Supatroop vs Unity (4/12/2021)

Apr 20th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Supatroop vs Unity (4/12/2021)
  2. R1:
  3. Both fighters assume their stance at the beginning of the fight and observe each other.
  4. Supatroop moves to a badly set up kick and misses
  5. Unity tries to establish contact with his hands but does nothing.
  6. Supatroop misses another kick.
  7. Supatroop then moves backwards and loses positioning in the octagon.
  8. They both spin and then do nothing.
  9. Unity tries to back flip and do a back kick.
  10. Supatroop then catches a bad standing back control and starts to lose his right grip.
  11. Supatroop tries to cheese the position and goes to an impossible suplex but loses it due to lack of control.
  12. Unity then scrambles out and then they do nothing.
  14. 10-10 - This round was uneventful, full of timidity, and negative movements that did not contribute to the continuation to a dominant position or control in the fight. Neither fighter did enough to prove that they wanted to win the round.
  16. R2:
  17. They both assume stance 50 frames in,
  18. Unity closes in with a roundhouse, does not make meaningful contact but closes the distance with the kick.
  19. Supatroop tries to counter with low kick but misses. Unity responds by punching in an violent grip on the exposed back of Supatroop to then pair with a rear left hook whilst pulling Supatroop's body toward his punch.
  20. Supatroop pushes unity off his back and Unity steps back at the same time to disengage in the grappling to continue striking.
  21. Both of them rebalance, spin, and clash legs.
  22. Unity tries to throw some punches but only hits Supatroop in the butt.
  23. Supatroop tries to cheese two hook kicks but is blocked.
  24. Supatroop spins the other way with a back fist and hits with the fore arm against the back of Unity's head.
  25. Supatroop tries to do a hook kick with the other leg but fails to find the space to make meaningful impact. He is then caught by Unity and is forced to post out with his left arm.
  26. Unity then lets go to continue engaging on the feet.
  27. Unity misses a right cross across the face of Supatroop's guard.
  28. Supatroop attempts to pull up a kick again but is blocked and hits the elbow.
  29. Unity throws a left hook in response but Supatroop weaves out of the way.
  30. Supatroop is then hit by an right uppercut as he ducks in to hit a reactive takedown.
  31. Supatroop tries to move off to the side and hit a strange inner-reap/suplex hybrid but is thwarted by Unity hopping off the fence and using his underhook to drive supatroop down to the ground.
  32. But Unity lands in a position to where his hip position was going to lead to him getting mounted.
  34. 10-9 - Unity did more meaningful damage, moved forward and controlled the positioning until later in the rounds. Both had moments of questionable engagement with the kicks but Unity found more meaningful punches.
  36. R3:
  37. Unity assumes stance, Supatroop drives in for a takedown immediately, Unity tries to intercept with a punch but hits the pec, he then tries to intercept with a kick that lands to the groin.
  38. Supatroop tries to really drive on the single leg and Unity responds by contracting the lower leg out of his grip. Supatroop loses his loose grip and exposes his back; but, Unity is disbalanced regardless.
  39. Unity uses supatroop to rebalance and take his back. Unity relinquishes control of the back for seemingly no reason and is caught by a back elbow in the separation. Unity regrabs the underhook for a punch but lands awkwardly on top of the skull.
  40. Supatroop cheese some sort of front flip jump and hook kicks Unity in the groin while Unity is seemingly confused as to what to do from back control. Unity then swaps his right underhook to a high-c grip to then pull Supatroop back in for a bodylock.
  41. Unity then goes for a very sloppy and unrealistic suplex. Supatroop then extends his arms out fully to absorb the impact of hitting the ground to post out and then assume a loose side control as Unity flops his back to the ground.
  42. Supatroop then, instead of establishing control of the position, starts moving towards an inverted armbar.
  43. Supatroop loses control of the position entirely by bringing his weight up too high instead of dropping his hips down and controlling the positioning with underhooks. He is easily rolled over by Unity
  44. Unity then goes to a north-south type position and chooses to try to stand. He tries to pull his arm out of Supatroop's grip as Supatroop desperately upkicks at him.
  46. 10-9 Unity, despite Supatroop's one clean back elbow, he failed to produce a lot of meaningful striking against Unity's counter-grappling this round. A loss of control in dominant postions and back exposure is what gave Unity the slight margin it these rounds.
  48. R1: 10-10 Unity - Supatroop
  49. R2: 10-9 Unity - Supatroop
  50. R3: 10-9 Unity - Supatroop
  51. 30-28 - Unity - Supatroop
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