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  1. Cataclysm Ch. 6 Outline
  3. It's a return to Traverse Town, where we find Mantis gloating over his new 'acquisition':  Kynthia.  He ignores her obvious disdain, and prepares to plan.  When asked why by the demigoddess, he replies that he's been looking for his own personal 'queen'.  Needless to say, she's disgusted at the thought of being associated with such a disgusting person.  Not deterred, his attention turns towards Mary, his other acquisition.  Without any hesitation, she reject him.  Angered, he leaves the room to plan in quiet solitude.
  5. However, his plans are interrupted when another Dark God arrives:  Granny Goodness, the molder of the Female Furies.  She knows about the latest acquisition, and demands that she be turned over to her.  Mantis vehemently objects to this, saying that it is his right to have her since he was the one to grab her.  However, Granny claims that a higher authority says otherwise.  Mantis believes she is lying, and calls her out on it.  Granny taunts him, and Mantis stands down out of the possibility that he is wrong.
  7. Granny arrives at Kynthia and Mary's quarters, and orders that they be released into her custody.  The two try to escape, but a quick shock by Mantis knocks them out for a short while.  A Boom Tube opens up, and Granny takes the two to their new 'orphanage':  Olympus Coliseum.  Here, both awake to find themselves being watched over by another arrival, a familiar face in Audrey.  The three re-connect after years apart, and Audrey begins to explain her capture and that this place is now a training ground for Granny's soldiers:  The Female Furies.
  9. After that short reconnect, the three are herded into the Underdrome, where they meet the other Female Furies:  Stompa, Mad Harriet, Lashina, Bernadeth, and even Tifa.  The three young women are forced to fight them off, with Mary dying by Lashina's hands, while Audrey and Kyn barely survive. While they fight, Granny watches, as does one other:  Hades, Lord of the Dead.  After the fight, the two surviving ladies are sent back to rest and recuperate, wile Mary's body is tossed into a furnace.
  11. During their recuperation, Hades arrives.  He tries to keep up his cocky demeanor, but the ladies notices that this is an act, and that Hades is more than a bit desperate.  He explains that a few years after they arrived, the Furies killed Hercules.  At first, he was ecstatic, but when they took command of this world, he was extremely pissed, and wanted to get some payback.  Now, however, he's basically their slave, and he doesn't like it.  He's willing to bust them free, but it will take a bit of time, while he has to gather his own undead army.
  13. The girls are skeptical, but with the dire situation, they have very little choice in the matter; they accept his offer.  Hades says that he'll free them in a week's time.  Asking what the catch was, Hades says the only catch is that when these invaders are gone, he'll take command of Olympus Coliseum, and that any attempt to overthrow him will be met with extreme prejudice.
  15. As such, Hades returns to see the Furies train, using Auron as a test dummy.  He watches, a smirk on his face.
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