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Abnormal SCP Paste 4

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Mar 20th, 2019
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  1. <color="blue"> Abnormal SCP! </color>
  2. <color="red"> Friendly Fire is on! </color>
  3. <color="orange"> Our Discord is: </color>
  6. <color="purple"> Some of our addons: </color>
  7. <color="blue"> 914 Hand Held (Upgrades everything in your inventory) </color>
  8. <color="red"> Preferences (Type .prefs help in console) </color>
  10. <color="blue"> Some of our rules:</color>
  11. <color="orange"> No team kill. (Killing a disarmed Class-D as a NTF is not classed as team kill).
  12. No teaming with other teams.
  13. Don't mic spam.
  14. Don't intercom mic spam.
  15. Don't annoy other players.
  16. Don't be a dipshit.
  17. Racism will not be accepted ANYWHERE! This includes saying the n-word.
  18. Don't harass any player.
  19. Don't delay the round by hiding/camping.
  20. Don't go AFK, just leave the server.</color>
  22. <color="blue"> You can become a staff member by joining the discord and signing up in the documents under the #important channel.
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