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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. ```Australian Roblox Drifting Presents```
  2. ***Veloce.Spectrum***
  4. ```Welcome to Veloce.Spectrum, formed halfway through 2019. We race through a fictional map, enriched with history!
  5. We are just a 4-Member Squad, who equally share the love of Cars, Racing and Gaming. We want to bring what we enjoy to other people. Spreading our interests and love, and creating connections through them! Attend our Time Attack Races, which is our general Tradition of Roblox Racing! Our Community has its own sense of originality that makes us unique from other Car Communities. From Daily Meets to our DoubleDown10, our events showcase Cars that drop your face, and Races that excite!```
  6. > *Our Server Promises...*
  7. > *-Welcoming People!*
  8. > *-Non Toxic People!*
  9. > *-Jaw Dropping Cars!*
  10. > *-Events and Meets!*
  11. > *-Highlights of the week that you can submit!*
  12. > *-Our Very Made DoubleDown10 Time Attack Tournament which is __Guaranteed__ to leave you on the edge of your seat!*
  14. *On Behalf Of Century and Veloce.Spectrum*
  15. ***We Hope You Join!***
  17. Invite:
  18. Banner:
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