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  1. foreach($categories as $category):
  2. ?>
  3.  <div id="pcatj">
  4.         <h2><?php echo $category->getNom();?></h2>
  5.         <?php foreach ($category->getActiveJobs() as $i => $job): ?>
  7.         <div id="catj">
  8.                 <div id="vignette_jeu">
  9.                         <a href="<?php echo url_for('/boutique/'.$category->getNomSlug().'/'.$job->getStyleVenteSlug().'/'.$job->getNomSlug());?>"><img width=151px" height="111px" src="<?php echo $job->getVisuel();?>" /></a>
  10.                 </div> 
  11.                 <h3><?php echo $job->getNom();?></h3>
  12.                 <span class="h4"><?php echo $job->getStyleVente();?></span><br/>
  13.                 <span class="jdotation"><?php echo substr($job->getDescriptif(),0,50);?></span><br/><br/>
  14.                 <a href="<?php echo $job->getUrl();?>"><img class="jouer" src="/images/jeux/bt-jouer-jeux.gif"></a>
  15.         </div>
  16.         <?php endforeach; ?>
  17. </div>          
  18. <?php
  19. endforeach;
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