Arkay Nair Disproof

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  1. Arkay Nair Disproof
  2. “The orbital motions of the heavenly bodies are not observed by the Earth”
  3. FALSE: Constellations move
  4. “The Earth is the barycenter of the solar system”
  5. FALSE: The Sun is the primary body of the solar system, and the Earth’s barycenter with the sun is 446 km from the sun’s core - inside the Sun.
  6. As per–Morley_experiment, the Michelson-Morley experiment disproved the existence of a stationary aether. This, combined with the assumption that the Earth does rotate (as per point 1), led to the hypothesis (later proven correct) that electromagnetic radiation can transmit through a vacuum.
  7. Space is a vacuum as the density of matter is 10-93 g cm-1, well below the density of the Earth’s atmosphere
  8. Yes, c is constant for all observers, I’ll give you that point.
  9. We did have proof for the heliocentric model as per Furthermore, Venus has phases, which can only happen if Venus is closer to the Sun than the Earth.
  10. The Bohr atom has been deprecated.
  11. Uranium is not the largest atom. Moscovium (Mc) the 118th element is.
  12. The Earth-Sun barycentre is within the sun as per 2a
  13. Light is an electromagnetic wave as proven through the 2 slit experiment
  14. We can’t see stars during the day because the sky is too bright. If the sun were to disappear, we would see the stars 24/7
  15. Yes, space contains matter and matter is within space.
  16. The Ideal Gas Law is not relevant. That’s a given of vacuum conditions.
  17. Aether is not Plasma, space is mostly empty
  18. Yes, plasma is primarily hydrogen. However, this is primarily stellar matter
  19. Photons must have a mass of 0 if they are to travel at c. Therefore, they cannot be hydrogen
  20. False definitions. Matter can be defined as something you can hold in your hand, and energy can be defined as something that moves or heats an object
  21. The EM waves exist in vacuum, not aether. It all gets weird on a quantum level
  22. Light is EM radiation, which do not require a medium
  23. Plasma requires extreme conditions to produce
  24. The big bang isn’t a single spot in space. It’s all of space expanding at once. The repulsion is other objects being pushed around.
  25. Under such extreme conditions as the big bang, classical physics breaks down
  26. Raleigh Scattering (in the sky) != Blue shift
  27. The Earth is 9 bn years younger than the universe so that point is not relevant
  28. The sky is not made of plasma, it is air. Space is a vacuum
  29. Plasma hydrogen (stars) is all bar identical to molecular hydrogen (H2) except that it is a soup of electrons (e-) and hydrogen ions/protons (H+)
  30. That’s not how neutrons form
  31. Not all reactions tend to equilibrium. Some, such as the dissolution of sulfuric acid in water (H2SO4(l)+2H2O(l)->2H3O+(aq)+SO4- (aq)) do go to completion
  32. Plants do not reverse entropy. The earth is not a closed system as the sun supplies energy
  33. There are more than four states of matter
  34. E=mc3 doesn’t work
  35. There is no absolute value of anything
  36. An observer is anything that changes a particle
  37. On your list:
  38. * True
  39. * False - Time dilation disproves this
  40. * False - Length contraction disproves this
  41. * False - Bose-Einstein condensates disprove this
  42. * Where’s your proof for this
  43. * Gravity is solely attractive - centripetal and centrifugal forces are not gravity
  44. * Prove this
  45. That’s not how that works. The light will not enter a body unless it passes a black hole’s event horizon
  46. The Lorentz factor does exist, and the maths works. If time dilation didn’t exist, GPS systems would not work
  47. Numbers are not on a circle
  48. i!=1, i=sqrt(-1)
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