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  1. {
  2.   "contactError1": "There was a error contacting {TYPE}. Please try again later",
  3.   "voteError": "There was a error collecting your votes. Please try again later",
  4.   "noVotes": "Thank you for voting for us but you have not cast anymore votes since the last time you checked",
  5.   "voteSuccess": "Thank you for voting for us! You now have {0} vote points available. You can spend these points by typing {1}",
  6.   "noSR": "ServerRewards is not installed. Unable to issue points",
  7.   "noEco": "Economics is not installed. Unable to issue coins",
  8.   "noItem": "Unable to find the requested reward",
  9.   "rewardSuccess": "Thank you for voting for us! Enjoy your reward.",
  10.   "hasPoints": "You currently have {0} vote points to spend",
  11.   "rewardHelp": "You can claim any reward package you have enough vote points to buy by typing {0} <ID>",
  12.   "available": "Available Rewards:",
  13.   "economics": "Coins (Economics):",
  14.   "serverrewards": "RP (ServerRewards):",
  15.   "rewardItems": "Items:",
  16.   "id": "ID:",
  17.   "cost": "Cost:",
  18.   "noId": "You need to enter a reward ID",
  19.   "notExist": "There is no reward with the ID:",
  20.   "noPoints": "You do not have enough vote points to purchase that reward",
  21.   "broadcastMessage1": "<color=#939393>Vote for us on </color><color=#ce422b>{TYPE}</color><color=#939393> and receive rewards! Type </color><color=#ce422b>/{0}</color><color=#939393> after voting</color>",
  22.   "helptext1": "<color=#ce422b>/{0}</color><color=#939393> - Checks {TYPE} to see if you have voted for this server</color>",
  23.   "helptext2": "<color=#ce422b>/{0}</color><color=#939393> - Display's available rewards and how many votepoints you have</color>"
  24. }
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