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  1. The tropes:
  2. The Self-insert
  3. Free for all/Battle royal
  4. Mind games (To come)
  5. The imouto Character (Yes I looked it up.)
  6. To be Determined
  10. >Crying.
  11. >That’s the very first thing you hear when you wake up.
  12. “Mmm… What’s wrong mommy?”
  13. >”I’m sorry Muffin, I didn’t mean to wake you.”
  14. >You reach out a hoof into the darkness in the direction you believe Derpy is.
  15. “Really, it’s okay. Well, I do have one condition…”
  16. >You feel a slight depression in the bed next to you as your adopted mother gets up and carefully climbs into the bed next to you, wrapping her soft feathery wings around you.
  17. >When you first saw her you thought of her like a pigeon, but now you’re not so sure.
  18. >She keeps herself very clean, maybe even cleaner than you.
  19. >You have a bit of an excuse for that though, a bit of the filly body you now inhabit seems to have bled into your mind.
  20. >To put it in layman’s terms, you don’t like baths anymore.
  21. >She’s certainly still a bit… slow though.
  22. >You love her to death, but if you wanted to take advantage of her…
  23. >You certainly easily could.
  24. >But you don’t.
  25. >Something about those deep yellowish-orange eyes makes you feel like some sort of monster if you even go to bed five minutes late.
  26. “So, what’s got you so sad mom?”
  27. >”I-I…”
  28. “Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to tell me right away. We can get into it when we go to eat breakfast, right?”
  29. >”That sounds nice.”
  30. “That’s what I thought. Did you catch the time?”
  31. >”Oh Celestia, it’s almost five in the morning.”
  32. “Well, I’m going to need a bit more sleep then. Can I climb up on you?”
  33. >”I don’t know, you’re getting a bit big for that…”
  34. “Lies, and you know it!”
  35. >She giggles a bit at that, it’s a running gag the two of you have going.
  36. >Namely, the punchline is how incredibly short you are.
  37. >You scrambly up onto her gray chest and nestle your way into her neck.
  38. >The aforementioned wings quickly follow you and blanket you in warmth, though not quite enough.
  39. >Seemingly reading your mind, Derpy soon pulls the soft comforter of your bed over the two of you.
  40. >It was a great Hearthswarming present, you were ecstatic when she got it for you.
  41. >Even with her full-time job at the postal service, wage cuts have been tough this year.
  42. >She works so hard to support the two of you, but only so much can be done as a single mother.
  43. >”Go back to sleep Muffin, I’ll wake you up for breakfast.”
  44. “Okay Mommy.”
  45. >You inhale deeply.
  46. >Strawberry shampoo.
  47. >Some things never change.
  48. >You drift off soon after, your dreams taking you to grand places and even grander thoughts of success…
  49. >Growing up and getting that job as a combat mage you’ve always wanted.
  50. >You and Derpy sitting in a fancy restaurant eating gourmet food, you reminding her to use her manners.
  51. >The sights and sounds of Cloudsdale, just like Derpy described them as you would see them.
  52. >One day, when she can pay off her loans and find enough for the two of you to eat…
  53. >You awaken to a sad smile illuminated by Celestia’s glory poking its’ way through the small window in the room you share with the washer and dryer.
  54. >”I’ll explain everything to you over breakfast. I got a letter in the mail last night, I only remembered to open it later at night…”
  55. >Two cheap toaster waffles in the toaster later and the two of you are sitting across from you.
  56. “Well, spill.”
  57. >”You’ve been chosen…”
  58. >Your calm demeanor is instantly gone.
  59. “Chosen for what?”
  60. >”I- I thought you would know…”
  61. >You tap the side of your head.
  62. “Amnesia, remember?”
  63. >”Sorry, we had it drilled into our heads for history. Equestria lost to a very ancient and powerful Evil about one-thousand years ago, but it decided to be benevolent. In exchange for allowing the empire we live in to grow and expand, the Evil only required that we give up fifty fillies and colts of no younger than seven and no older than eighteen. You… fit the description.”
  64. >You look at the deflated birthday balloon in the corner, one of your only presents from the week prior.
  65. >You don’t have many friends.
  66. >At this point Derpy’s barely held composure breaks.
  67. >She flips her waffle into the air as she tackles you and hugs you tightly.
  68. >”One more week and you would’ve been saved from death!”
  69. >The sobbing continues for a solid five minutes while you simply look at your hooves.
  70. >The hooves of a soon to be dead pony.
  71. “So, that’s it? I… I’m just dead?”
  72. >”You fight the other fillies to the death. The survivor is rewarded with a single wish, but by the end of it half of them have been far too gone to even make it…”
  73. >Your ears perk up at that.
  74. >One wish.
  75. >With one wish, Derpy could pay off her debt and the two of you could live in comfort for the rest of your lives.
  76. >On the other hand, if you were to die Derpy would be completely broken.
  77. >Her mind was so fragile already, something like that would certainly snap it right down the middle.
  78. “How long until I leave?”
  79. >”One hour.”
  80. “Well, we’d better get going on those waffles then.”
  81. >You force a smile with all of your might and look at your mom.
  82. >”I love you so much, Nonny.”
  83. “I love you too, mommy.”
  84. >...
  85. >You expect most ponies had to have their children dragged from their hooves while they screamed obscenities at the royal guards, but Derpy just sat there dejectedly as you were put into the mobile stock.
  86. >The wood was not a good feeling on your neck.
  87. >”Take care of my baby…”
  88. >”We’ll do all we can, miss.”
  89. >You can hear a quiver in even the Guard’s voice.
  90. >It’s abundantly clear that nobody really wants any of this to happen.
  91. >The rhythmic clinking of the cart would lull you back to sleep were it not for the biting cold coursing through your body.
  92. >All you have is a single scarf Derpy gave you for good luck.
  93. >Stitched into it are the words ‘Safest Hooves.’
  94. >You asked her about it.
  95. >”It was my nickname in high school, I have no idea why. I was the kind of pony you wouldn’t even give the task of handing out papers for fear of them flying everywhere.”
  96. >You simply nodded a bit, admiring the handiwork.
  97. >”My best friend had it made for me as a graduation present. I love that scarf quite a lot, but I love you so much more. If it’ll keep your hooves safe then I’m more than happy to have you wearing it, my little Muffin.”
  98. >The scarf suddenly feels a bit warmer around your neck.
  99. >And just like that, you’re on the train.
  100. >No other ponies are on it this morning, you’re not entirely sure if that’s because it was reserved for transporting you and the potential other foals out of Ponyville or if it’s deserted because of how early it is.
  101. >Your stock is swapped for a simple ball and chain, something you thank the guard for profusely.
  102. >You could never have afforded to ride the train, so you simply spend the ride looking out the window.
  103. >Completely enamored.
  104. >Mountaintops give way to plains bathed in shadow, with those finally giving way to more mountaintops.
  105. >And then you enter the mountains.
  106. >The tunnel is long, but you don’t fall asleep.
  107. >You’re hyper-alert now, adrenaline coursing through your veins.
  108. >You can feel you’re close to your destination now.
  109. >The train comes to a screeching halt and you’re flung into the seat in front of you.
  110. >Fucking cartoon physics…
  111. >Well, you’ve answered your own question about whether this is a private train or not.
  112. >Your small form is lifted up onto a table and you are strapped onto it one limb at a time.
  113. >Your dock is also notably positioned in a way that puts your bits on complete and total display.
  114. >You don’t protest for fear of what might have to be done to you if you do.
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