Mar 10th, 2016
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  1. >Well you’d done it, you’d finally bought yourself a motorcycle like you always wanted.
  2. >You’d gotten insurance, taken the lessons, been certified and now you finally had one.
  3. >You’d been preparing for this for a while, and you were pretty sure it was going to be totally worth it.
  4. >See, you’d found this really awesome helmet to go with the bike you wanted.
  5. >It was this black and grey deal with little red horns on the top and this awesome black Mohawk thing comin’ out the back, and green lens slits on the eyes.
  6. >It’d probably need some modification to make it road legal for the eye parts, but the rest was good, and it was hardy enough to be used as protection.
  7. >Even if you couldn’t get it road-legal, it would make for an awesome helmet for something.
  8. >Get some leather duds to go with it, put some metal studs on there, and it’d be sweet!
  9. >And all for the price of twenty bucks!
  10. >I mean seriously, who would build something like this and then sell it so cheap?
  11. >If it was the guy selling it who built it, then his name was kSomberCE, but he should really sell for higher prices.
  12. >You’d told him he should in an email –After you’d bought one of course, and he hadn’t responded.
  13. >Oh well, you’d gotten what you wanted.
  14. >You might ask him if he did other work too after you’d gotten your hands on that helmet.
  15. >See if he would be willing to customize a jacket for you.
  16. >Your bike, meanwhile, was sparkling and clean.
  17. >You’d rode it home from the seller’s place with your shitty helmet on, and cleaned it, tuned it, and set it up for later.
  18. >It’d fit your helmet perfectly.
  19. >Black and grey with red handlebars with black leather tassels.
  20. >Shit was cash as fuck.
  21. >You head back inside and get dinner.
  22. >Just gotta wait for the helmet to arrive.
  24. >Later in the week, arrive it did.
  25. >The box was labeled with a return address “Crystal Empire, EQ”. You had no idea where that was, but you hadn’t needed to pay international shipping, so fuck it, you didn’t care.
  26. “FUCK YEAH!” You yell as you pull it out.
  27. >Shit was heavy, but damn if it wasn’t amazing as hell to look at.
  28. >The hair coming out the top had been packed carefully to avoid crinkling, and the whole thing was swaddled in bubble wrap and packing peanuts.
  29. >Oh man, it was shiny too!
  30. >You clear peanuts out of the inside then slip it over your head.
  31. >KSomberCE had requested measurements of your head to make sure it would fit just right, and damn was he good.
  32. >The padding inside held you real tight, which meant it wouldn’t slide around, but it had enough room for the important parts of your head to not get crushed
  33. >Now that you were looking through the eye-slits, you didn’t have any trouble seeing at all.
  34. >The green of the visor was crystal-clear, and afforded you wide vision despite appearances.
  35. >You could probably get away with wearing this no matter what.
  36. >Hell, you’d probably wear it until you got a warning. Fuck the police!
  37. >Slipping on your leather jacket and boots, you open the garage door and kick your cycle into gear.
  38. >Time to RIDE!
  39. >The engine roars to life and you squeal out of your driveway, setting off a car alarm as you went by.
  40. >Someone on the sidewalk covers their ears and glares hatefully at you, but you just flip them the bird and keep going.
  41. “HELL YEAH!”
  42. >You felt awesome as fuck!
  43. >You ride about town for about an hour, feeling like the most awesome thing ever.
  44. >When you’re done you start heading back home, but you stop to fill up your tank first.
  45. >You don’t bother taking your helmet off as you head inside to pay, and decide to get some snacks.
  46. >It wasn’t healthy, but you loved slim jims.
  48. >Didn’t matter what they were made of, they were delicious.
  49. >You strut into the gas station happy as you please, pocket the entire box of slim jims, pay for your gas, then leave.
  50. >You roar away as the attendant yells at you for stealing.
  51. >Stealing what? You’d paid for your gas. You didn’t know what the hell he was on about.
  52. >Just tryin’ to stir up shit.
  53. >You laugh as you tear away down the freeway on your way home.
  54. >When you arrive you park your bike carefully in the garage, check to make sure it’s protected from the elements, close the garage door, and head inside.
  55. >You pull the helmet off as you step inside and feel a pang of sadness.
  56. >It was so cool, and you really wanted to keep it on. It made you feel awesome.
  57. >Like you wanted to start a fight!
  58. >Hadn’t done that in a while. Should head down to the local bar with it or something.
  59. >Yeah… might do that tonight! Get in a good punch-up!
  60. >Dinner consists of pizza rolls and frozen veggies that you wolf down as fast as you can.
  61. >You burn your tongue, but continue wolfing them down, then jam your helmet back on your head and mount your cycle once more.
  62. >Damn this felt good!
  63. >You felt invincible with this helmet on!
  65. >People stare as you pull up, your motor drowning out any conversation they may have been having out front of the bar.
  66. >This was one of the seediest bars in your area that you’d been able to find.
  67. >If there was going to be a place you could beat the shit out of someone, this would be it.
  68. >There was this young punk outside with a makeup slathered girl hanging off his arm who looked your way.
  69. >Oh, was he gonna start this for you?
  70. >”Nice helmet, bro. Got enough hair for both of us stickin’ out the back.”
  71. >You flip the kickstand down and slide off your bike.
  72. “Thanks. I really like it.”
  73. >”Well, you’re gonna have a tough time drinkin’ with that monstrosity on.”
  74. >You say nothing.
  75. >You walk up to him and punch him square in the jaw.
  76. >It feels good.
  77. >”What the hell, man?”
  78. >You punch him again.
  79. >His girl is screaming.
  80. >He draws a knife.
  81. >Potential threat.
  82. >Disarm.
  83. >Break arm.
  84. >Take knife.
  85. >Stab.
  86. >Authorities called.
  87. >Victory achieved.
  88. >Pull back.
  89. >Await further orders.
  91. >The garage door slides closed.
  92. >You had just turned your bike off, and your hands were on your helmet.
  93. >Slowly it slides off your head, and you feel that little pang of regret.
  94. >You were awesome with this thing.
  95. >That guy had a knife and you… and you…
  96. >…what did you do?
  97. >It was a fight you’d been looking for, and a fight you had found, and you had won, you knew that much.
  98. >You felt a rush of satisfaction with yourself at that.
  99. >This helmet made you a badass.
  100. >You’d won.
  101. >That’s all that mattered.
  102. >You kick your boots off and strip down as you headed for bed.
  103. >Your knuckles had split open in the fight, but that was just a badge of honor.
  104. >You toss your helmet on the bed, wash up, and jump in next to it.
  105. >Victory was sweet.
  107. >Sunrise: Wake.
  108. >Wash.
  109. >Void.
  110. >Clean.
  111. >Dress.
  112. >Eat.
  113. >Await further orders.
  114. >Man, what cool stuff could you do today with this rad helmet?
  115. >Maybe you should go show the guys at the shop.
  116. >They were always making fun of you…
  117. >…wait.
  118. >Why were you wearing it indoors?
  119. >that’s a little weird.
  120. >You pull the helmet off and feel a little sad again.
  121. >But it was hot and sweaty in there, and your mane needed room to breathe.
  122. >Your muzzle felt so much better when it wasn’t trapped inside that thing, and your mane felt great when it had room to move.
  123. >You suddenly started feeling really chilly.
  124. >Your teeth chattered.
  125. >Shit, it was really cold all of a sudden.
  126. >You were wearing leather, and it was august. That didn’t really make sense.
  127. >You stand up to go check the thermostat, and you fell over.
  128. >That’s odd, your foot was shaped funny, and you knee was rising up toward your body.
  129. >Maybe you should be panicked about this?
  130. >This didn’t seem normal.
  131. >Morbid fascination fills you as you look at your hand.
  132. >It was translucent, and your fingers were disappearing into your hand as your fingernails transformed into a shimmering fuchsia stump.
  133. >You should put on your helmet, master was going to be here to pick you up soon.
  134. >It would do to be caught without it on, punishment was severe.
  135. >You try to pick yourself up off the floor, but you were swiftly shrinking, and your old clothes were getting in the way, the leather weighing you down.
  136. >Stumbling about on your new legs only managed to push the chair further away from the table.
  137. >Shit, you needed your helmet!
  138. >Damn clothes were getting in the way!
  139. >Your wings were confined by the leather of the jacket, and you fall over, tangled hopelessly in the stiff leather jacket and pants.
  140. >That was when the master chose to arrive.
  142. >Darkness coalesced in a corner of the kitchen, and a black-maned pony walked through.
  143. >His horn was a vivid red, and his eyes were fierce and terrible as they focused on you.
  144. >”You are not prepared, Fierce Wind.” He said, his voice rumbling through you.
  145. >Oh shit. What was happening?
  146. >Your mind was a jumble of thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
  147. >This was a bit much to take in at once.
  148. >Unicorn walked through your wall, you were a translucent horse with wings, your helmet was missing, somehow you knew you were in trouble, and you weren’t panicking?
  149. >I mean, maybe you were panicking right now?
  150. >What the hell do you do?
  151. >Yeah, not deciding on a course of action when you’re in danger is probably a form of panic.
  152. “Ummm, I don’t know what you want, bro, but I’m sorry I’m not wearing the helmet?”
  153. >Man, now your voice was weird, too.
  154. >You could probably get your leather jacket adjusted somehow.
  155. >Or a new one.
  156. >With your size difference, a new one was probably your best bet.
  157. >Fuck, you should really feel more concerned about this, but you were kind of stuck on wanting to put the helmet on; cower in fear from this unicorn; and severe confusion.
  158. >”You were instructed to await further orders, and you have removed your helmet.”
  159. “Yeah, I would have kept it on, but I turned into a tiny horse.”
  160. >You look at your arm.
  161. >It was shiny and mostly transparent, and sparkled in the light.
  162. >That was pretty neat.
  163. >You hold your stumpy limb up to your eye and look at the unicorn through it.
  164. “Heh. This is pretty neat, though.”
  165. >”Fierce Wind, I do not feel as though you are taking me seriously.”
  166. “Yeah, nah, bro. I am just completely overwhelmed at the moment, and I’m not sure why. I’m feeling a little, yknow, Woo!” You whirl a hoof by your ear for emphasis.
  168. >He doesn’t respond, but his horn glows a frightful blackish-purple and a beam shoots out to strike you.
  169. >You raise your hooves in front of you in protest, but that doesn’t stop it.
  170. >The clothes you’d been tangled up in harden and crackle before crumbling to dust, and he lifts you into the air.
  171. >You look down at your body as you float at his mercy.
  172. >You were transparent all over, your deep red body see-through everywhere you looked.
  173. >Dimly, you wonder where your organs were if that were the case.
  174. >Your hair tumbled down your face, a light brown curtain of shimmering crystalline threads.
  175. >You noticed that your junk was gone as well.
  176. >Aw damn.
  177. >Were you a eunuch?
  178. >A look back at the imposing individual who had you at his mercy lead you to the sneaky suspicion that you were not.
  179. >He had an intimidating erection underneath his barrel and you were slowly floating toward him.
  180. “No way dude! I ain’t no chick!”
  181. >Now you knew why your voice was so different.
  182. >Oh god!
  183. >You weren’t some weak-ass woman!
  184. >You were manly beyond belief!
  185. >Your struggles are in vain as he floats you over to him and bends you over in front of him with your glassy red ass in the air.
  186. “Oh fuck, dude, come on, I don’t know what you want, but don’t fuck me bro!”
  187. >He laughs as he lifts your helmet off the table and brings it down in front of you.
  188. >”You don’t remember me? Why Fierce Wind, I’m shocked. I made you such a nice helmet after all. I thought we were such good friends.”
  189. “No way, dude! You’re kSomber?”
  190. >He laughs mockingly.
  191. >”Indeed, I needed more soldiers for my army! Now, be a good little soldier. I promise this won’t hurt… much.”
  192. >You feel his weight on your back as he mounts you, and you feel something large and hard prod against your new opening.
  193. >Oh god, you had a pussy.
  195. >You were totally a chick, and you were on the receiving end!
  196. “No way, dude! Not cool! I don’t wanna get fu-hu-huuuucked!”
  197. >You feel his cock pressing harder against your entrance and you clenched against the intrusion.
  198. >”Hmm, I was hoping you’d be more receptive, but I can fix this.”
  199. >You see a purple flash above you and suddenly you feel a lot warmer than you did just a moment ago.
  200. >You felt something drop down your leg and as you turn your head to look back you realize that was you.
  201. >There were droplets of fluid running down your legs, and you could see the distortion through the clear crystal of your limb.
  202. >What had he done?
  203. >Was that some sort of magic aphrodisiac?
  204. >That niggling detail disappeared from your mind and you look further up your legs, and see his monstrous cock poised at your cunt, and watched in horror as it split you open and slid inside.
  205. >You could see as well as feel every inch of it slide deeper inside you, your transparent flesh giving you a literal window into your own fucking.
  206. >His hips start to piston back and forth, not caring for your pleasure at all as he roughly thrusts into you.
  207. >You don’t get to enjoy any more as you feel the helmet slide onto your head.
  208. “No wai-!“
  209. >Silence.
  210. >Wait.
  211. >…
  212. >…
  213. >Finished.
  214. >Stand.
  215. >Follow.
  217. >You watch as the fuchsia mare walks into the portal, the remnants of your recent domination dripping from her posterior.
  218. >An army was difficult to maintain, and you needed new recruits.
  219. >If that meant stealing them from other planes and breeding your own, then that was what you would do.
  220. >Victory was a matter of attrition, and you were determined to win.
  221. >You step into the portal and laugh as you leave this world behind.
  222. >Victory was only a matter of time.
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