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  1. <align="center"><size="20"><color="green">[US East]</color> <color="red">HydraSCP -</color> <color="green">"Never take your eyes off the prize!"</color></size>
  2. <page>
  3. <b>Amount of Servers:</b>  <i>4</i>
  4. <b>Location:</b>  <i>US/CA East (Montreal)</i>
  5. <b>Active Admins?:</b> <i>We have over 15 active admins on our servers almost 24/7!</i>
  6. <b>Slots:</b> <i>20</i>
  7. <b>Discord:</b> <link=""><i></i></link>
  9. <color="red"><size="15">+ Rules +</size></color>
  11. 1. Do not micspam.
  12. 2. Do not teamkill.
  13. 3. Do not exploit the game in any fashion.
  14. 4. Be polite to members and admins!
  15. 5. Any racist, sexist, or derogatory slurs that insult ones gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, or religion are strictly forbidden.
  16. 6. HydraSCP staff have the final say.
  17. 7. No ghosting!
  18. 8. No delaying the round!
  19. 9. No ruining the round for others.
  20. 10. Do not purposefully kill yourself so you don't have the be the role you don't want.
  21. 11. No spawn camping.
  22. 12. NTF are forbidden from collaborating with SCPs, Class D's or Chaos and vice versa. The only time they may collaborate with one another is to team up to kill an SCP. NTF may also restrain/handcuff a Class D and allow them to escape for them to turn into NTF.
  24. <b>Description:</b> <i>HydraSCP is a community filled with friendly faces and approachable staff. We strive to make your experience on both our community, and SCP:SL a phenomenal one. HydraSCP currently has two SCP:SL staff members on their roster, and some other users who are interested in improving the game and community for the better. If you're looking to be apart of something greater and more fun, come check us out! We are also always looking for staff to help keep our community safe and clean!</i>
  26. <b><color="green">Giveaway Information!:</color></b> <i>Join our Giveaway by visiting our discord at <link=> (Click Here!)</link> and going to the #announcements channel!</align>
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