Sep 22nd, 2015
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  3. Big thanks to all of you who travelled to Šid and helped refugees there, and also to all of you who took actions to urge the media and the authorities to act.
  5. Makeshift camp at Šid has been cleared in the afternoon, refugees were brought to Opatovac camp.
  7. But we are far from settled situation. Refugees now crosses Serbian/Croatian border at fields near Bapska, some 10 km from Šid. Then they had to walk 17 km to Opatovac.
  9. Some volunteers provides lift to families with small children, but not sufficient. It seems flow of refugees has been slowing in recent minutes, but we have not confirmation from Serbian side - if this is caused by police or other reasons. Lights, reflection vests and bands, shoes, socks and other means which would help people reach their destination are welcomed.
  11. You can also help local NGOs near Opatovac camp, at which hundreds of refugees waits to enter the camp or to be bussed further. Croatian prime minister said no one will be held in camp for more than 24 hours and then driven to Hungarian border (Beremend). Trains goes to Botovo border crossing. Opatovac camp is the hotspot for now, locate some volunteers in the area and get the most updated info.
  13. We can't anticipate any specific changes of the situation right now, everything could change quickly. At the morning it seemed people will stay in Šid for a long time, but at the afternoon site was clear. Let's hope Croatian authorities won't change direction of refugee influx every day, as this makes any efforts to help difficult. We will have more info again on Wednesday morning.
  15. Also rainy weather is expected on Thursday so refugees should be directed to some place with shelters. If starting your way from CZ/AT/DE/HU, be prepared to provide raincoats.
  17. There is still possibility to get supplies in Szeged at MigSzol warehouse at Gárdonyi utca 6. So if you are on the way via Hungary, you can go and pick up what will be needed. MigSzol unfortunately does not have any cars to drive the supplies down to Serbia/Croatia. Always contact coordinator before approaching Szeged: Szalai Balázs +36 20 229 6669 or Szőke - Tóth Ágnes +36 304 27 34 60.
  19. There is also a warehouse in Subotica where some small amount of donations could be put in case you need to deliver it around the area or could be used for additional flexibility. +420 774 865 251 (Jakub) is the contact person for Wednesday there.
  21. Other news:
  23. - 5200 refugees crossed border to Austria today, which si significant decrease compared to past days. Detailed updates about situation in Austria in this FB group:
  25. - Bajakovo-Batrovci border crossing has been closed for truck traffic, which is causing 20km long queues on Serbian side and slightly shorter on Croatian. Truck drivers blocked the highway completely at 21:30. So be prepared when trying to cross border on this major highway border crossing.
  27. - Border fence at Hungarian side is still being build between Croatian/Serbian/Hungarian border and Beremend.
  29. - Overall situation could get worse anytime soon: two prime ministers - Croatian and Slovenian - discussed strengthening cooperation between their police forces, especially at the Bregana/Obrežje border crossing, with an aim to ensure the best possible cross border traffic. Milanović informed Cerar of efforts to strengthen control along the Croatian-Serbian border.
  31. - When traveling to help, always take headlight, reflexion vest, good shoes, protective gloves and warm clothes. And be careful!
  33. - And, as you may know, there are many volunteers from the Czech Republic helping refugees around the Europe. On the other hand, our government voted against shared responsibility for refugee crisis today, along with Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. We have written a letter to Europe to show that not all Czechs are unwilling to help and to be part to Europe. I'll be happy if you can share our letter in your countries, to your media and to any who may be interested. Read more at
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