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  1. [The Omegle Game]
  3. Only for 18+ Girls
  5. type [help] anytime to see the help file.
  7. type [start] to continue.
  9. type [highscore] to check who is winning.
  11. [Help]
  12. Type or perform the actions in [red] to progress through the game.
  13. You will earn points as you go deeper into it. Any action with a value in points next to them, can be performed to get the points.
  14. Do your best to win the game, and you'll get a reward. Type [start] to continue.
  16. [start]
  17. So, you want to play a game, huh?
  19. You are hot.
  20. You know that.
  21. I would have disconnected by now if you wasn't.
  22. You're also curious.
  23. You would have disconnected by now, if you wasn't.
  25. Blow me a [kiss(+5pts)] if I'm right.´
  27. [kissed]
  28. Yeah, this is the same "Top Score" game that you must have seen here by now.
  29. But I'm different. On the end of this game, assuming you'll get there, there's a surprise.
  30. Something totally unexpected. Belive me, you will be glad by them.
  32. Give me your [sexiest smile(+5pts)] if you are interested.
  34. [the path]
  35. Ok. Lets start to get real.
  36. If you came this far, you must be a special kind of woman.
  37. The decided, smart, beautiful, determined kind.
  38. You now have two paths to choose from. Take your time to choose.
  39. The fast one, [take off your top(+20pts)], or the slow one, [lift it up, show some belly(+10pts)].
  41. [The fast one]
  42. I knew you had it in you, babe.
  43. You are hot, sexy, and now you're only wearing bra.
  44. It makes me wonder, what are you expecting of this game?
  45. What you want to earn from it? Compliments? Kill some time?
  46. You will get more than that. [Show me your boobs(+10pts)] or [take the bra off(+20pts)] to continue.
  48. [Fast one 2]
  49. I'm glad you made it this far. You're getting closer to the end of this game. You can do whatever you want now. [Take off your pants(+30pts)] and [panties(+40pts)].
  50. Or just [fondle your boobs nicely(+20pts)]. I'm all yours now. You can skip to the end, and get your gift now. But beware that the bigger the score you make,
  51. the better is your prize. What you want to do? [Go to the end] or [play some more(+10pts)]?
  53. [The slow one]
  54. Yeah, we are only starting to know each other. Why hurry things up?
  55. You're sexy, girl, you [tease me(+10pts)]. I want you to win, but you are in control here. All I do is give you some hints on how to behave.
  56. You must have inciative, [show me your cleavage(+10pts)], or [show me your bra(+15pts)]. Once you're [done], we can go on.
  58. [Slow one 2]
  59. You must be starting to feel a little horny now. With this fine body of yours, who wouldn't be? You can [take your top off(+20pts)] if you want now.
  60. Take your time, enjoy yourself. [Fondle your boobs(+15pts)], [feel them(+10pts)]. [Take your bra off(+20pts)], [tease me while doing it(+10pts)]. Once you're [done], we continue.
  62. [Slow one 3]
  63. You are hot, there's not to worry about. You will be rewarded by your actions. Wanna stop? [Go to the end]. Wanna [play some more(+10pts)]?. You can always leave, you know.
  65. [play more]
  66. Nice. Lets get real now. You can [tease me(+10pts)], [fondle your boobs(+20pts)], [take off your pants, if you havent done that already(+30pts)], [and panties too(+40pts]. Why don't you [masturbate(+50pts)]? I'd love to see that. I'd really love to see you [cumming(+70pts)]. You know, i'm into [feet(+10pts)]. You can do anything right now, just say me how much points you think it's worth.
  68. [The end]
  69. Ok. We're are done. You want to retrive your prize.
  70. You earned it, of course. What it will be?
  71. You will recive an Amazon gift card.
  72. The value? Based on your score, divided by 10 and rounded down.
  73. Type your [name] to get into the highscore.
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