Smoke's Wincest Adventures Day 5

Aug 16th, 2014
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  1. >The female voice, followed by the sound of footsteps coming around the corner garners your attention.
  2. >You look up, just in time to see a pretty decent looking girl come waltzing out from the back room entrance.
  3. >On a scale, you'd give a pretty damn good 7/10
  4. >The only things that would make her better would be if you shrunk down her boobs a bit...
  5. >Shorter hair would be nice, maybe a little spiky.
  6. >And while you do enjoy some good ol' curves, nothing beats an athletically toned body.
  7. >While you're at it. Why not dye the hair? more colors would be good... Oh for fucks sake...
  8. >Curse your fucking head for even going there.
  9. >Can't even be enjoying the view's without your damn sister popping up in your head with her nicely curved ass and toned stomach- FUCK!
  10. >You shake your head, desperately trying to cleanse it of the images that are throwing themselves at you, hoping to stick to whatever part controls your dick.
  11. >Putting on a, hopefully less than forced smile. You point to the coke.
  12. >'Just getting a drink and paying for gas, sorry for waking you'
  13. >You shoot off with a smirk.
  14. >The girl looks at you with a raised eyebrow, slowly forming a smile on her face.
  15. >'Oh it's okay hun, I shouldn't be sleeping on the job in all honesty, but it's rare to have customers this early in the day. So, I figured I'd get some shut eye... I was hoping the entrance bell would wake me up.'
  16. >She shoots you a apologetic sort of look, smile still present.
  17. >'Eh, nothing to worry about, I can understand the need for sleeping away some boredom. However, I didn't hear any bells when I came in. You sure it works?'
  18. >The girl let's out a frustrated groan, lightly throwing her head back and balling up her fists at her side, in a very adorable fashion.
  19. >'Damn it, now I have to call in Hank again. I swear, he's probably rigging the thing to break every week just to have an excuse to come over and creep at me.'
  20. >She says it in way, that makes you understand she's half joking.
  22. >You chuckle at the girls antics
  23. >'Heh, you can't blame the guy too much. After all, any man would love to have the chance to fill their day with your enchanting presence.'
  24. >Giving her a pleasant smile, you put the coke down on the counter to remind her of your purpose here.
  25. >She rolls her eyes at you, giving you a small smile and heads over to scan your coke.
  26. >'Quite the charmer aren't you.'
  27. >The tone in her voice is the sort of semi annoying tone that an adult might give a child.
  28. >You shrug it off, if the girl who was in the middle of her twenties, tops, was going to try to act like she was some mature woman. Far be it for you to shoot her down.
  29. >You've never really understood that need to act and seem like an adult all the time.
  30. >And also. Bitch please, if she didn't want none of this? That was her loss.
  31. >'Eh, it's less about charm, and more about brightening someone's day.'
  32. >You say, giving her a pleasant smile, with just a hint of condescending.
  33. >True... You might be unfair towards her right now, but that comment annoyed you more than it should.
  34. >She nods absently while punching in the gas mileage on the counter computer.
  35. >'I see... That'll round up to about (Insert the equivalent of standard gas mileage and a coke in your local currency here). Would you like a bag for the coke? Also, I don't think have seen you around before. This is a pretty small town after all, I know about almost everyone here. New in town?
  36. >You just give her a half-shrug.
  37. >'Not really. Just moved back in with my dad's a couple of days ago. I've been living with my mom's down at the west coast for the past couple of years.'
  38. >She nods in understanding, taking the money you've presented her with and punches in the amount on the counter.
  39. >Handing you back some change and a receipt she holds out a bag questioningly.
  40. >You simply shake your head and move towards the exit.
  41. >'Nice meeting you ma'am, I'll see you around!
  42. >You wave as you leave.
  44. >You head over to your bike, throwing on your helmet and straddling the bike in one smooth motion.
  45. >With a sigh you kick it in gear and move out.
  46. >You'd never admit it, but being treated like a child would forever be a sore spot for you.
  47. >It was one of those things that had stuck in your mind as a child.
  48. >The so called adults always demanded respect, but were always unwilling to give it back.
  49. >And sure, it was something you could understand when you still were young. However the fact that it kept happening even as you grew older, was a point of irritation you just couldn't let go off.
  50. >Why was it so damn hard to treat a person as an equal just because of a age gap?
  51. >Looking down at your speed you quickly let go of the gas.
  52. >You had to stop letting your emotions run off with you.
  53. >The speeds you had been going at was not safe in any measure or form.
  54. >Considering the fact that you were in the middle of a town as well, that could have ended pretty badly.
  55. >Pressuring the brakes a little you slow down to more acceptable speeds.
  57. ~~~~~~~
  59. >After cruising around the town for a couple of laps, simply familiarizing yourself with it, you decide to stop at the outskirts of town.
  60. >You drive a bit off the road. Around you are huge fields that seem to go on for miles.
  61. >Parking the bike, you take your coke out of your jacket and walk around a bit. Just breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the day and good coke.
  62. >You contemplate your situation...
  63. >Moving back in with your dad wasn't something you had dreamed of ever happening.
  64. >The loss of your mother was also a fresh wound.
  65. >Your friends... Your old school. Your entire fucking life, now that you thought about it... Just gone.
  66. >Over and done with.
  67. >What were you going to do now?
  68. >You sigh softly to yourself, taking another swig of coke.
  69. >It's not like you were depressed or anything.
  70. >Sure, you were down about all that had happened, but in the end, you could deal.
  71. >You always did.
  72. >You always fucking did.
  74. >It's just that. You had plans. You had goals, and ways to reach them
  75. >This whole situation had fucking burned those bridges though.
  76. >It would be beyond naivety to hope that talent scouts would follow you out here.
  77. >Sure, you were a pretty big deal back at your old school, but you were no prodigy.
  78. >The only way for you to get that damn scholarship now would be a fucking miracle.
  79. >You weren't like her.
  80. >You couldn't just up and compete at a national level.
  81. >She was a born runner.
  82. >No seriously, it's as if some godly being had decided to write her DNA in such a way that running was the true purpose of her existence.
  83. >She was average height for a girl, but her speed were on par with the guys, often better.
  84. >It wouldn't surprise you one bit if she qualified for the Olympics in the near future.
  85. >It was just how good she was.
  86. >How were you supposed to compete with that?
  87. >Answer; You weren't... It was a decision you made long ago. It was why you had taken your own path in life. Going for a sport so entirely unlike hers.
  88. >It was clear as day, that between your sister and you. She was the genetic gold mine.
  89. >Not to say you were lacking.
  90. >You had good genes, and you had worked hard to make sure it showed, but it was like comparing an average Joe to a goddess.
  91. >You just couldn't measure up.
  92. >In your younger days it had been an extremely sore point.
  93. >As you grew older, and smarter though, you had accepted that some things just were what they were.
  94. >You couldn't change it. No more than you could change the weather.
  95. >So you had focused on improving yourself.
  96. >Caring only about your own achievements.
  97. >Your own goals.
  98. >What did you have now?
  99. >Your goals were fucked.
  100. >You were forced to live with a dead beat drunk, and a sister whose shadow you could never escape.
  101. >'DAMN IT!'
  102. >You scream out into the sky above.
  104. >You start beating your fist into the dirt below you, not caring about the cracking sound from your knuckles.
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