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  1. This is a server that's made for fun, so feel free to have fun here. <b><color=#FF0000>(Not for people who desire strict core game-play)</color></b>
  3. Rules:
  4. - <b>Common sense.</b>
  5. - Mic Spam is forbidden on the <b>Radio, SCP Communication, and in Spectator.</b>
  6. <b>You are allowed to mic spam otherwise. Do not spend the entire game sitting in the intercom room trying to be a radio station.</b>
  7. - Staff members have final say. Respect their authority, or be at the peril of it.
  8. - Racism, sexism, and ageism in a serious manner will not be tolerated. Anything unsuited to be said in society will resolve in <color=#FF0000>severe consequences</color>.
  9. - Harassment or defamation of players in a serious manner will not be tolerated.
  10. - Do not impersonate staff.
  11. - Do not avoid punishments.
  12. - Do not intentionally search for loopholes in the rules.
  13. - Do not ask for moderator, administrator, commander, or any special ranks.
  14. - Do not request to be spawned in as a specific role.
  15. - Do not hack the game, obviously.
  16. - Exploiting glitches that hold up the game will result in consequences.
  17. - Offensive or harmful usernames will result in serious consequences.
  18. - Advertising other servers will result in serious consequences.
  19. - Closing doors on people just to be a douche bag is frowned upon. You're at the mercy of picking the wrong neighborhood, fool.
  21. If you have questions then feel free to contact us in our #support channel on the Discord. Suggestions for the server are always welcome in #suggestions, as well as partaking in polls conducted there for future content.
  23. <color=#00FF00>(THIS IS THE SERVER'S DISCORD LINK)</color>
  24. <color=#7289da>Discord</color>: <link=""><u><i></link></u></i> (Clickable)
  25. <color=#f96854>Patreon</color>: <link=""><u><i></link></u></i> (Clickable)
  27. <color=#ff8e00>THIS IS A HEAVILY MODDED SERVER</color>
  28. - New Team: <color=#00FF00>Serpent's Hand</color>
  29. <color=#00FF00>Serpent's Hand</color> spawns as <color=#00FF00>TUTORIAL</color> on the surface near Gate A. Their objective is to assist <color=#FF0000>SCP</color>s in eliminating all other teams. (<color=#008e1e>Chaos Insurgency</color> no longer win with <color=#FF0000>SCP</color>s)
  30. - New <color=#FF0000>SCP</color>s: <color=#FF0000>SCP-966</color> + <color=#FF0000>SCP-343</color>
  31. <color=#FF0000>SCP-966</color> is an invisible entity that can only be seen with a flashlight or tactical gun light. When hit, your flashlight will disable.
  32. <color=#FF0000>SCP-343</color> is an invincible Class-D who's objective is to simply help out those in need, or work alongside the others to tarnish all hope in the facility. He cannot act in violence in any way, shape, or form.
  33. - <color=#FF0000>SCP</color> Updates: <color=#FF0000>SCP-106</color> + <color=#FF0000>SCP-079</color> + <color=#FF0000>SCP-096</color>
  34. <color=#FF0000>SCP-106</color>, <color=#FF0000>SCP-096</color>, and <color=#FF0000>SCP-079</color> have new abilities that can be accessed through the client console. Pay attention to in-game messages for instructions.
  36. Server Location: New York City, New York, U.S.A | Timezone: ET (Eastern Time)
  37. Server Owner: <color=#DC143C><link=""><u><i>Sounalius</i></u></link></color> (Clickable)
  39. Partnered with <color=#DC143C>Sounulus Entertainment</color>:
  40. <color=#FF0000>(THIS IS NOT THE SERVER'S DISCORD LINK)</color>
  41. <color=#7289da>Discord</color>: <link=""><u><i></link></u></i> (Clickable)
  42. <color=#66c0f4>Steam</color>: <link=""><u><i></link></u></i> (Clickable)
  44. Sponsored by <color=#143294>Dankrushen</color> and our supporters on <color=#f96854>Patreon</color>.
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