just beckoning you to join.
  32. >It's impossible to resist anymore.
  33. >With shaky, excited hands, you switch the motor on and then return to where you knelt, now pressing your nose against the exhaust pipe.
  34. >Take one long inhale of the Magic Carbon Monoxide.
  35. >Shrink.
  36. >Keep your hand gripped onto the rim of the exhaust pipe so you can actually make it inside.
  37. >You shrink out of your clothes; don't even have to take the time to undress once you see her.
  38. >Walk down the tunnel as the Carbon Monoxide blows into your face, making your hair fly back.
  39. >"Anoooooon~" Sunset's alluring voice greets you as she appears before you, completely nude.
  40. >OMG yes.
  41. >Walk up to her and get hard. This is it.
  42. >She holds you so gently as the Carbon Monoxide fills your tiny lungs along with Sunset's womanly scent.
  43. >Enter the girl and start plowing right away, feeling her hold you more tightly.
  44. >She gradually lowers herself onto her back with you on top, feeling the inner surface of the exhaust pipe heating up her skin and the back of her head.
  45. >Sunset shudders with joy and moans loudly as you pin her down and thrust even harder.
  46. >The motor suddenly booms all around you; someone is stealing the bike.
  47. >Neither of you care; too horny.
  48. >Keep humping Shimmer in the bike as the vibrations from the motor shake the two of you around. The bouncing against the inside of the exhaust pipe isn't hard to sync your thrusting with.
  49. >Hit your head a few times, but the pain only adds to your arousal.
  50. >Both you and Sunset are covered in soot as the smoke zooms past you. You cum, using the soot as a lubricant.
  51. >Fuse into the bike forever.
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