Don't let humans walk around naked 3

Oct 26th, 2018
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  1. >Twilight made her way through the halls of her castle quickly and quietly. Her ears were on a swivel. Each corner she turned she’d stop to peek around it. Every once in awhile she would stop and listen to see if she was truly alone.
  2. >The alicorn felt dirty, sneaking through her own house like some common criminal. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. It felt like somepony was going to find her creeping around and immediately know what she was doing and where she was going. A part of her had to admit that there was a sort of thrill to all this however. The thrill of being caught, the thrill of being found. The thrill of him walking in on her while she was doing what she had been aching to do for the better part of the week.
  3. >A noise sounded off from somewhere in the castle. Twilight crouched down until her belly was touching the floor, ears perked up. She stayed like that, ready to teleport away at a moment’s notice. When no other sounds came from down the hall she continued her journey, head on a swivel.
  4. >Her destination was two hallways from her bedroom, past her fifth bathroom and just before her library. There was a door. It would have been a completely unassuming door if not for the fact that it twice the width and a good deal high than any other door that she had in the castle.
  5. >Twilight swallowed, heart pounding as she stared up at it.
  6. >He was out of the castle. She knew he was out; he had said goodbye to her before he left. She also knew that he would be gone for exactly three hours twenty-one minutes and thirty-sevenish seconds, just like he had for every Thursday since she had invited him into her home.
  7. >The alicorn looked both ways down the hall. Seeing not a soul, she pressed her ear against the door. Silence greeted her. The room was completely and utterly empty from what she could tell. She shifted her weight from one hoof to the other, biting her bottom lip.
  9. >The alicorn looked both ways down the hall. Seeing not a soul, she pressed her ear against the door. Silence greeted her. The room was completely and utterly empty from what she could tell. She shifted her weight from one hoof to the other, biting her bottom lip.
  10. >Twilight knocked on the door. “Anon? Hello? It’s Twilight, are you in there?”
  11. >She readied herself to hear his voice, knowing that if she did that she’d be stuck to the ceiling by her horn from how high she’d jump. Thankfully for her, silence continued to reign.
  12. >The door was unlocked. It was always unlocked. No pony would break into the castle to snoop around in his room, and even if there was somepony dumb enough to actually do so they’d have to deal with the stallion himself, especially since this particularly stallion was twice the size of even the biggest of colts.
  13. >Twilight poked her head into the room, a pang of shame settling in her stomach.
  14. >She knew that she shouldn’t be doing this. She was a princess for Celestia’s sake, not some dumb filly that didn’t know any better. What made it even worse was that he was her guest. He was supposed to feel safe in her home, he was supposed to feel safe around her. This was a severe lack of trust and as the Princess of Friendship she knew better. But then that smell hit her, and these worried were pushed away and forgotten.
  15. >Until Anon had appeared, no human had ever been seen in Equestria. He was utterly alien in all sense of the word. His biology was unlike anypony had ever seen. His limbs were built differently, the way that his body used electricity instead of magic boggled the mind. Even the way his walk was something to remark upon.
  17. >But there was something truly odd that she had realized, something that all of those tests that the ponies in Canterlot had conducted on him had missed. Twilight would have been ignorant about it to this day if not for a very red-faced Rarity coming to her after the unicorn had taken some measurements of the human’s body for a new set of clothes.
  18. >Twilight stepped into the human’s bedroom, quickly closing the door behind her. Her eyes were already half-lidded, heart pounding for entirely different reasons. The wings on her back were raised slightly, and she could feel the muscles in her haunches tensing with each breath she took.
  19. >The smell in the air was amazing. It was like all of her favorite smells merged into something truly addictive. She breathed in deep. A moan left her as she felt a tingle from muzzle to tail.
  20. >There was something about Anon’s scent. Since he wore his clothing it usually wasn’t noticeable, but once he worked up a sweat that’s when the effects began. The rising warmth that went right to the nether, the tingling, the way that one’s mind would be turned into mush the second that they took a breath.
  21. >Twilight had never been able to conduct any real tests on what Rarity had told her. She had wanted to, oh by Luna’s moon had she wanted to, but could never quite work up the courage to ask him. Despite any hard evidence it didn’t take a genius to deduce what it was. A filly could have figured it out really.
  22. >It had to be something that naturally occurred with human males. They might use it to attract members of the opposite sex, or perhaps that it was a byproduct of their unique die. It could have even been some sort of natural defense mechanism.
  23. >At that moment, Twilight didn’t give a horse apple about any of that as she closed the bedroom door behind her.
  25. >The alicorn let her wings flair out fully. Moaning, again, she took a few steps forward, her tail swishing from side to side. The scent was so thick in here. It felt like she could bathe in it. She could feel it warming her body, making her tingle to much that she couldn’t hold still. Twilight ran a hoof down her chest and body, shivering.
  26. >Her eyes settled on the clothes hamper on the other side of the room. The smell was strongest there, not at all contained by that whicker container. The alicorn rubbed her back legs together, relishing in the wetness that was collecting between them.
  27. >The hamper was picked up, it’s top opened before the whole thing was upturned, sending clothes of all kinds spilling out everywhere.
  28. >Twilight licked her lips, eyeing the mound of clothes.
  29. >This wasn’t really her fault, not really. She had no natural defense built up for her friend’s scent. All the willpower in the world couldn’t stop a chemical reaction in the brain. In fact, she should be applauded for not jumping Anon whenever he walked by.
  30. >That ridiculous stallion, so big and nice. He knew what he was doing whenever he hugged her or another mare. He wanted to rile her up like this! That was why he always smiled whenever he saw her. That was why he liked to hug her extra-long.
  31. >It wasn’t because he saw her friend, she really liked hugging him and seeing him smile because he had a smile that lit up a room! He was teasing her!
  32. >Twilight snorted, giving her head a toss like some feral horse. She made her way over to the clothes pile. The last few feet she bounded forward, and with a small hop and a flap with barely useable wings she landed in the pile.
  33. >The clothing felt magnificent against her sensitive body, like a thousand tongues all licking her at once. Twilight cooed, rolling, kicking, trying to wiggle deeper.
  35. >A hoof went to her marehood. She teased herself, lightly rubbing as she brought a shirt to her muzzle, breathing in deep. The smell made her eyes cross and her hips jerk.
  36. >She nuzzled her face against the soft fabric of the shirt. As lust-addled as she was, she could almost feel Anon’s chest against the tip of her nose. The smell would be fresher if she was this close to him, his nice warm, strong body pressed up against hers. One of her wings gave a flap as she imaged one of his hands running along her back.
  37. >Twilight let out a whine, rubbing herself more urgently. The warmth was becoming too much. Too much for just a hoof at least.
  38. >She needed something else. Something long. Something hard. Something that would be able to scratch this desperate, horrible itch. Her back arched as she licked the shirt, shutting her eyes tightly. If she really tried, she could almost imagine a hand on her backside, squeezing her cutiemark.
  39. >That thought drove her over the edge. With a yell, Twilight felt herself cumming, her eyes flying open as she let out a knicker. Her scent mixed in with Anon’s as she twitched and jerked. She bit her lip hard, continuing to rub herself through the orgasm.
  40. >When the pleasure finally subsided, Twilight found herself looking up at the ceiling. She was breathing hard, her coat soaked with sweat and a small smile on her face. She laid there for a few minutes until she caught her breath.
  41. “I… I really needed that…”
  42. >Anon’s clothes were all placed back into the hamper without a fuss. The hamper itself was placed in the exact same spot as it had been. Anon’s clothes had soaked up everything, and with a quick spell Twilight erased the smell of sex in the air.
  43. >She was able to roll onto her belly and stand up. Her hooves were slightly wobbly, but she managed to take a few steps toward the door.
  45. >That feeling of shame welled up, but she was able to push it down. She should make up for this by buying Anon some pizza. Nopony but Spike could stand it when he ordered meat on his pies but she figured a bit of discomfort peanuts considering just what she had done.
  46. >Just before she reached the door, Twilight looked back at the human’s bed. As usual, it was unmade, the covers hanging half off the mattress and the pillows all stacked haphazardly.
  47. >Her ears perked up. She looked back at the door, reaching for the doorknob, only to look back at the bed. Her face scrunched up as she had an eternal battle with herself.
  48. “…Buck it.”
  49. >Spinning around, she raced toward the bed. With a powerful flap of her wings, she was propelled into the air. She hit the pillows with a “pomf”, causing the covers to fully fall off the bed. With a spell they were lifted back up and draped over her body as she closed her eyes, hugging a blanket to get chest.
  50. Twilight took a deep breath. A moment later she was sitting up, a frown on her face. “Was Starlight rolling around on this bucking bed?!”
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